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The ever evolving world of Public and Hybrid Clouds
Sun, 5/22/16 - 9:19pm
Cisco's 9-month FY16 NGN Routing sales were -$764 million less than FY12
Sat, 5/21/16 - 2:02pm
Rumor CCIEs working for Cisco India TAC are certification cheats
Mon, 4/25/16 - 11:59pm
Alleged sex slaver sold $2.1 billion of innovation to Cisco Systems
Tue, 3/15/16 - 5:11pm
Cisco 6-month FY16 sales soared +$428 million (+1.77%) year-over-year
Wed, 2/10/16 - 8:18pm
Is Jasper Technologies another pig-in-a-poke acquisition for Cisco?
Wed, 2/3/16 - 11:44pm
Did Pankaj Patel develop his own escape velocity from Cisco?
Tue, 2/2/16 - 11:22pm
Palo Alto's 1st quarter sales grew +249% more than Cisco's
Thu, 11/26/15 - 10:10am
Phishing attack education game released by Plixer
Sat, 11/21/15 - 3:13pm
Cisco's Q1'FY16 services sales soared a staggering +$28 million year-over-year
Fri, 11/13/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco Public InterCloud Open Stack Infrastructure as a Service (InterCloud IaaS) for Partners and Service Providers
Sun, 11/1/15 - 7:44pm
Will Cisco's acquisition of Lancope kill off its network visibility partnerships?
Tue, 10/27/15 - 11:59pm
Is Cisco's San Jose HQ the top visitor to Brad Reese?
Mon, 10/26/15 - 10:10pm
Cisco tech hiring and human resources styles (right vs. wrong)
Sun, 10/25/15 - 3:53pm
Cisco appears to publicly question integrity of its Canadian video partner CBCI Telecom
Sun, 10/25/15 - 6:16am
Skylon Tower world's tallest Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Fri, 10/23/15 - 8:18pm
Does Arista's Macro-Segmentation Service (MSS) incorporate a Cisco bombshell?
Wed, 10/21/15 - 4:44pm
Cisco's Q4'FY15 legacy DC switching dropped -20% ($214 million) year-over-year
Tue, 10/20/15 - 11:11am
Break free of MPLS and Riverbed contracts without paying hefty penalties
Mon, 10/19/15 - 4:14pm
Cisco, IBM and HP: You're all fired!
Mon, 10/12/15 - 9:39pm
Rumor Cisco's negotiating to purchase hyperconvergence software vendor Springpath
Sun, 10/11/15 - 9:09pm
1.1 million visitors to BradReese.Com
Sun, 10/11/15 - 12:12pm
Cisco's most commented blogs
Thu, 10/8/15 - 9:09pm
Chuck Robbins appears to repudiate vision of John Chambers
Wed, 10/7/15 - 3:33pm
Famous Brad Reese guest blogger Scott Raynovich acquired by SDx Central
Tue, 10/6/15 - 11:59pm
Symantec spent $26.8 million on Cisco's ACI while its stock dropped -19%
Sun, 10/4/15 - 11:59pm
Relatives of Cisco SVP Rebecca Jacoby separate Cisco from $37.389 million
Wed, 9/30/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco chairman John Chambers pontificates on China, India and Apple
Tue, 9/29/15 - 9:29pm
21-year Cisco employee headcount by line item
Mon, 9/14/15 - 9:35pm
Is a good idea?
Fri, 9/11/15 - 5:50pm
Palo Alto's 4th quarter sales grew +521% more than Cisco's
Thu, 9/10/15 - 5:05pm
Why do Gartner and Cisco appear to contradict each other?
Mon, 8/31/15 - 10:55pm
Bank of America terminated HP, so now Cisco's suing HP to collect $58 million
Fri, 8/28/15 - 11:59pm
Dual Cisco CCIE fired as a customer by iPexpert
Thu, 8/27/15 - 11:59pm
Should we trust former Cisco board director Carly Fiorina as President of the United States?
Tue, 8/25/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco product reporting is outdated
Mon, 8/24/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco ranked #3 for valid Ashley Madison adultery website accounts among largest tech companies
Thu, 8/20/15 - 11:11pm
Are Business Insider and Network World banning comments by Brad Reese?
Thu, 8/13/15 - 11:59pm
Increase in Cisco's Q4'FY15 data center sales took -40% dive year-over-year
Wed, 8/12/15 - 7:59pm
RIP: Cisco Product Quick Reference Guides (CPQRG)
Tue, 8/11/15 - 11:59pm
Did Cisco CCIE Storage #18460 splurge $500,000 of gold partner money on exotic webcam dancers?
Sat, 8/8/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco alumni startups are doing incredible things, not Cisco
Thu, 8/6/15 - 11:59pm
So what should a cloud version of Cisco's telecom services do?
Thu, 7/9/15 - 3:03pm
Confidential internal Cisco Security Solutions All Hands Meeting - May 2015
Tue, 6/2/15 - 5:31am
Who's next at Cisco?
Mon, 6/1/15 - 2:22pm
Palo Alto's 3rd quarter sales grew +63.67% more than Cisco's
Thu, 5/28/15 - 5:35pm
$4.140 billion (87%) of Cisco's stock repurchases supported John Chambers' dilutive management compensation practices
Mon, 5/25/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco paid up to $5.535 million to the Clintons
Wed, 5/20/15 - 2:02pm
Cisco's FY15 9-month router sales plummet to new low
Wed, 5/13/15 - 7:33pm
Candy Hall of Famer: "Brad Reese, this one's for you"
Thu, 3/26/15 - 11:59pm
Skype for Business vs. Cisco enterprise UC collaboration
Mon, 3/23/15 - 11:59pm
Updated Cisco SMARTnet service level acronyms
Thu, 3/19/15 - 6:06pm
Wall Street forsees Arista Networks capturing up to 40% of Cisco's data center switching market share
Wed, 3/18/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco's threat defense offerings were rolled out on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Mon, 3/2/15 - 11:59pm
White box original design manufacturers (ODM) eye taking $20 billion of Cisco's revenue
Sun, 3/1/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco MGX 8800/8900 switch repair expertise
Thu, 2/26/15 - 8:58pm
Indirectly owned Cisco shareholdings of John Chambers have plunged -88.5% since 2010
Tue, 2/24/15 - 4:54pm
The runway is running out on the Theory of Aggregation
Mon, 2/23/15 - 2:02pm
The Cloud shakes up the WAN
Sun, 2/22/15 - 11:59pm
Former Cisco data center guru illustrates birth of first open hardware modular switching platform
Mon, 2/16/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco CEO and Red Hat CEO appear to contradict each other
Sun, 2/15/15 - 11:59pm
Did Goldman Sachs become fed up with the outlandish hubris of Cisco's CEO?
Wed, 2/11/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco vulgarly attacked after East Carolina University (ECU) campus recruitment
Tue, 2/10/15 - 10:44pm
Wall Street ranks Cisco #3 among companies cutting most jobs in 2014
Mon, 2/9/15 - 2:59pm
Mr. Showmanship bolts from Cisco's Office of the Chairman and CEO
Fri, 2/6/15 - 3:03pm
Cisco's new "Our People Deal" a cleverly sneaky layoff scheme?
Thu, 2/5/15 - 4:44pm
Three Meraki founders quit Cisco
Wed, 2/4/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco's most famed and credible technical evangelist, Jimmy Ray Purser, bolts
Wed, 2/4/15 - 3:33pm
Cisco techie ingests LSD to solve tough technical problems
Tue, 2/3/15 - 1:01pm
Rumor Padmasree Warrior fired by Cisco
Fri, 1/30/15 - 9:30am
Rumor Cisco's internal network computer systems were hacked yesterday
Thu, 1/29/15 - 7:11pm
Cisco appears to have quietly demoted Carl Wiese, Senior Vice President of Global Collaboration
Wed, 1/28/15 - 2:28am
Former Cisco M&A managers discuss Linksys disaster
Tue, 1/27/15 - 11:59pm
CCIEs are the most obvious hiring need for Cisco channel partners
Wed, 1/21/15 - 5:00pm
Cisco cloud security guru Raja Patel joining Intel Security
Tue, 1/20/15 - 4:44pm
Layoff Notice given to Cisco Partner Talent Network (CPTN)
Tue, 1/20/15 - 2:12am
Former Cisco executive Don Pyle and 5 family members missing after tragic mansion fire
Mon, 1/19/15 - 10:44pm
More of Cisco's top security talent leave to join startups
Sat, 1/17/15 - 11:59pm
Cisco's former $6 billion dollar man favors bare metal switching
Wed, 1/14/15 - 11:59pm
Should data centers replace core and aggregation switches with hundreds of intelligent fiber cables?
Tue, 1/13/15 - 11:59pm
Reese's ranked 2nd most desirable brand in the United States
Mon, 1/12/15 - 1:49pm
Immediately hiring Cisco ASR 9010 router experts
Thu, 1/8/15 - 10:10pm
Wall Street envisions spin-out of Cisco's Intercloud, possibly even a REIT
Wed, 1/7/15 - 11:59pm
Editor of Silicon Valley Business Journal wishes to hear from victims of age discrimination at Cisco
Tue, 1/6/15 - 2:17pm
Cisco channel partners profited from alleged $28 million fleecing of San Jose State University
Mon, 1/5/15 - 11:11pm
Cisco whistleblower Corporate Renegade remains anonymous
Mon, 12/22/14 - 10:24pm
Arista's CEO earned +$69 million more than Cisco's CEO in a mere 6-months
Sun, 12/21/14 - 12:02pm
BradReese.Com achieves over 1 million website visitors for 2014
Sat, 12/20/14 - 11:59pm
Cloud architect top technology occupation with $151,500 salary
Mon, 12/15/14 - 11:59pm
Chill out Naysayers! SDN Momentum is Solid
Sun, 12/14/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco's patent/copyright lawsuit is the best thing that ever happened to Arista Networks
Thu, 12/11/14 - 11:31am
Cisco Confidential: Q3 CY14 network security market share results
Wed, 12/10/14 - 9:29pm
Rumor Cisco cloud web security (ScanSafe) going end-of-life (EOL) imminently
Tue, 12/9/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco discounts data center pricing -70%, collaboration -85%
Mon, 12/8/14 - 11:59pm
Verizon white box trial adds color to collapse of Cisco service provider sales
Mon, 11/24/14 - 7:17pm
Goldman Sachs envisions cloud computing infrastructure so commoditized it trades like pork bellies
Tue, 11/18/14 - 8:08pm
Cisco 9-month switch sales plunge -$278 million while Arista's soar +$164 million
Sat, 11/15/14 - 5:15pm
$188 million reasons why a Cisco customer needs a patent and copyright infringement indemnity agreement with Cisco
Thu, 11/13/14 - 6:16pm
Cisco's Q1'FY15 gross margin, net income, EPS, operating cash flow and share repurchases declined year-over-year
Wed, 11/12/14 - 5:44pm
Cisco funded patent troll, Finjan, sues Palo Alto Networks
Fri, 11/7/14 - 5:45pm
Wall Street: Arista de-facto standard in data center networking
Tue, 11/4/14 - 6:06pm
Cisco stealthily increases San Jose layoff by +11%
Sat, 11/1/14 - 5:15pm
How to compromise a Cisco ASA
Thu, 10/30/14 - 5:59pm
Understanding Cisco's volume purchase agreement (VPA) rebates
Wed, 10/29/14 - 6:06pm
Nightmare Cisco customer product deployments
Sun, 10/26/14 - 5:22pm
Cisco's rewarding top talent during the firing of 6,000 employees
Thu, 10/23/14 - 1:41pm
Cisco's Frank D'Agostino questions credibility of VMware's Dominick Delfino
Thu, 10/16/14 - 7:07pm
Huawei appears to be eating Cisco's lunch in Russia
Wed, 10/15/14 - 8:59pm
Rumor DOJ fed up with the exorbitant amount of FCPA claims filed against Cisco
Fri, 10/10/14 - 11:59pm
Leaked traffic figures show Cisco's cloud growth has become nonexistent
Thu, 10/9/14 - 7:15pm
Niels Furu the EMEA sales vice president who delivered Cisco's highest gross margin has quit
Thu, 10/9/14 - 4:24pm
Rumor Cisco has hired lawyer Richard J. Nelson to sue the world's most elite Cisco dealers
Wed, 10/8/14 - 7:41pm
Urgent need to hire Cisco Nexus and ASR 9000 bug scrub engineer
Tue, 10/7/14 - 3:03pm
Wall Street calls for splitting Cisco into 2 separate businesses
Mon, 10/6/14 - 5:06pm
Cisco's using layoffs to tee up payroll costs of channel partners
Sat, 10/4/14 - 5:45pm
Cisco's Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) product managers have skedaddled
Thu, 10/2/14 - 6:06pm
Jeff White former President of Cisco India to lead global sales at Extreme Networks
Wed, 10/1/14 - 8:58pm
Why HP is going to buy VMware (i.e. EMC)
Mon, 9/29/14 - 9:09pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers disparages Chief Information Officers (CIOs) as being totally irrelevant
Fri, 9/26/14 - 2:55pm
Turmoil hits the top leadership of Cisco Security
Thu, 9/25/14 - 12:58pm
During Cisco's huge layoff Padmasree Warrior is shamelessly self-promoting herself as the next Cisco CEO
Wed, 9/24/14 - 3:03pm
Intel security vs. Cisco security
Sun, 9/21/14 - 5:45pm
Cisco's top cloud expert and youngest board director resigns
Tue, 9/16/14 - 5:15pm
Aruba Networks clobbers Cisco in critical capabilities Gartner Report
Tue, 9/9/14 - 3:13pm
New Brad Reese Research Office in New York City
Sat, 9/6/14 - 5:55pm
Leaked internal email from Cisco President Gary Moore
Thu, 9/4/14 - 11:01am
In 2-years Cisco's goodwill soared +$7.241 billion (+42.59%) with a -$188 million net income decline
Fri, 8/29/14 - 4:04pm
Leaked internal memo details Cisco Chief Technology and Architecture Office (CTAO) shake-up
Thu, 8/28/14 - 4:44pm
The head of Cisco Saudi Arabia, Dr. Tarig Enaya, has skedaddled
Wed, 8/27/14 - 1:01pm
Cisco SVP Bruce Klein mentioned in $1.7 million ethics controversy
Tue, 8/26/14 - 3:23pm
PowerPoint appears to be the #1 valued executive skill by Cisco CEO John Chambers
Mon, 8/25/14 - 1:11pm
How Cisco employees can achieve success by leaving Cisco
Sat, 8/23/14 - 3:51pm
Internal memo reveals Cisco Identity Services Engine product management shake-up
Wed, 8/20/14 - 12:12pm
Cisco's APIC/DFA ML2 OpenStack test results are fake
Tue, 8/19/14 - 12:02pm
Internal Cisco memo on bonus payout information and limited restructuring
Mon, 8/18/14 - 1:11pm
Rumor October 1st Cisco layoff notices will be served
Thu, 8/7/14 - 4:14pm
Cisco's John Earnhardt endorses purchasing gray market hardware with embedded software
Fri, 8/1/14 - 10:45pm
Rumor Blair Christie out and Karen Walker in as new Cisco Chief Marketing Officer
Wed, 7/30/14 - 10:39pm
Chambers' career swan song could be Cisco tax-inversion deal
Sun, 7/27/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco Nexus 9000 switch starts at $79K for 288 ports
Mon, 7/21/14 - 8:08pm
Cisco Catalyst 6504 replacement solution
Fri, 6/27/14 - 2:22pm
Cisco summer yard sale - 70% off Nexus 9000
Thu, 6/26/14 - 9:09pm
Twitter tweet slugfest: Cisco ACI vs. Arista Networks
Mon, 6/23/14 - 6:06pm
Cisco's own customers are now competing against Cisco
Thu, 6/19/14 - 11:59pm
Famous Cisco CCIE Emeritus predicts switch hardware price plunge of -70%
Mon, 6/16/14 - 11:59pm
Reese's Las Vegas Grand Opening
Wed, 6/4/14 - 5:15pm
Predict Cisco's RTP campus a future CCIE ghost town
Tue, 6/3/14 - 4:44pm
Arista 7300-series switches cannot perform linerate forwarding of 40-byte TCP SYN packets
Tue, 6/3/14 - 9:29am
$125K entry level street price for Cisco application centric infrastructure (ACI)
Sun, 6/1/14 - 4:55pm
Palo Alto dollar revenue skyrockets +45% more than Cisco security dollar revenue
Thu, 5/29/14 - 10:25pm
How Cisco CCIEs can achieve higher pay
Tue, 5/27/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco's Nexus 9000 honcho slams famous CCIE Emeritus over Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
Mon, 5/26/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco buys Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded ThreatGRID
Sat, 5/24/14 - 11:59pm
John Chambers dumped 26% (750,000 shares) of his Cisco stake while giving Cisco Live keynote speech May 19, 2014
Wed, 5/21/14 - 11:59pm
Dave Evans Cisco's Internet of Everything (IoE) futurist/evangelist has hightailed it to stealth start-up
Tue, 5/20/14 - 12:49pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers sends letter to President Barack Obama seeking NSA reform
Sun, 5/18/14 - 11:59pm
Is it illegal to buy or sell gray market Cisco hardware with embedded software?
Fri, 5/16/14 - 11:59pm
Rumor Cisco channel VP Maria Cannon is out
Thu, 5/15/14 - 4:14pm
Cisco's 9-month FY14 revenue plunged only -$1.4 billion year-over-year
Wed, 5/14/14 - 11:59pm
Concerned that full-time Cisco CCIE proctors are not CCIE certified
Wed, 5/14/14 - 4:15pm
Top secret document contradicts Cisco's denial of NSA spy cooperation
Wed, 5/14/14 - 11:15am
Did Cisco's videoscape czar Jesper Andersen get the guillotine?
Fri, 5/9/14 - 11:59pm
Rumor Cisco's $14 trillion Internet of Things (IoT) general manager, Guido Jouret, has resigned
Thu, 5/8/14 - 2:02pm
Cisco Systems: The greatest stock-laundering machine ever invented
Fri, 5/2/14 - 1:49pm
Cisco CCIE salaries in India have plunged -50%
Tue, 4/29/14 - 11:59pm
Vexed Cisco CEO John Chambers vows to outsell tiny Arista Networks
Sat, 4/19/14 - 7:33am
HP OpenNFV vs. Cisco ACI
Wed, 4/16/14 - 11:59pm
Prediction: Soni Jiandani will be appointed Cisco CEO in May 2014
Fri, 4/11/14 - 11:11pm
Critique on Cisco channel partner program by former Cisco sales executive, Kevin Avery
Fri, 4/4/14 - 12:30pm
IPO comparison: Arista Networks vs. Box, Inc.
Mon, 3/31/14 - 2:45pm
Cisco announces -$1.4 billion margin haircut?
Thu, 3/27/14 - 5:30pm
Why Cisco passed on buying VMware
Tue, 3/25/14 - 6:33pm
Anatomy of a Cisco bid rigging
Wed, 3/19/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco video surveillance 2621V IP dome (CIVS-IPC-2621) appears to have manufacturing defect
Tue, 3/18/14 - 11:59pm
Rumor Cisco marketing executives SVP Doug Merritt and VP Marie Hattar are both out
Mon, 3/17/14 - 11:59pm
$70,000 list price Cisco Nexus 7000 series 32 port 10Gb ethernet module (N7K-M132XP-12) has defective memory
Sun, 3/16/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco's San Jose office made pornographic phone call to traumatize Brad Reese
Thu, 3/6/14 - 11:33pm
Cisco part numbers with defective memory
Tue, 3/4/14 - 11:59pm
Network World test reveals Cisco's application centric infrastructure (ACI) as being barely-baked
Mon, 3/3/14 - 11:59pm
POS theft detection is difficult
Wed, 2/26/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco's being investigated for corrupt business practices
Thu, 2/20/14 - 11:59pm
2014 Q1 CCIE Job Statistics / Average CCIE Starting Salaries by Track
Tue, 2/18/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco denies complicity of top executive accepting $10 million contract as NSA backdoor payoff
Mon, 2/17/14 - 11:59pm
Rumored shenanigans behind Cisco's $655 million defective memory fiasco
Sun, 2/16/14 - 11:59pm
Rumor SEC recently investigated cooked books at Cisco
Fri, 2/14/14 - 3:33pm
Rumor big Cisco layoff is coming
Thu, 2/13/14 - 4:44pm
Meaningless nonsensical Internet of Everything driving Cisco's sales straight into the ground
Wed, 2/12/14 - 11:59pm
Cisco senior vice president Sheila Jordan skedaddles
Mon, 1/27/14 - 11:59pm
Billionaire Paul Singer attacks $159K software engineer salaries at Juniper Networks
Thu, 1/16/14 - 1:01pm
Cisco wins fight against Net Neutrality
Tue, 1/14/14 - 2:02pm
Former top Cisco executive Brian Schipper new VP of HR at Twitter
Thu, 1/9/14 - 8:08pm
Rumor Cisco product development engineers penalized for reporting security issues
Tue, 1/7/14 - 11:59pm
Unconfirmed rumor: Cisco does not adhere to their own NDA regarding CCIE lab exam
Mon, 1/6/14 - 7:44pm
Cisco senior management shake-up: Marthin De Beer out, Pankaj Patel in
Thu, 1/2/14 - 11:59pm
Top Secret National Security Agency (NSA) JETPLOW firmware persistence implant (backdoor) for Cisco firewalls
Mon, 12/30/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF), NetFlow and OpenFlow - Mike Patterson
Sun, 12/29/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco gold partner MicroTech center of $1.4 billion federal contracting scandal
Fri, 12/27/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco spy issue could affect the war on global terrorism
Wed, 12/25/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco CCIE emeritus star Greg Ferro SLAMS Cisco's SDN platform: Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
Sun, 12/22/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco's switching, wireless, security and web conferencing market shares have plunged
Thu, 12/19/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco has purchased the domain name Collaborate.Com
Tue, 12/17/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco's data center CAGR to plummet -99.51%
Sun, 12/15/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco FAC 2013 key takeaway: John Chambers is totally irrelevant
Thu, 12/12/13 - 11:59pm
Skype defeats Cisco
Tue, 12/10/13 - 11:59pm
ODM Direct server revenue is growing as fast as Cisco's UCS server revenue
Mon, 12/9/13 - 11:59pm
Why Cisco's Board of Directors should be replaced
Sun, 12/8/13 - 11:59pm
Unconfirmed rumor: Ex-CIA Operations Officer Mike Quinn will retire from Cisco
Fri, 12/6/13 - 1:00pm
Cisco's star end-to-end customer, Royal Bank of Scotland, does NOT have 'Good Enough" Network according to its CEO!
Wed, 12/4/13 - 2:44pm
This brown company (Infosys) will have to prove its ability to follow the visa regimes of a white world (Cisco)?
Sun, 12/1/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco vs. Palo Alto Networks security sales revenue comparison
Wed, 11/27/13 - 11:59pm
Are Cisco gray market partners the culprits behind Cisco's -$1 billion revenue shortfall for Q2'FY14?
Mon, 11/25/13 - 11:59pm
January 2013 - Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide - Reggie Grant
Fri, 11/22/13 - 11:59pm
3 doubts about Cisco's application policy infrastructure controller (APIC)
Thu, 11/21/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco operating profit soars +$331 million on mere +$10.862 billion goodwill increase
Wed, 11/20/13 - 11:59pm
NDS appears to have been a costly $5 billion pig-in-a-poke acquisition for Cisco
Thu, 11/14/13 - 11:59pm
Almost HALF of Cisco Switching Twitter followers are fake
Tue, 11/12/13 - 5:15pm
Cost savings: Cisco Catalyst 3560 v2, 3750 v2 vs. HP 2920, 3600 EI switches
Sun, 11/10/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco owns 8.5% of little known IPO Mavenir Systems (MVNR)
Sat, 11/9/13 - 11:59pm
Credit Suisse report: Cisco had the biggest drop in innovation perceptions
Thu, 10/31/13 - 11:59pm
Giant loophole in Cisco's software transfer and re-licensing policy
Thu, 10/24/13 - 1:22pm
SMARTnet not required to receive bug fixes according to Cisco TAC email message
Wed, 10/23/13 - 2:12pm
DDoS Attack Map Tool
Wed, 10/23/13 - 11:21am
Stuart Levi a partner with Wall Street's most powerful law firm Skadden Arps assails Brad Reese in email to Editor of Network World
Mon, 10/21/13 - 1:01pm
Has John Chambers made a profit by transporting Cisco's Board of Directors on his private jet?
Thu, 10/17/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco will raise Catalyst switch prices by up to +66%
Wed, 10/16/13 - 11:55pm
Will U.S. Government networks crash?
Tue, 10/15/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco NGA 3240 scaling up to the competition - Mike Patterson
Mon, 10/14/13 - 5:05pm
Insieme hardware-defined networking guru attacks former employer Nicira
Thu, 10/3/13 - 6:26pm
Competitive test: Aruba 10-times faster than Cisco Meraki
Wed, 10/2/13 - 1:44pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers celebrates $24 million payday
Tue, 10/1/13 - 2:12pm
Compare the new Cisco Nexus 3132Q vs. the new Cisco Nexus 3172PQ switches
Mon, 9/30/13 - 12:12pm
Cisco's open letter to the European Union, Parliament, Commission and Unified Patent Court
Thu, 9/26/13 - 12:12pm
Cisco nPower X1 NPU, CRS-X and network convergence system (NCS) questions with answers
Tue, 9/24/13 - 1:51pm
An embarrassed Cisco backtracks on CCIE Voice retirement
Tue, 9/17/13 - 12:46pm
You don't know NetFlow - Mike Patterson
Mon, 9/16/13 - 11:59pm
Aruba, Cisco and HP top 2013 Gartner Wired and Wireless LAN Magic Quadrant
Fri, 9/13/13 - 4:44pm
Extreme Enterasys will become the new E & E of networking
Thu, 9/12/13 - 7:07pm
Audio tape of Cisco's lawyer being humiliated in court
Wed, 9/11/13 - 4:44pm
For the first time in history the Cisco overseas headcount now outnumbers the U.S. headcount
Tue, 9/10/13 - 10:55pm
View Cisco's entire RMA global customer database online
Mon, 9/9/13 - 11:51pm
Unconfirmed rumor Cisco gave totally fake TelePresence demo to President George W. Bush
Fri, 9/6/13 - 11:59pm
Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin will guillotine Linksys staff in October
Wed, 9/4/13 - 2:17pm
National security behind new murder trial of former Cisco employee
Tue, 9/3/13 - 2:55pm
Cisco's now actively considering external candidates to replace CEO John Chambers
Thu, 8/29/13 - 6:27pm
Is the National Security Agency (NSA) killing innovation at Cisco?
Wed, 8/28/13 - 5:22pm
Cisco could own the SDN market
Mon, 8/26/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco's abusive income tax evasion achieved 11% effective income tax rate during FY13
Sun, 8/25/13 - 11:59pm
The official list of Cisco executive direct reports
Thu, 8/22/13 - 3:19pm
Home Depot senior IT security architect, Ricky Joe Mitchell (Cisco CCNA), indicted for computer network sabotage costing $1 million
Tue, 8/20/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco appears to be running out of money for stock buybacks
Sun, 8/18/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco channel stuffing and days sales outstanding (DSO) appear out of control
Thu, 8/15/13 - 6:15pm
Unconfirmed rumor 6,000 Cisco employees will be laid off in a limited restructuring
Mon, 8/12/13 - 11:59pm
Is Cisco preparing to kick CCIEs to the curb?
Fri, 8/9/13 - 4:49pm
Has Cisco strategy guru and senior vice president Inder Sidhu been quietly put out to pasture?
Wed, 8/7/13 - 11:30pm
3rd most controversial memo in tech history, Cisco VP Mike Quinn
Sun, 8/4/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco strikes it rich with $19.666 million investment in Control4
Fri, 8/2/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco CCIE recruiting appears to be a nasty dog eat dog struggle
Tue, 7/30/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco employees stole Cisco gear that raked in $37 million
Thu, 7/25/13 - 11:59pm
Is Cisco VP Ron Dekker violating Cisco's conflict of interest policy (COI)?
Wed, 7/24/13 - 11:59pm
Confidential slide presentation on Sourcefire acquisition by Cisco
Tue, 7/23/13 - 11:59pm
Why Cisco customers are willing to pay a premium - Mike Patterson
Mon, 7/22/13 - 6:15pm
Price per 10GbE port comparison: Arista, Cisco, Juniper vs. software stack only
Tue, 7/16/13 - 2:33pm
Confidential Insieme Networks slide presentation: Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
Mon, 7/15/13 - 3:20pm
Cisco engineer Jimmy Ray Purser sells $450 million in Cisco gear
Thu, 7/11/13 - 11:59pm
Competitive assessment: Cisco Nexus 7700 switch - Anonymous
Tue, 7/9/13 - 11:59pm
Unlimited bandwidth is going to restart Moore's Law in networking - Dual CCIE 18532 Security/R&S George Morton
Fri, 6/28/13 - 11:59pm
John Chambers stumbles on raiding CCIEs from Cisco Channel Partners
Thu, 6/27/13 - 8:44pm
First Cisco CCIE in history, Stuart Biggs CCIE #1025, passed away yesterday
Tue, 6/25/13 - 4:14pm
First photograph of Cisco Nexus 7710 and Cisco Nexus 7718 Switch
Mon, 6/24/13 - 11:59pm
2013 worldwide Cisco CCIE count soars +11,371 CCIEs
Fri, 6/21/13 - 8:48pm
Cisco's connected mobile experience (CMX) monetizing smartphones for Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
Thu, 6/20/13 - 11:59pm
Unconfirmed rumor Cisco's about to announce Nexus 9000 Insieme Networks product
Wed, 6/19/13 - 5:55pm
Alcatel-Lucent Shift Plan Slide Presentation
Wed, 6/19/13 - 1:08pm
Unconfirmed rumor Alcatel-Lucent will spinoff its Wireless equipment business
Fri, 6/14/13 - 11:26pm
Harebrained CCIE Voice transition path stirs up hornet's nest
Wed, 6/12/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco's 3rd quarter 2013 channel stuffing
Thu, 5/16/13 - 11:59pm
Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin paid a mere $65 million for Linksys
Wed, 4/24/13 - 9:10pm
Arista Networks is making Software Defined Networking (SDN) a reality
Mon, 4/1/13 - 9:33pm
Unconfirmed rumor Cisco has guillotined EMC Alliance leaders
Wed, 3/27/13 - 11:51pm
Facebook Stats Confirm Reese's Brand Key To Growing Future Hershey Shareholder Wealth - Seeking Alpha
Wed, 3/27/13 - 10:26am
Hershey Store Rejecting Certain Affiliate Sales Reveals Hidden Can't Do Sales Attitude - Seeking Alpha
Mon, 3/18/13 - 03:27am
Cisco AVC reporting URLs with IPFIX - Mike Patterson
Sun, 3/17/13 - 10:00pm
Cisco CCIE Salaries - Dual CCIE 18532 Security/R&S George Morton
Tue, 3/5/13 - 11:59pm
President of Russia Vladimir Putin appears to square off against Cisco CEO John Chambers in Skolkovo Project
Mon, 3/4/13 - 11:59pm
Cisco letter admits culpability in ripping off State of West Virginia
Fri, 3/1/13 - 2:21pm
Cisco will take back routers it sold to ripoff State of West Virginia
Thu, 2/28/13 - 11:59pm
Auditor: Cisco sneakily used legally unauthorized purchasing process to outlandishly overprice 1,164 routers to take advantage of West Virginia
Sun, 2/24/13 - 11:59pm
Investors Beware: It Appears A Cisco Executive Went Unpunished For Leaking Financial Results - Seeking Alpha
Tue, 1/29/13 - 4:13pm
Cisco VP Lionel Chocron leaked Cisco's pending financial results to convicted insider trader
Sat, 1/26/13 - 9:48am
Has Cisco's greed created a culture of cheating for its CCIE cert? - Anonymous
Wed, 1/23/13 - 11:59pm
ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer vs. Scrutinizer from Plixer - Mike Patterson
Tue, 1/22/13 - 11:59pm
It's time to change the network - Dual CCIE 18532 Security/R&S George Morton
Thu, 1/17/13 - 11:59pm
SDN to SDDC - The Times They Are a-Changin' - Peter Phaal
Sun, 1/13/13 - 11:59pm
Will Cisco dump Tandberg?
Fri, 1/11/13 - 10:26pm
Cisco failure Ned Hooper is now mouseketeering with Centerview Capital
Wed, 1/9/2013 - 3:05pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers ranked by Financial Times as #1 Chief Obfuscation Champion (COC)
Tue, 1/8/2013 - 11:59pm
BradReese.Com has moved to Hummelstown, PA
Sun, 1/6/2013 - 11:59pm
How will traffic visibility play a role in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) - Mike Patterson
Thu, 12/27/12 - 11:59pm
Never Mind Your Suppliers.... Are YOU Ready for SDN? - Mark Leary
Mon, 12/17/12 - 11:59pm
Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin to purchase Cisco Linksys division
Sat, 12/15/12 - 11:59pm
Wisenheimers at Cisco? - Anonymous
Fri, 12/7/12 - 4:49pm
25 days left to write-off 100% of a $139,000 used Cisco purchase - Reggie Grant
Wed, 12/5/12 - 11:59pm
Wow, there appears to be a Cisco talent sham - Anonymous
Tue, 12/4/12 - 11:59pm
ZTE's State of the Art Trusted Delivery Model
Fri, 11/30/12 - 1:59pm
5 keys to successful enterprise NetFlow deployments - Mike Patterson
Mon, 11/26/12 - 11:11am
Discrepancies found in Cisco's Q1'FY13 vs. Q1'FY12 net product sales
Tue, 11/20/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's Q1'FY13 switching, routing, collaboration and other revenue declined year-over-year (YOY)
Tue, 11/13/12 - 8:44pm
An open letter to Cisco CEO John Chambers got results
Mon, 11/12/12 - 11:04pm
Former Cisco RTP employee and CCIE Voice #13747, Brad Cooper, appeals first degree murder conviction
Thu, 11/8/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's Odd Johnny is out!
Wed, 11/7/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco internal email vows to hunt down the sources of confidential memo leaks to Brad Reese
Tue, 11/6/12 - 4:14pm
Cisco's salesforce is now compensated on profit contributions, not just bookings
Tue, 11/6/12 - 10:22am
New book on NetFlow and IPFIX - Mike Patterson
Mon, 11/5/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco internal email addresses $100 million overcharge on $22 million California State University RFP
Thu, 11/1/12 - 3:33pm
ZTE USA workshop targets the $5 billion secondary Cisco market generated by the elite members of UNEDA
Sun, 10/21/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's lead smart guy and rock star, David Meyer, jumps ship for Brocade
Thu, 10/18/12 - 11:59pm
Imminent death of VCE will be no surprise to Wall Street
Wed, 10/17/12 - 5:55pm
Voting for Cisco shareholder proposal No. 5 will oust John Chambers as Cisco's Chairman
Mon, 10/15/12 - 11:59pm
Is Cisco behind the U.S. Congressional attack on Huawei and ZTE?
Thu, 10/11/12 - 2:12pm
Have Cisco's councils and boards morphed into a bloated structure of 2-in-the box?
Thu, 10/4/12 - 10:30pm
Cisco Cat6k Sup2T is the premier NetFlow switch with amazing performance - Michael Patterson
Wed, 10/3/12 - 2:30am
Padmasree Warrior declares her aspiration to become Cisco CEO
Tue, 10/2/12 - 1:10pm
Single-handedly, fierce Cisco competitor Arista Networks appears to have delayed Cisco's SDN initiative
Mon, 10/01/12 - 2:20pm
Meet Cisco's CEO for the next 4-years
Thu, 9/27/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers' whack-a-mole successor contestants
Wed, 9/26/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco vs. ZTE, who's going to win?
Tue, 9/25/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco Nexus 3548 switch vs. Arista 7150S switch family
Thu, 9/20/12 - 1:55pm
Alleged out of control corruption within Cisco's advanced services (AS)
Mon, 9/17/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's ADC market share declined -41% in 3-years
Sun, 9/16/12 - 11:14pm
Cisco's R&D employee headcount is the highest in history
Wed, 9/12/12 - 11:03pm
Percentagewise QoQ, HP's 2Q12 ethernet switch revenue gain was more than triple Cisco's
Tue, 9/11/12 - 3:50pm
The Cisco software simplification initiative
Fri, 9/7/12 - 8:24am
For the first time ever, a Cisco product supports sFlow technology!
Tue, 9/4/12 - 11:59pm
The network device in the software-defined networking world - Mark Leary
Wed, 8/29/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's senior vice president of global enterprise markets, Paul Mountford, has mysteriously gone missing from Cisco's website
Mon, 8/27/12 - 6:43am
Cisco's 2Q12 videoconferencing revenue dropped -23.7% year-over-year
Sun, 8/26/12 - 9:25am
Is Cisco's lunch about to be eaten by innovative startups?
Fri, 8/24/12 - 9:53pm
Software defined networking (SDN) advisory service
Mon, 8/20/12 - 11:59pm
First time in 10-years Cisco's FY12 research and development expense sequentially declined
Sun, 8/19/12 - 8:00am
Cisco's leading the way in network performance monitoring with NetFlow and IPFIX - Mike Patterson
Fri, 8/17/12 - 8:52am
Cisco's Q4'FY12 gross margin, switching, routing, collaboration, SP video and other revenue all sequentially declined
Wed, 8/15/12 - 9:47pm
It appears Cisco has been buying Twitter followers for Padmasree Warrior
Tue, 8/14/12 - 11:59pm
Disrupting Cisco's business model
Mon, 8/13/12 - 6:30am
Did Cisco bill for dummy offshore resources while actual resources were B1 visas working in the U.S.?
Thu, 8/9/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco defeats Riverbed in WAN-op refresh project
Wed, 8/8/12 - 5:55am
The irony of appointing former Nortel Networks' board director Kristina Johnson to Cisco's board of directors
Mon, 8/6/12 - 5:30am
Why are Cisco's TelePresence sales in decline?
Thu, 8/2/12 - 5:32am
Wall Street analyst warns Cisco's stock price may fall to $11 per share
Tue, 7/31/12 - 10:10am
Why is Cisco speaking like a tobacco company?
Mon, 7/30/12 - 9:59pm
Unconfirmed rumor Cisco offered $2.5 billion to buy Palo Alto Networks and was turned down
Tue, 7/24/12 - 8:00pm
Cisco, London taxi cabs and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Tue, 7/24/12 - 5:30am
Unconfirmed rumor Cisco is laying off 1,600 WAAS engineers and sales team members
Mon, 7/23/12 - 1:59pm
View the insiders cashing in IPO shares at Palo Alto Networks
Thu, 7/19/12 - 11:59pm
IronPort Systems financial statements prior to acquisition by Cisco
Wed, 7/18/12 - 11:59pm
Flip video financial statements prior to acquisition by Cisco
Tue, 7/17/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco has acquired Virtuata, a security startup cofounded by Meru Networks cofounder Joe Epstein
Mon, 7/16/12 - 9:29pm
Cisco gold partner with history of SMARTnet fraud awarded new $578 million Cisco SMARTnet contract by U.S. Army
Sun, 7/15/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's customers are being sued for using Cisco's products
Tue, 7/10/12 - 11:59pm
Is Cisco getting ready to close Linksys and announce more layoffs?
Fri, 7/6/12 - 11:49pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers is selling 2.15 million shares of Cisco stock
Thu, 6/28/12 - 9:51pm
The unique NSEL elements of the Cisco ASA firewall - Mike Patterson
Wed, 6/27/12 - 11:59pm
Brilliant appointment of Padmasree Warrior as Cisco's new chief strategy officer
Tue, 6/26/12 - 9:21pm
Rumor that Cisco SVP and top collaboration executive, Barry O'Sullivan, will be leaving soon
Mon, 6/25/12 - 7:49pm
Cloud networking comparison: Arista Networks' Douglas Gourlay vs. Cisco's Padmasree Warrior
Fri, 6/15/12 - 11:59pm
The technical details on Alcatel-Lucent's $40 million win over Cisco - Jean-Luc Ronarch
Wed, 6/6/12 - 9:51pm
SolarWinds Orion vs. Scrutinizer from Plixer - Mike Patterson
Tue, 6/5/12 - 11:59pm
The best Reese's Peanut Butter Cups video
Thu, 5/31/12 - 11:59pm
Pronouncements of John Chambers before discontinuance of the Cisco Cius tablet
Fri, 5/25/12 - 5:05pm
100% of Cisco's $550 million in Q3'FY12 stock buybacks supported John Chambers' dilutive management compensation practices
Thu, 5/24/12 - 11:30am
Alcatel-Lucent 7950 XRS pounds stake into Cisco's core router heart
Tue, 5/22/12 - 8:12pm
Did Cisco's new sales culture ripoff the State of West Virginia?
Fri, 5/18/12 - 7:41pm
For a fee, it appears Cisco's top executives will sign autographs and make an appearance
Fri, 5/11/12 - 6:55pm
Cisco ASA NSEL (Network Security Event Logs) Reporting Tutorial - Mike Patterson
Thu, 5/10/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's Q3'FY12 data center revenue sequentially declined
Wed, 5/9/12 - 11:59pm
Silver Peak Systems appears to be the new culprit in Cisco's WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) market share loss
Tue, 5/8/12 - 11:59pm
How to report and track stolen Cisco equipment
Tue, 4/24/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's Jabber for everyone offer FAQ
Mon, 4/23/12 - 4:11am
Cisco CEO John Chambers pontificates: There's more networking opportunities than we can balance
Wed, 4/18/12 - 2:49pm
Are Mario Mazzola, Prem Jain and Luca Cafiero killing Cisco's ability to innovate?
Fri, 4/13/12 - 8:54am
Cisco's developing a next generation firewall (NGFW)
Mon, 4/9/12 - 9:46am
Microsoft upgrading switches to Arista Networks
Thu, 4/5/12 - 5:23pm
Cisco acquisition NDS accused of pay TV piracy, hacking, sabotage, fabricated legal actions and obtaining telephone records illegally
Wed, 3/28/12 - 8:27pm
Cisco's losing market share in 3 major data center segments
Mon, 3/26/12 - 11:59pm
NDS appears to be another BS acquisition by Cisco
Sun, 3/18/12 - 11:59pm
Did Deloitte's Q&A destroy Cisco's single vendor network marketing strategy?
Wed, 2/29/12 - 4:01am
Can IP host reputation systems protect against the Russian Business Network? - Mike Patterson
Tue, 2/28/12 - 10:26am
Competitive vendor analysis: 10GbE and 40GbE switches by chassis and rack - Darius Goodall
Wed, 2/22/12 - 8:11pm
January 2012 Cisco CCIE count
Wed, 2/15/12 - 6:15pm
Monitoring cloud services with Cisco's Flexible Netflow - Mike Patterson
Mon, 2/13/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco's Q2'FY12 switching, routing, collaboration revenues and product gross margin sequentially declined
Thu, 2/9/12 - 8:35pm
Cisco's historical financial statements confirm -$809 million discrepancy in security sales
Wed, 2/8/12 - 11:59pm
Why did Cisco deflate its FY11 security product sales by -$382 million?
Mon, 2/6/12 - 8:51pm
This story is how the Cisco CCIE program was born - Stuart Biggs
Wed, 2/1/12 - 7:00pm
NetFlow vs. IPFIX Exporter - Mike Patterson
Tue, 1/31/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco WebEx NetFlow rap video - Mike Patterson
Mon, 1/30/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco CEO tries to snow CNN's Poppy Harlow
Thu, 1/26/12 - 4:00am
Cisco's copyright complaint killed Marc La Porte's CCIE Hall of Fame
Wed, 1/25/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco crashes and burns on Fortune 100 best companies to work for list
Tue, 1/24/12 - 5:33am
Do Fabrics enable a large and flat Layer-2 broadcast domain? - Douglas Gourlay
Mon, 1/23/12 - 9:34am
Has Cisco's top PR executive Terry Anderson bolted?
Mon, 1/23/12 - 2:53am
Fabrics are faster: Arista vs. Brocade vs. Juniper - Douglas Gourlay
Sat, 1/21/12 - 2:55am
Changing the conversation: It's solutions, not boxes, that matter to enterprises - Jean-Luc Ronarch
Fri, 1/20/12 - 5:34pm
Threat detection with NetFlow: IP reputation - Mike Patterson
Thu, 1/19/12 - 11:59pm
Free iPhone and iPad TFTP Server for downloading and uploading Cisco configs - Andy Salos
Wed, 1/18/12 - 11:59pm
Why is Cisco's top cloud talent bolting?
Tue, 1/17/12 - 2:32pm
US Senate and Congress have stopped Cisco CEO John Chambers from totally wasting Cisco's $44 billion in cash
Fri, 1/13/12 - 1:28pm
Does starring in a scotch whiskey ad make Cisco CEO John Chambers narcissistic?
Thu, 1/12/12 - 7:32pm
Cisco's largest shareholder BlackRock voted against re-electing Stanford University President John L. Hennessy to Cisco's Board
Fri, 1/6/12 - 3:53pm
Cancer chemotherapy and a new direction for BradReese.Com
Thu, 1/5/12 - 6:50pm
Is John Chambers the top performing Dow CEO?
Wed, 1/4/12 - 6:29pm
How John Chambers is portrayed in the Steve Jobs biography
Tue, 1/3/12 - 11:59pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers and the mysterious Harvey L. Armstrong
Mon, 12/12/11 - 6:03am
Compare the pricing and features of Cisco Catalyst 3750-E switches vs. ZTE ZXR10 5900E switches
Wed, 12/7/11 - 11:57pm
Cisco's a no show in the new Lippis 10/40GbE switch performance/power test report
Tue, 12/6/11 - 11:36pm
To CCIEs it may appear Cisco's General Counsel Mark Chandler speaks with forked tongue
Wed, 11/30/11 - 4:30pm
Is Wall Street calling for the ouster of Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior?
Sun, 11/27/11 - 11:51pm
Cisco may drop new WAAS appliances after market share thrashing by Riverbed
Tue, 11/15/11 - 12:55pm
Cisco inadvertently reveals never before seen FY11 product revenue results
Thu, 11/10/11 - 3:56pm
Cisco's Q1'FY12 gross margin, switching and NGN routing revenue declined year over year
Thu, 11/10/11 - 4:30am
ZTE passed Cisco to lead 3Q10-2Q11 Asia Pacific IP/Ethernet SPSR market
Tue, 11/8/11 - 2:04pm
Will Huawei and ZTE terminate Cisco's robust gross margin?
Thu, 11/3/11 - 11:59pm
Rifts between management and engineering appear to be depressing Cisco's stock price
Mon, 10/31/11 - 2:29pm
Cisco ASA 5520 DIMM slot issue appears to be a manufacturing defect
Wed, 10/26/11 - 11:38pm
Unconfirmed rumor: Cisco Enterprise SVP Manny Rivelo bolts for Dell Force10
Mon, 10/24/11 - 2:12pm
New hip hop rap video sensation: SonicWall's Scrutinizer NetFlow
Thu, 10/13/11 - 5:54pm
HP networking ROI calculator vs. the Cisco borderless networks ROI calculator
Wed, 10/12/11 - 7:41pm
$265 million bid lost because Cisco equipment considered obsolete
Wed, 10/12/11 - 3:01pm
U.S. Senate investigative report refutes the job creation claims made by Cisco CEO John Chambers
Tue, 10/11/11 - 9:57am
Cisco's borderless networks SVP Brett Galloway has left Cisco
Mon, 10/10/11 - 11:00pm
Cohen joins Cisco alumni at network hypervisor vendor Nicira
Mon, 10/10/11 - 1:54pm
Cisco makes a great case for why Huawei should buy both HP's personal computer and networking businesses
Wed, 10/5/11 - 11:45pm
20 editions of the Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide covering 14 years
Tue, 10/4/11 - 8:19pm
The recently fired Carol Bartz appears to have violated Cisco's lead independent director 1-year term of service
Fri, 9/30/11 - 6:41am
Why are 2 senior Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co advisors sitting on Cisco's Board of Directors?
Tue, 9/27/11 - 11:59pm
Cisco's FY14 router gross margin will drop below its product gross margin average
Mon, 9/26/11 - 11:59pm
Are vendors who compete against the Cisco Nexus data center product line up to the challenge?
Sun, 9/25/11 - 11:59pm
Cisco CPE market share falling to zero, meanwhile Microsoft grows 600% in 18 months
Fri, 9/23/11 - 10:49am
Cisco's outdated hierarchical network model
Thu, 9/22/11 - 5:17am
Hershey - Cadbury - David West - Robert Reese
Sat, 9/17/11 - 9:34am
Cisco's FY11 global workforce reduction appears to have specifically targeted the United States
Thu, 9/15/11 - 1:49pm
Dilutive management compensation practices claimed 68% of stock buybacks during Cisco's Q4'FY11
Sun, 9/4/11 - 6:59am
Huawei is one of the culprits behind Cisco's -22.4% decline in IP edge revenue share
Tue, 8/30/11 - 3:12am
FREE Cisco Cius business tablet with every Cisco purchase
Mon, 8/29/11 - 11:59pm
Competitive intelligence report: HP A10500 switch vs. Cisco 6500 switch upgrade
Tue, 8/23/11 - 6:38am
CBS News seeks to interview laid off Cisco employees in San Jose
Mon, 8/22/11 - 11:33pm
Quarterly unrecognized revenue cash receipts from Cisco's two-tier distributors dropped -21% Y/Y
Wed, 8/17/11 - 7:06pm
California law firm warns Cisco employees: Do not sign severance agreement
Mon, 8/15/11 - 5:12pm
Palo Alto Networks is the culprit behind Cisco's -8.4% FY11 security sales decline
Fri, 8/12/11 - 2:25pm
Cisco's Q4'FY11 operating cash flow, product gross margin and router sales sequentially declined
Wed, 8/10/11 - 10:36pm
1,826 Cisco WebEx and collaboration employees guillotined by Tandberg executives
Sun, 8/7/11 - 10:05pm
Cisco discounts Nexus 7000 switch -76% to win Purdue University's Hansen Cluster bid
Mon, 8/1/11 - 9:04pm
New management structure of Cisco CEO John Chambers: The Cloud
Mon, 7/25/11 - 5:26pm
Arrest video of Cisco SMARTnet antitrust litigation plaintiff
Fri, 7/22/11 - 3:26pm
Cisco insight series: Expendable Cisco business units and employees
Fri, 7/22/11 - 1:31am
Discord between Cisco engineers and Cisco technical marketing appears rampant
Mon, 6/27/11 - 3:10am - 11:44pm
Cisco's biggest missed opportunities
Mon, 6/20/11 - 11:44pm
Cisco spent $14.5 billion on R&D to achieve $3.4 billion net revenue increase
Tue, 6/14/11 - 5:53pm
How Cisco defeats HP in blade server deals
Mon, 6/6/11 - 11:10pm
Brian Schipper senior vice president of human resources bolts Cisco
Tue, 5/31/11 - 3:41am
Cisco has bet the farm on its Unified Computing System (UCS)
Thu, 5/26/11 - 10:23am
Cisco CCIE R&S count dropped a staggering -1,052 in only ten months
Tue, 5/24/11 - 11:59pm
More than 4,000 CCIEs work at Cisco
Sat, 5/21/11 - 5:00am
Are Cisco partners taking the cost of recruitment fees out of the first year salary of newly hired CCIEs?
Thu, 5/19/11 - 6:50am
Cisco CEO John Chambers' 2011 commencement address to Duke University
Tue, 5/17/11 - 6:33am
First 2 Cisco Certified Architects (CCAr) jump to HP Networking
Fri, 5/13/11 - 4:25am
Cisco's much ballyhooed data center sales sequentially declined during Q3FY11
Wed, 5/11/11 - 7:49pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers ranked 10th in restricted stock grant compensation among the 350 biggest public company CEOs
Tue, 5/10/11 - 6:51am
Cisco's restructuring embeds operating committee, councils, boards and working groups deeper into Cisco's new management structure
Thu, 5/5/11 - 11:59pm
CCIEs appear to have become an endangered species at Cisco, only 630 remain
Fri, 4/29/11 - 7:07am
Cisco's 2011 voluntary enhanced early retirement program (EER)
Tue, 4/26/11 - 6:00pm
How to easily hire a Cisco CCIE
Mon, 4/25/11 - 8:46pm
Cisco Nexus 5010 and 5020 vs. Arista 7124S and 7148SX competitive lab test
Sat, 4/23/11 - 6:00am
An inside look at Cisco's new data center
Mon, 4/18/11 - 6:53am
Cisco's CRS-3 flexible packet transport vs. Juniper's T series, JCS1200 and PTX series
Mon, 4/11/11 - 11:59pm
Why Cisco CEO John Chambers has got to go!
Wed, 4/6/11 - 9:41am
Did Brad Reese tee up Cisco CEO John Chambers as a defendant in a new insider trading class action lawsuit?
Fri, 4/1/11 - 3:23pm
Cisco Nexus 5548P vs. Arista 7148SX, IBM BNT G8264 and Juniper EX4500 competitive lab test
Mon, 3/28/11 - 11:59pm
Is the Raj Rajaratnam insider trading scandal shaking up Cisco's executive ranks?
Wed, 3/16/11 - 11:03pm
Has feisty Arista delivered a knockout punch to Cisco with new 7124SX switch?
Tue, 3/15/11 - 12:01am
Half of Cisco's stock buybacks went to support Cisco's dilutive management compensation practices during Q2'FY11
Mon, 3/7/11 - 8:29pm
Fired top Cisco exec has been cleared of all criminal charges by court
Thu, 3/3/11 - 4:44pm
Cisco vs. D-Link, HP and NETGEAR competitive lab test
Fri, 2/25/11 - 9:24pm
Tax penalty claims against Cisco are growing at a staggering $11.7 million per day
Wed, 2/23/11 - 5:39pm
Did Cisco dump the ASA 5580 because of its HP heritage?
Tue, 2/22/11 - 11:55pm
Cisco's edge router market share has dropped a stunning -36%
Thu, 2/17/11 - 8:49am
Network security will be the highest priority according to the 2011 IT spending intentions report
Wed, 2/16/11 - 10:04am
Cisco's product gross margin dropped a whopping -10% over the past 5 quarters
Tue, 2/15/11 - 5:15am
Cisco's Q2FY11 sales sequentially declined in collaboration, other, routers, security, switches and total sales
Wed, 2/9/11 - 11:59pm
Inactive Cisco CCIEs are growing at an 81% faster percentage growth rate than active Cisco CCIEs
Fri, 2/4/11 - 5:53am
Cisco's trademarks are thriving as third-party domain names
Wed, 2/2/11 - 11:08pm
Cisco's Randy Pond slams U.S. suppliers while favoring suppliers overseas
Fri, 1/21/11 - 5:33pm
Has the Cisco CRS-3 caused network outages at both Comcast and AT&T?
Tue, 1/11/11 - 5:44am
Cisco's the worst performing stock on the world famous Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)
Tue, 1/11/11 - 5:44am
Download for FREE - Enterprise Application Firewalls for Dummies
Tue, 1/11/11 - 5:44am
Thu, 1/6/11 - 10:10am
A whopping 75% of Cisco's new job creation was in locations outside the United States
Thu, 12/23/10 - 4:36am
HP networking Cisco trade-in program - A Catalyst for Change
Tue, 12/21/10 - 8:12am
WikiLeaks vs. Cisco and it appears Cisco has won!
Fri, 12/17/10 - 9:45pm seeks bargain fee of only $28K plus $1.9K in upfront exam fees for its Cisco training
Thu, 12/16/10 - 2:51am
Cisco's SP edge router market share down -12% since 2005
Tue, 12/14/10 - 3:21am
14% of Cisco CCIEs appear to be inactive or suspended
Fri, 12/10/10 - 7:53pm
HP E5400 zl and HP 8200 zl switches vs. Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 4500 switches
Wed, 12/8/10 - 6:43pm
Cisco's blonde bombshell appointed Monsanto board director
Tue, 12/7/10 - 4:33am
Cisco CEO John Chambers appears to have knowingly lyed to Wall Street
Sun, 12/5/10 - 11:59pm
Slide presentation detailing Cisco's strategy for acquiring LineSider
Thu, 12/2/10 - 5:59pm
Cisco's 2010 annual meeting of shareholders visual slide presentation
Wed, 12/1/10 - 5:12am
Cisco's management and employees appear to have pocketed $32 billion of Cisco shareholder cash
Tue, 11/30/10 - 5:15am
Cisco's tax scandal growing $1.510 million per day
Mon, 11/29/10 - 1:49am
Cisco Medianet Rap
Wed, 11/24/10 - 9:20pm
Cisco earned lowly niche player status in new Gartner magic quadrant report while simultaneously losing market share
Mon, 11/22/10 - 6:12pm
Why it's going to get ugly at Cisco
Thu, 11/18/10 - 9:25pm
Aruba beats Cisco in WLAN user survey as revenue soars +44%
Wed, 11/17/10 - 4:34pm
Aruba Networks Q1'FY11 sales expected to increase +47% Y/Y
Tue, 11/16/10 - 11:41pm
According to the stock market, Cisco's issues appear to be Cisco specific
Mon, 11/15/10 - 11:40pm
Padmasree Warrior is leading Cisco's sequentially declining security and switch sales
Sun, 11/14/10 - 7:37pm
Cisco's gross margin, router and switch sales are under siege
Wed, 11/10/10 - 10:02pm
August 2010 edition of the Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide is now available online
Sun, 11/7/10 - 11:43am
Cisco suing small business victims of telco-finance scams
Mon, 11/1/10 - 3:41pm
Former Cisco board director slams Cisco CEO John Chambers for outsourcing jobs overseas
Thu, 10/28/10 - 2:11pm
Half of F5's 8% ADC market share gain came from Cisco
Mon, 10/25/10 - 6:33pm
Riverbed clobbers Cisco
Mon, 10/25/10 - 6:33pm
Only buy from authorized Cisco partners? Both the FBI and Cisco appear to contradict such advice
Thu, 10/21/10 - 11:59pm
Juniper has 20% top line growth prospects
Wed, 10/20/10 - 9:21pm
Cisco terminates its prestigious CCSP and CCVP certification brands
Tue, 10/19/10 - 6:09pm
Polycom holding its own in battle with Cisco/Tandberg
Mon, 10/18/10 - 4:16pm
The firing of Cisco cofounder Sandy Lerner
Fri, 10/15/10 - 6:38pm
Reporting on Microsoft Exchange with Cisco NetFlow technology
Thu, 10/14/10 - 2:02pm
Cisco fined R$3.3 billion BRL and has its assets and bank accounts blocked by court order in Brazil
Tue, 10/12/10 - 5:02pm
Joltid transaction a hangman's noose around Skype's neck?
Mon, 10/11/10 - 6:49pm
4 steps to configure Cisco Flexible NetFlow
Wed, 10/6/10 - 5:16pm
Cisco FY10 router sales down -$1.366 billion from FY08
Tue, 9/21/10 - 10:46pm
Force10 ExaScale Switch vs. Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch
Sat, 9/18/10 - 7:27pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers criticized by Wall Street analyst for not taking bold action?
Fri, 9/10/10 - 3:54pm
Cisco's FY2010 ended with its highest customer satisfaction survey score in history
Thu, 9/9/10 - 5:27pm
Cisco's Q4FY10 ends with bookings healthy on a month-to-month basis
Mon, 8/2/10 - 10:56am
Cisco CEO John Chambers raked in almost $400 million while Cisco's shareholders lost almost 30% of their investment
Thu, 7/29/10 - 5:51pm
Avaya CS 1000 vs. Cisco UCM power consumption competitive lab test
Thu, 7/22/10 - 1:54am
Cisco's executive biographies have gone missing
Wed, 7/14/10 - 4:54pm
Is Cisco's hubris the subject of a new book?
Sun, 7/11/10 - 1:27am
Will Enterasys beat Cisco at its own NetFlow game?
Thu, 7/8/10 - 11:27pm
Customers appear to be the reason why legal IOS for cert self study has not been made available by Cisco
Wed, 7/7/10 - 7:15pm
How Cisco derived the clever name of its new tablet, Cius
Tue, 7/6/10 - 1:19am
Cisco's access point market share falling
Wed, 6/30/10 - 6:15pm
Cisco's stock price dropped -3.57% during its new Cius tablet announcement
Tue, 6/29/10 - 7:05pm
Cisco's new CCIE Emeritus status is a bad idea
Mon, 6/28/10 - 5:15am
Will digerati evangelist Lew Tucker be in deep doo doo under the thumb of Padmasree Warrior?
Wed, 6/23/10 - 11:33pm
Cisco's 8.8% effective tax rate appears to be forcing it to move jobs and investments overseas
Sun, 6/20/10 - 10:46pm
Cisco's Hall of Fame inaugural inductees
Fri, 6/18/10 - 3:41am
HP leveraging Cisco's supply chain issues to recruit channel partners?
Thu, 6/17/10 - 1:05am
Accepting pre-orders for the new August 2010 edition of the Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide
Wed, 6/16/10 - 2:17am
F5 Networks has nearly 20-point market share lead over Cisco
Tue, 6/15/10 - 3:30am
Pricing on Cisco's new NSS 300 devices
Wed, 6/9/10 - 11:59pm
Does Polycom telepresence cost $2.1 million less than Cisco telepresence?
Tues, 6/8/10 - 11:53pm
255 newly minted Cisco CCIEs are projected for 2010
Fri, 6/4/10 - 11:49pm
The very, very last Cisco CCIE count comparison in history
Wed, 6/2/10 - 9:23pm
Cisco's financial exposure to its Brazilian tax scandal, $1.875 billion, is growing at the rate of $1.185 million per day
Fri, 05/28/10 - 11:51pm
Cisco's CCIE statistics vanish
Tue, 05/25/10 - 7:51pm
How-to configure a free NetFlow forwarder or NetFlow duplicator
Fri, 05/21/10 - 8:50pm
How Cisco CCIEs can cash in on the virtualization trend
Wed, 05/19/10 - 12:17pm
John Chambers appears to lack a true conviction that Cisco's stock price will appreciate in value
Mon, 05/17/10 - 10:47pm
Cisco CEO John Chambers had perfect timing executing his insider Cisco stock trades
Thu, 05/13/10 - 9:47pm
Billions in Cisco stockholder wealth will be made or lost
Tue, 05/11/10 - 11:59pm
The world's most successful secondary Cisco reseller, Mike Sheldon, attacked by Cisco's fanboys on Network World's Cisco Subnet
Mon, 05/10/10 - 11:44pm
Crisis appears brewing within Cisco's prestigious CCIE program
Fri, 05/07/10 - 8:41pm
Cisco pays an average salary of $112K to its H-1B visa workers
Thu, 05/06/10 - 7:14pm
Total Cisco CCIE count drops -21, R&S count drops -66 since March
Wed, 05/05/10 - 12:41pm
How-to setup sampled Cisco NetFlow
Mon, 05/03/10 - 12:17pm
Data centers: Cisco's multi-tier architecture vs. the Arista 2-tier cloud network
Fri, 04/23/10 - 3:27pm
Cisco vs. Arista Networks, choosing Arista could save you $13.3 million
Tue, 04/20/10 - 11:53pm
Some of the world's most distinguished and experienced Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs) form new consultancy, Platinum Solutions Group
Thu, 04/15/10 - 11:59pm
New Enterasys B5 and C5 switches offer an alternative solution to Cisco's 2960-S, 3560-X and 3750-X switches
Tue, 04/13/10 - 4:55pm
How to configure a Cisco Nexus 7000 to export NetFlow v9
Thu, 04/08/10 - 9:55pm
Did Cisco fail to create new jobs for the tax breaks it received?
Wed, 04/07/10 - 11:59pm
F5 Networks' stock has wildly outperformed Cisco's stock
Tue, 04/06/10 - 11:41pm
At $170K, Brocade pays $34K more per year in average salary than Cisco
Thu, 04/01/10 - 11:33pm
Today, Cisco's stock dipped -2% while wireless competitor Meru's IPO soared +27%
Wed, 03/31/10 - 11:59pm
New Cisco Valet router has a Mac bug and other kinks to work out
Wed, 03/31/10 - 4:59am
Did Cisco bamboozle the European Commission into approving the Tandberg acquisition?
Mon, 03/29/10 - 8:24pm
Publicly held Cisco gold partner INX, gets slammed financially by Cisco's product availability issues
Sun, 03/28/10 - 11:29pm
Certification industry opportunity: CertGuard domain name up for sale
Sat, 03/27/10 - 11:17pm
For a fee, Cisco promotes cheating on its own CCIE lab tests
Thu, 03/25/10 - 8:33pm
India's telecom networks banish all non-Indian Cisco telecom network engineers as well as all non-Indian manufactured Cisco telecom network gear
Tue, 03/23/10 - 5:23pm
Huawei replaced Cisco as the world's 5th most innovative company
Sun, 03/21/10 - 11:57pm
Alcatel adds firepower to LTE arms race with Cisco, Juniper and Ericsson
Sat, 03/20/10 - 5:21pm
New Xangati virtual appliances help build business case for buying Cisco Nexus 1000V switches
Fri, 03/19/10 - 3:28am
Aruba Networks appears to be taking share from both Cisco and Motorola in the 802.11n wireless market
Thu, 03/18/10 - 4:55pm
New Cisco 3750-X Switch with StackPower technology
Wed, 03/17/10 - 11:39pm
Juniper expected to exceed $1 billion in cash flow from operations this year
Tue, 03/16/10 - 10:31pm
RBC tech tour roundup: Cisco, Brocade, Alcatel-Lucent and Aruba
Mon, 03/15/10 - 11:28pm
Wall Street's take on the new Cisco CRS-3 router
Fri, 03/12/10 - 11:59pm
Cisco's quiet March 9 non-announcement: CEO John Chambers sold 1.8 million of his Cisco shares valued at $45 million
Tue, 03/09/10 - 11:56pm
CCIE R&S count drops 4th month in a row
Fri, 03/05/10 - 11:31pm

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