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Cisco senior vice president Sheila Jordan skedaddles

According to a leaked confidential Cisco document, Jordan had 2,559 direct reports.

Hummelstown, PA:   Mon, 1/27/14 - 11:59pm    View comments

Sheila JordanCiscoCisco senior vice president IT communication and collaboration, Sheila Jordan, has skedaddled over to security vendor, Symantec.

According to a leaked confidential Cisco document, Jordan had 2,559 direct reports.

It appears February 18, 2014 will be Sheila Jordan's start date at Symantec where she will hold the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO).

SymantecSymantec is currently suffering from operating turmoil according to its most recent Form 10-Q (pages 19 and 20) filed with the SEC:

"In fiscal 2014 we are making changes to our offerings, go-to-market plans and our organizational structure as we strive to create sustainable growth.

"We have developed a three-pronged approach to our offering strategy which includes managing our portfolio of point solutions and reallocating resources to the offerings we estimate have the greatest growth potential, expanding our total addressable market by delivering innovative new offerings that integrate our technologies to solve our customers' most significant problems, and focusing on developing relationships with other industry leaders that will begin the process of building an ecosystem that delivers more value to our customers.

"We believe that sales and marketing of our innovative and differentiated products are enhanced by knowledgeable salespeople who can convey the strong value of our technology, as such, we restructured the sales organization into new and renewals business teams. We also reorganized our direct sales force into functional areas of information security and information management. The focus of these specialized teams is to generate new business through new customer acquisition or through broadening existing customer relationships. We expect that by separating our direct sales force into specialized teams and focusing on new business, we will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales process. Concurrently, we created a dedicated renewals team that is focused on extending the customer relationship and renewing contracts.

"We are also investing in our indirect sales channels to build stronger, more strategic relationships that enable us to better serve consumers, small business and mid-market customers. Through our channel partner program we will seek to align our offerings with the optimal route to market, leveraging our channel partner capabilities. We also plan to align the economics and incentives under these relationships based on the value created by the partner and their commitment to Symantec and our customers. We believe these changes will help us provide our end customer with high-quality sales and post-sales support experiences while expanding our business."

Perhaps most importantly with regard to its new CIO hire, Sheila Jordan, Symantec states:

"We are in the final testing and data conversion stages of implementing the financial reporting module of a new enterprise resource planning system, and anticipate placing this critical financial reporting system in service during the third quarter of fiscal 2014."

Dire implications for Cisco?

Alarmingly (at least in my opinion), Jordan's Cisco profile clearly states:

"Jordan has global responsibility for, the company's gateway for information to customers, partners, analysts, the news media, and new recruits. consists of 85 global sites in 41 languages with 26.4 million unique visitors each quarter. She also manages all global IT services that support Cisco's key functional areas including Finance, HR, Engineering, Corporate Positioning, and Marketing and Corporate Communications.

"In the mobile realm, Jordan is responsible for mobility services that allow employees to work the same way from both the desktop and mobile devices in Cisco's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. Apps are an important development area for Cisco IT, particularly in EasyApps, transactional applications that employees use on both the desktop and mobile devices. And for content, Jordan's focus is developing new ways to explore 'how content finds you': search, content findability, file sharing, and enterprise document management."

Related documents:

Symantec press release announcing Jordan's appointment

Jordan's Cisco profile

What's your take?

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