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The ever evolving world of Public and Hybrid Clouds

It doesn't appear that anyone will be able to catch up to Amazon in the short or near term.

Asheville, North Carolina:   Sun, 5/22/16 - 9:19pm    View comments

Cloud Market Share

Amazon, Microsoft Tighten Grip On Cloud Market

This one chart gives you an idea of how crazy Amazon's cloud growth really is


Rackspace Public Cloud

Rackspace Enterprise Hybrid

Rackspace Upgraded; Cloud Support Strategy Jelling?

Dell-EMC-VMware Public Cloud

Buyout Firms Could Slice Dell's Debt to Get EMC Deal Done

VMware (VMW) Stock Price Target Lowered At MKM Partners

VMware might do a big buyback to placate shareholders ahead of the Dell deal

VMware, EMC Rise on Bloomberg Report of Large Buyback; Buy VMW, Says Drexel

IBM Public Cloud

  • IBM is clearly a Hybrid Cloud Leader.
  • Continue to see IBM expand on Big Data Analytics, Watson Cognitive Computing, Mobility & Security with MaaS360 and more features to be added and interpreted with Soft-layer Cloud Data Centers.
  • IBM Soft-layer Bare Metal Cloud outperformed both Amazon & Microsoft in performance and cost benefit. This is an apples to oranges compare to the Xen/KVM/Hyper-V VM Platforms offered by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, but their are actually still bare metal Linux Enterprise Customers.
International Business Machines Corp Just Trounced and Microsoft in This Cloud Matchup

HP Enterprise Public Cloud

HPE shares jump 6% on Microsoft Azure news

Cisco Public Cloud

  • Cisco is considered by many as Hardware company still and this stigma will only continue to drag them down and out.
  • One or more of Cisco Business Units will be consolidated and or shuttered all together as they just can't rationalize their unclear Cloud Products & Hardware Strategy.
  • Cisco is floundering with their Public Cloud InterCloud & Hybrid Cloud InterCloud OpenStack OS, expect more losses to continue for them as they are not a leader in either Public or Hybrid Clouds.
  • Cisco Public InterCloud has fallen flat of avenue to attack partner adoption and user consumption, after being stuck in a multi year free investment financing for Cisco own Data Centers and Strategic Partners, next to nothing has resulted in a $2B+ investment.
Re-examining Cisco's Intercloud strategy

Oracle Public Cloud

  • Oracle and Sun Microsystem legacy platforms are stuck in a vicious cycle and may fall short as Hybrid Cloud Provider.
  • Oracle is struggling to port their majority on premise Database, CRM, ERP Platforms to the their infant new Public Cloud.
  • Oracle and Intel's new Public Cloud offering has not come to light yet, despite investments and dedicate resources with each in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Oracle continues to make revenue by bullying their customers with vSphere VM audits and forcing inferior Sun Micro Hardware Platform and Oracle Linux onto them with no cohesiveness to the Public Cloud World.
How Oracle's Public Cloud Is Different

Amazon Public Cloud

  • Amazon continues to lead quarter after quarter and year over year.
  • Expect rapid innovation and captured market share from Amazon for years to come.
  • It doesn't appear that anyone will be able to catch up to Amazon in the short or near term.
  • Hybrid Cloud still poses a threat to the overall customer base for those that can pull it off correctly. Seen Unlikely To Spin Off Cloud Business

Amazon Is King of Public Cloud, But Some CIOs Go Hybrid

This one chart gives you an idea of how crazy Amazon's cloud growth really is

Microsoft Public Cloud

  • Microsoft is adopting a Hybrid Cloud Partnerships & Hyper-V/SCCM alternative focus to fight off IBM.
  • We just might see Azure & Office 365 fold closer together so that Microsoft can get closer to Amazon and hold off IBM.
  • Microsoft is second behind Amazon but there is still a gap between them that continues to widen while Microsoft developers are sleeping.
  • Microsoft is at least 5 years behind Amazon, but they are in a fight of survival so don't count them out just yet and play a wait see approach with their Platform as a Service.
  • Microsoft continues to sell Azure licenses with Enterprise License Agreements, so we still need to see them rationally break out their true Public Cloud numbers for Azure vs Office 365.
Make the most of Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Google Public Cloud

  • Google has many other revenues streams such as Core Advertisement, so they are able to sustain investment losses at a longer rate than the laggards: (Cisco, HP, Oracle, IBM, Dell-EMC-VMware).
  • Google has recently hired the Diane Greene, the Co-founder of VMware to attempt to gain Enterprise Customer knowledge, adoption and respect. The jury is still out on this one and we will wait a few quarters to see if any mass Enterprise Adoption of Google Cloud Platform starts to ramp up or not.
Google hires VMware co-founder as cloud chief, aiming for enterprise adoption

Salesforce Public Cloud

  • Saleforce is a force to be reckoned with in Software as a Service.
  • Salesforce saw record numbers of Developers attend their annual conference events and that spells trouble for Oracle.
  • Saleforce is a very mature SaaS Public Cloud company with 15+ years of true Public Cloud experience and that is invaluable.
  • They are expanding into most areas of what Oracle does and by opening their developing Platform OS for outside developers will just widen the gap between Saleforce and Oracle & WorkDay.
Salesforce Review

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