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New:   BradReeseCom now has a Cisco 6160 IP DSL Switch testbed for repair.

Call Reggie Grant toll free at 877-549-2680 or 828-277-7272 for Cisco 6160 repair quotes.

Before requesting a quote on our expert component/board level Cisco repair, you may wish to first investigate:

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Cisco Repair Quotes 

Call Reggie Grant 

Toll Free 877-549-2680 or 

International 828-277-7272

We believe Cisco Repair Quotes are appropriate:

  • When our One Year Guaranteed Repair Warranty offers the protection you need.
  • When your Cisco hardware is not protected by SMARTnet® maintenance contracts and the cost of purchasing new or refurbished Cisco replacement hardware is impractical.
The Nineteen Expert Cisco Repair Service Steps:
  1. Check cosmetic appearance - repaint as necessary.
  2. Open chassis - inspect and clean.
  3. Check power on/off switch and LED's.
  4. Test power supply and fan.
  5. Test console cable connectivity.
  6. Check interface and modules.
  7. Test Flash, DRAM and NVRAM.
  8. Check firmware and software rev levels.
  9. Save configuration.
  10. Review boot sequence.
  1. Make necessary repairs and recommended upgrades.
  2. 48 hour burn-in.
  3. Clean chassis exterior.
  4. Include rack-mount kit, console cable, documentation and accessories.
  5. Quality control inspection.
  6. Box repaired equipment using anti-static bags and foam packaging.
  7. Prepare packaging lip with model numbers, serial numbers and customer repair PO number.
  8. Ship repaired product.
  9. Notify the customer via email with the FED-EX tracking number and invoice.
Expert Cisco Repair Service Advantages
  1. Service Contracts available on Used Cisco, contact Reggie Grant.
  2. Personalized Cisco Component/Board Level Repair Service provided on a worldwide basis.
  3. One Year Guaranteed Repair Warranty, we stand behind our work which builds long-term customer relationships and by growing our reputation for strong customer satisfaction we expand our repeat Cisco Repair business generating even more new customer repair referrals.
  4. Cisco Hot Swaps and Fast Turnaround Times. We work according to your schedule providing an immediate sense of urgency.
  5. Emergency Orders - Our specialty.
  6. No Fix / No Fee - Non-Repairable Issues are strongly pursued for elimination as we take exceptional pride in fixing equipment where others have failed.
  7. Reggie Grant's Personal Assurance of Quality Workmanship - Reggie's highly trained and conscientious repair technicians attach a personal note to each unit repaired proudly identifying themselves to the customer as the technician who repaired their unit.
  8. Repair Lab Software Engineer provides additional expertise to our lab.
  9. Cisco 12000 Series and Cerent 15454 track record of successful repair experience.
  10. 30 day credit terms to qualified customers. Download PDF Credit Application.

    We accept major credit cards:   We Accept Major Credit Cards

  11. Free Cisco Repair Quotes, call Toll Free 877-549-2680 or 828-277-7272 and save a great deal of time and money repairing your defective Cisco Equipment.

Cisco Repair Quotes 

Call Reggie Grant 

Toll Free 877-549-2680 or 

International 828-277-7272

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