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Rumor CCIEs working for Cisco India TAC are certification cheats

Alleged sex slaver sold $2.1 billion of innovation to Cisco Systems

Cisco 6-month FY16 sales soared +$428 million (+1.77%) year-over-year

Is Jasper Technologies another pig-in-a-poke acquisition for Cisco?

Did Pankaj Patel develop his own escape velocity from Cisco?

Palo Alto's 1st quarter sales grew +249% more than Cisco's

Phishing attack education game released by Plixer

Cisco's Q1'FY16 services sales soared a staggering +$28 million year-over-year

Cisco Public InterCloud Open Stack Infrastructure as a Service (InterCloud IaaS) for Partners and Service Providers

Will Cisco's acquisition of Lancope kill off its network visibility partnerships?

Is Cisco's San Jose HQ the top visitor to Brad Reese?

Cisco tech hiring and human resources styles (right vs. wrong)

Cisco appears to publicly question integrity of its Canadian video partner CBCI Telecom

Skylon Tower world's tallest Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Does Arista's Macro-Segmentation Service (MSS) incorporate a Cisco bombshell?

Cisco's Q4'FY15 legacy DC switching dropped -20% ($214 million) year-over-year

Break free of MPLS and Riverbed contracts without paying hefty penalties


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