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The official list of Cisco executive direct reports

Personally, I find this "official list" very revealing as well as quite fascinating. I mean, I find it unbelievable that 371 Cisco executives have absolutely no direct reports!

Hummelstown, PA:   Thu, 8/22/13 - 3:19pm    View comments


The official list of Cisco executive direct reports:

View Cisco's Mount Rushmore (i.e. Cisco's most senior executives) and then below see for yourself the exact number of Cisco employees that are direct reports for each top Cisco executive. Personally, I find this "official list" very revealing as well as quite fascinating. I mean, I find it unbelievable that 371 Cisco executives have absolutely no direct reports!

Revealing Cisco executive facts:

0 - direct reports for Cisco senior vice president, CTO strategy group, Barry O'Sullivan (i.e. Michael O'Sullivan).

1 - direct report for Cisco senior vice president - office of the chairman and CEO, Carlos Dominguez.

2 - direct reports for Cisco senior vice president - office of the chairman and CEO, Howard Charney.

3 - direct reports for Cisco senior vice president - office of the chairman and CEO, Donald Proctor.

11 - direct reports for Cisco chief technology officer, wireless networking business unit network services technology group, Bob Friday.

13 - direct reports for Cisco senior vice president, worldwide operations, Jim Sherriff.

Missing from the list:

  • John Chambers, Cisco's chairman and chief executive officer.
  • David Holland, Cisco's senior vice president, sports and entertainment solutions group.
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Direct reports - definition:

Individuals whose work is directed and evaluated by a more senior individual. Usually used in context by the person to whom the others report, e.g., "My direct reports include the three people in Product Marketing."

List date: August 2013

Cisco Directors: 2,420
Cisco Presidents: 419

Cisco executives with less than 50 reports: 1,874
Cisco executives with less than 30 reports: 1,603
Cisco executives with less than 10 reports: 991
Cisco executives with 0 reports: 371

Note: If there's a hyperlink from the name of a Cisco executive below, that executive is featured on Cisco's famous Mount Rushmore.

Cisco Executive NameCisco Job TitleCisco Business Office/Group/UnitDirect Reports
Gary Moorepresident & chief operating officerOffice of the President & COO73,069
Robert Lloydpresident development & salesOffice of the President60,914
Pankaj Patelevp.chief development officerEngineering Leadership39,056
Randy Pondevp.ops, processes and systemsOperations Admin29,511
Edzard servicesServices HQ - Admin25,015
Olivier business servicesConnected Business Operations21,759
Charles Robbinssvp.worldwide salesWW Sales21,564
Marthin De Beersvp/ collaboration groupVCG GM Admin14,825
Rebecca Jacobysvp.cioIT Admin13,786
David business servicesWorldwide WPR Exec11,514
Christopher Hendersondirector.workplace resourcesGlobal COE11,449
Joseph Pintosvp.technical support servicesWW Technical Services Admin10,868
Jesper Andersensvp/gm.spvtgSPVTG- Executive Office8,464
Parvesh Sethisvp.advanced servicesGlobal AS Ent HQ8,052
Nicola Adamosvp.americasAmericas Geo HQ7,395
LeRoy chainSupply Chain Operations Admin6,458
Rowan Trollopesvp/gm.collaboration technology groupCollaboration GM6,260
Robert Soderberysvp/gm.enterprise networking groupEnterprise Networking Group - Admin5,338
Frank Calderonievp.chief financial officerCFO4,959
Doug Lowelldirector.workplace resourcesWPR Management - US Bay Area4,875
Gilles business servicesGBS - Customer Partner Experience4,586
Chris Dedicoatsvp.emeaSVP EMEAR Sales4,549
David Yensvp/ center business groupDCG - Admin3,860
Thomas Berghoffvp.technical supportUS TAC Admin3,621
Prasad H Rdirector.wpr deliveryWPR Management- India3,503
Yorai Feldmanvp/gm.SPVTG NDS R&D3,493
Venbakm Gopalratnamvp,information technologyVP Admin -India3,265
Kathryn Harringtonvp.customer serviceCS Global Ops - Process Mgt3,218
Bruce Kleinsvp.ww partner organizationWW Channels HQ3,208
Ravishankar Chandrasekaranvp/gm.ENG SW GM & Admin - US3,122
Surya Panditisvp/gm.service provider groupSPNG Admin - US3,076
Jeffrey chainMFG. OPS Admin3,038
Steve Slatteryvp/gm.CTG Operations & GTM2,895
Jaime Vallessvp.apac, japan & greater chinaAPJ HQ VP Sales / SG2,800
Katherine Christiesvp.cmo, ww gov affairs & global corp commCMO Admin HQ2,789
Kin-Ching Wuvp.information technologyCVC-IT Admin2,736
Natasja Maria Meeuwissedirector.operationsCS Global Ops - Proc Mgt - Europe2,721
Christopher groupSGG - VP/Admin2,646
Stephen Yagervp.technical supportWW Technical Services Admin2,637
Nick Earlesvp.ww service salesHQ Services - CIL2,635
Guillermo Diazsvp.information technologyCITS Admin2,601
John infrastructureGIS-Admin-US2,592
Sheila communication & collaborationC&C IT - Admin2,559
Ayman operating systems tech grpNOSTG Admin2,511
Ronen Journodirector.wpr deliveryWPR Management - UK2,490
Mala platforms groupSPBO - Admin2,292
Kulvinder Ahujasvp/gm.executiveMobility Business Group2,245
Vladimir Ruppovp.engineeringSPVTG - NDS 22,001
Joseph P Wojtalvp.engineeringDevelopment Ops and Systems Leadership1,981
James Lernersvp/gm.executiveCSMTG HQ1,944
Kathleen Weslocksvp.human resourcesExecutive HR1,839
John Donovanvice president.europeGlobal Virtual Sales - Europe Dept HQ1,755
Sunil technologyCSTG-Admin1,666
Robert business servicesGPS Admin (CPO)1,552
Claudette Surmavp/gm.SFPG-Switch-SW-USA1,551
George Johndirector.isGSQS Operations India1,513
Alison commercial salesUS Commercial HQ1,504
William Braamsevp.ww supply chain mgmtAmericas Ops, Braamse Admin1,451
Michael Iandolovp/gm.MITG Admin (MIBU)1,450
Donald business servicesGBS - Employee Experience1,390
Alexandra Lopezdirector.financeGPS Category & Supplier Management - US1,375
Stephen Liemdirector.isGSQS Operations US1,373
William sales opsWW Sales Ops HQ1,348
Kurt Hauserdirector.technical servicesRMS - Head Office1,337
Cedrik Neikevp.advanced servicesEMEAR SP Management - Germany1,267
Karen Walkersvp.corporate mktgGTM-SPO-RTB-Ringfence1,266
Roger Biscayvp.treasury & risk managementTreasury1,251
Andrew business servicesConnected Business Arch, Portfolio Mgmt & Adoption Ops1,250
William Swiftvp.engineeringGDS Admin US1,216
Thomas Wyattvp/gm.CITG GM Admin1,216
David & securitySSBR Global Business Operations1,205
Balaji Ramaraovp.advanced servicesAmericas SP Delivery HQ1,171
Brian enterprise salesUS ENTERPRISE1,155
Nafee Karen McFadzenvp,technical supportTS APJC Head Office (Australia)1,149
Raphael Kestenvp, engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D1,146
Melissa Nealdirector.category & supplier mgmtGPS Category & Supplier Management - US1,144
Srikanthkumar Hosakotevp/gm.HERO - VP/GM - US1,140
Amit Phadnisvp.engineeringENG Engineering Admin - India1,139
Shaw-Jen Changvp.information technologyGIS-DCPS-Admin-US1,108
Balbir Sanjay Palvp.advanced servicesGDC.BGLR.OH&OPS.COGS- India 1231,107
Deborah Dunnamsvp.americas services salesCA US Theater VP Opex1,096
Michael chainAmericas Ops, Dougherty Admin1,078
Owen Chansvp.greater china theaterChina HQ, VP1,039
Patrick Finnsvp.public sectorUS PS Market Segment1,033
Curtis Hillvp.technical supportWW Technical Services Admin1,021
Richard Snydervice president.ww partner salesGlobal & Strategic Partner Org HQ1,011
Larry technologyHERO - ASR9K SW - SJ - US1,008
David chainT&Q Admin1,002
Snorre Kjesbuvp/gm.TIPBU Management - Norway978
Duncan Mitchellsvp.emergingSVP - Eastern Emerging971
Michael Glickmansvp.service provider americasSP Headquarter943
Charles R Stuckivp/gm.SPVTG - MPDBU Executive940
Dennison Trevettvice president.ww partner salesGlobal & Strategic Partner Org HQ938
Mark Chandlersvp.lgl srvs and general counselGeneral Counsel924
David Goeckelervp.engineeringSTG-NCS-Eng-NS-US905
Christopher Panzecadirector.sales business developmentGlobal Enterprise Partner Org888
Kristine systems capitalCSC - G&A887
John Scheelervp.engineeringECBU-Hardware Eng-US882
Paul Perezvp/gm.CSPG Admin872
Mark Sherwooddirector.operationsGBS BI Management861
Jason Wongdirector.operationsJason Wong - Employee Experience859
Gonzaga Joseph Chowvp/gm.SPVTG- IP Settop Marketing856
Phillip Harrisdirector.engineeringCIBU Development & Architecture856
Curwood enterpriseGET855
Michael Gansersvp.dachCENTRAL MNGT - CH - SED847
Christopher Heckschervp.advanced servicesAPJC AS Management(HK Svc)845
Pratik Bhattsvp.corporate controllerCorporate Controller834
William Gartnervp/gm.HERO - OTBU Admin - US832
Brian Fadydirector.operationsDO NOT USE - CIN Global Service Management828
Krishna Raodirector.caCSTG East Admin828
Jorge Botifollsvp.latam theatreLATAM HQ - VP826
Brett Wingovp/gm.SPVTG- Executive Office823
Jeffrey Seebeckvp/gm.SPVTG- VCBU Gen Mgmt US810
Marco Crocivp,engineeringHERO - OTBU Engineering - Photonics Italy807
Vinod Perisvp.engineeringENG SW Wireless Admin - US807
Shyam Surivp.engineeringNOSTG Admin - India777
Simon Zarrinvp.engineeringNOSTG Applications and Services Admin772
Sanjay Mathurvp.technical supportTheatre Business Operations - India Admin 2717
Wendy Bahrsvp.ww partner organizationAmericas Partner Channels HQ710
Amy business servicesFGSS Admin709
Guido Jouretvp/gm.IOT Central702
Ward Dicksonsvp.sales and service financeSales & Services Finance697
Nitin Kawalesvp.canada theatreHQ Canada692
Kumar Srikantanvp/gm.ENG HW Admin692
Hans Hwangvp.advanced servicesAS Architecture HQ684
Ross Fowlervice pacificEnt Ops HQ - Australia682
My-Hanh Dodirector.engineeringMPC Engineering QA (MIBU)666
Peter O'Riordanvp.engineeringSFPG-Switch-SW-USA664
Arvind Bedidirector.isCisco Commerce A&E - Services Engineering650
Dinesh Khuranadirector.engineeringCABU Engineering - Admin642
Surinder Singhvp.engineeringECBU - N7K Software - US640
Michael Cranevp.advanced servicesAmericas Ent - Services Delivery Admin633
Dana Pedersonvp.technical supportWW Technical Services Admin628
Sze Wah Cheungvice president.salesChina Enterprise and Commercial Sales627
Robert Lance Perryvp.information technologyIT Customer Strategy & Success Admin - US622
Mark Yoltonvp.marketingCMO Admin HQ616
Ana chainSP Routing, SP Mobility, ENG ProdOps Shared - US613
David Bevilacquavice president.europeEMEA-SOUTH Management598
John chainLogistics and Manufacturing Solutions - US588
Paula Dowdysvp.emea services salesEU SS VP586
John Stewartsvp.cdoTRIAD Admin584
Jeanne Beliveau-Dunnvp/gm.Learning@Cisco Admin578
Tony Wongdirector.wpr deliveryWPR Management-Asia Pac EXE-Hong Kong571
Nicholas Ewingdirector.sys engineer/corpGlobal Virtual Engineering TSN/PH566
Joseph Puthusseryvp.marketingGTM-GDC-RTB-GDC565
Charles Bodemanndirector.engineeringMPC Engineering QA (MIBU)560
Edwin Paalvastsvp.service providerSA-SP-SHARED VP MGMT- Netherlands559
Isaac Harrisvp.ww supply chain mgmtHong Kong - Mfg Business Ops552
Manisha Pateldirector.architecture technologyCOVC IT TASE - US OPEX552
Juli Clarkdirector.operationsCA Sales - GSO US - HQ550
Karen Tillmanvp.public & communication relationsGMCC-Global Corporate Communications1535
John Buffidirector.operationsGBS BI CRM - Sales, Engineering, & Quality - US535
Richard Kittsvice pacificAPJC HQ - Australia533
Gabrielle Thompsonvp.human resourcesCompensation507
Suhas Badvevp.engineeringCSPG UCS SW - US506
Bibhuti Kardirector.engineeringHERO - GSR SW Dev - India500
Michael Fuhrmanvp.engineeringSCO-Eng-SecSvc-SecApps-US498
Jeffrey Devinevp.ww supply chain mgmtDevine Administration Prod Ops - US496
Dave Framptonvp/gm.SAMPG - VP/Admin495
Martin Pantojadirector.technical servicesTAC UC: Head Office486
Partho Mishravp/gm.SCTG- Admin - US485
Peter Karlstromervice president.europeNorth Mgmt - Sweden480
Sanjay Kumar Singhdirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS India R&D Integration and Delivery (855)480
Laura Fayvp.corporate communicationsGTM-IMC-RTB-Admin Leadership477
Louis chainUSCAN SSC: Theater Operations475
Colette segment finance and opsBusiness Technology and Operations Finance474
Dillard Myersvp.technical supportGlobal Delivery Operations472
Vivek Mansinghvp.engineeringVoice Technology Group Operations - India468
William Braggdirector.operationsEng IT -Admin466
Padmasree Warriorsvp.chief technology & strategy officerWarrior Admin464
Jambunathan Guruswamidirector.asAS Architecture HQ464
Yasufumi Hiraisvp,japanHQ SALES, JAPAN464
Sonali Natarajandirector.operationsGDS Technical Communications US461
Rundong Huangdirector.engineeringCABU Engineering - Software Americas455
Elizabeth Centonivp/gm.PABU -Admin- US454
Phil & irelandGEO - Sales UKI Mgmt453
Sven systems capitalCSC WW Sales - Management (Switzerland)451
John Hernandezvp/gm.ccbuCBABU - General Mgr450
Michael Shannondirector.engineeringSTG-NCS-Eng-NS-US447
Sean business servicesSales Business Capabilities - GSO HQ446
David Abedirector.engineeringMPDBU Executive R&D-Media Acquisition441
Prakash Peruvembadirector.asAPJC SP HQ - Singapore441
William Harveydirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - Americas HQ440
Ronald Riccivp.marketingCustomer Engagements440
Martin servicesIBSG Solutions Center - UK436
Stuart McGeechanvp.engineeringSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)434
Aharon Henry Sabtodirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D422
Suhas Mansinghdirector.engineeringHERO - SW - India421
Marianne Calderdirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - UK International HQ420
Vinayakumar developmentENG SW Switching Core - India419
Edison Peressvp.ww partner organizationWW Channels HQ (Edison)418
Sriraman NC Chakravarthydirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS India R&D French Line (855)414
Todd Weaverdirector.isGIS-IOPS-Hosting-US412
Veronique Boudauddirector.caTS APAC Head Office (Singapore)411
Marc Hollomandirector.technical supportTAC SECURITY/NTWK MGT: Head Office408
Jill Larsenvp.human resourcesCisco Staffing Admin404
Maria Victoria Wongdirector.financeGlobal Accounting Compliance and Reporting (GACR) - US404
Kelly Kramersvp/gm.executiveCorp Finance Admin401
Koenraad Bastiaensdirector.asEMEAR Archi COEs - Mgmt - Belgium397
Eugenia Clarkvp/gm.ICEPG Admin - US392
Jaana Kajanmaadirector.caTAC Management Belgium_GTC392
Arild Ulfengdirector.engineeringTIPBU Eng - Lead - Norway382
Vijayabharathi Kazadirector.engineeringSTG-NCS-Eng-NS-US375
Vishal Sharmadirector.asGDC.BGLR.NOS.COGS-India375
Mario Sebastian Migueldirector...asAmericas SP Delivery HQ374
Chickayya Naikdirector.engineeringSFPG-Switch-SW-USA374
James McNallydirector.engineeringCBABU - General Mgr374
Karl chainGSM Admin US372
Ravinder Amanagantivp.engineeringENG SW Switching Admin - US372
Faiyaz Shahpurwalasvp.industry solutions group-servicesESG Shared - Ops US368
Jianbin Fangdirector.engineeringWebEx - Client Apps - Hefei 500.503.5090365
Daniel Naterdirector.engineeringWebEx - OPS - Data Center - US 100.101.2010365
Tuan technologySAVBU ASIC Engineering364
Ana transformationServices Transformation Office - Admin356
Sandy Hoganvice president.salesCVA HQ (Customer Value Acceleration)355
Ann operationsCSC Operations - HQ353
Robert Merryvp.human resourcesHR Talent Management352
Douglas Merrittsvp.corporate mktgProduct & Solutions Mktg- Admin349
Atul Mahamunivp.engineeringNetworks Engineering software347
Chris Dunndirector.engineeringVideoscape Engineering - US347
Donald Neaultvp.advanced servicesPublic Sector Admin346
Erich chainFailure Analysis Operations345
Gene Quonvp/gm.CRDC VP/GM344
Jerrold Pianindirector.engineeringSPNG CE Admin US343
Kenneth Mesudavp.financeFinance Transformation Office343
James chainGlobal Logistics Operations and Partner Mgmt - US340
Rick Hamiltonvp.advanced servicesGET Admin - Belgium339
Timothy Youngdirector.operationsGBS Globalization Shared Service Organization339
Susan developmentCD Integration338
Mike Westonvice president.emerging marketsME HQ MANAGEMENT337
Clay Robbleedirector.technical servicesRMS - Head Office337
Robert Johnsonsvp.operationsGlobal Tax & Customs Admin334
Douglas Guffeydirector.engineeringCSMTG SPMABU ANA Eng Admin US333
James operationsGo-to-Market Enablement HQ331
Tae Yoosvp.corporate affairsCorporate Affairs330
Tiang Yew Irving Tanvice president.salesAsean SG329
James Lynchdirector.integrationCisco Commerce - PEG Ops329
Brinton Kingvp.engineeringSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)328
David Sakamotodirector.engineeringCSMTG SP Operations324
Chun-Cheng Liudirector.engineeringWebEx - Client Apps - Hangzhou 500.504.5090323
Sean McCluskeydirector.engineeringSCO-COGS-Operations -US323
Scott A Clarkvp.advanced servicesAS Architecture HQ322
Michael Solomitacustomer solution director.Public Sector Admin322
Flemming Kongsbergdirector.operationsPortfolio Change Management318
Jennifer Bullerdirector.sales strategy & planningUS Commercial HQ316
Saravanakumar Rajendranvp/gm.SAVBU Virtualization SW313
Michael Myersdirector.technical servicesGIS-CITEIS-US313
Joy Chatterjeedirector.engineeringECBU - N7K Software - India313
Dean Schiavonedirector.operationsCS Global Ops - Process Mgt308
David Burlesondirector.engineeringSPVTG- Software Eng308
Larry Paynearea vice salesFederal Segment308
Swetha VGdirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS India R&D ITV EPG (855)306
Eugenia business operationsDCG - Admin306
Gregory chainAmericas Ops, Grimm Admin305
Ram Appalarajuvp.marketingDCG Marketing Admin305
Sonar Thekdidirector.operationsDCG Business Operations305
Maureen Kasperdirector.corporate communicationsGCC - EIC - Admin303
Jeff Cristeevp.sales operationsSE Training HQ - US303
Jeffrey Whitesvp.indiaSales India303
Hao Xudirector.engineeringSAVBU Virtualization SW301
David Quevedodirector.human resourcesEmployee Enablement Svcs Ops298
Nikhil Jayaramvp.engineeringSiE Routing298
Nirav Shethdirector.technical servicesTAC RP/Edge: Head Office297
Michael Mitchelldirector.corporate
James Ansleymanaging director.salesCANADA GEO SALES HQ296
Pavel Betsisvice president.emerging marketsGeo Russia General294
Diwakar developmentQ.A. / Test Engineering / Customer Lab India (MIBU)290
David Timpdirector.sys engineer/corpTechnology Solutions Network (TSN)289
John Bunneydirector.technical servicesTAC LAN/Wireless: Head Office289
Patrice D'Eramo- Flackvp.marketingAmericas Field Marketing HQ288
Mike Lydonvp.ww supply chain mgmtProd Ops GEB Admin UK285
Jeffery Sharrittsarea vice salesCommercial South Area HQ283
Krishna Sundaresandirector.engineeringPABU - Software Engineering UEA - India282
Laurent Blanchardvice president.europeEBG EMEA Mgt - France281
Andre Smitmanaging director.salesUnified Comm - AP HQ Central (SG)281
Kim Majerusarea vice salesSLED-West Area HQ279
Anand Oswaldirector.engineeringENG SW Services Admin - US279
Aravindan developmentMPC Software Engineering - India (MIBU)273
Lynne Dohertydirector.operations salesCommercial East Area HQ273
Wim Elfrinkevp.industry solutions & cgoCisco Globalization Center (US)272
Shailesh Shuklavp/gm.SWAG VP/GM - Global272
Gayle Morrisvp.servicesCommercial HQ272
Robert M McKerniedirector.technical supportFTS-US-HTTS-Admin270
Sabrina Linvice president.salesAPJC Partner Led HQ269
John Mosesdirector.operations salesCommercial Central Area HQ268
Aznul Shahrim Abdul chainMalaysia Mfg Ops268
Jonathan chainGlobal Planning & Fulfillment266
Michael Dickvp,engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D264
Jayshree Gururajdirector.asGDC.BGLR.Collab.COGS262
James Deliadirector.operationsCustomer & Partner Experience Operations262
Bruce Hartmandirector.engineeringSGG - VP/Admin262
Sandeep Pateldirector.engineeringENG HW Switching US260
Pete Keevilldirector.engineeringSCTG - Small Cell Eng - UK258
Neil Archerdirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - Singapore HQ257
Victor Odishovp.engineeringCSPG UCS HW - US257
Sanjit Biswasvp/gm.Meraki Cisco Engineering - US256
Rita Dennehydirector.operationsSales Support Operation-Portugal253
Neal Rubinvp.litigationLegal - Lit Support252
Ved Prakash Sharmadirector.technical servicesTAC_EM_INDIA251
Stephen development integrationCD Integration249
Sujai Hajelavp/gm.Product Management - VP/Admin - US249
Raghu Puridirector.asAS Architecture HQ246
Oliver Tuszikvice president.europeGEO-Germany-VP245
Kenneth Andrew Boalmanaging director.salesANZ Head Office Management244
Stephen Williamsdirector.operationsAmericas Ops, Williams Admin (Mexico)242
Walter Blomquistvp.marketingSDU Admin241
Mawgan Wilkinsdirector.caEMEA SSCD - UK240
Matthew Hardcastledirector.isCITS-Customer Care LSS-TSS COGS-US239
Marco van Duijnhovendirector.operationsGlobal Repair Operations238
Mukul Khirwadkardirector.technical servicesWebEx - Technical Support - Sacramento 100.104.2080237
Jose Ricardo Morenovice president.salesUS & LATAM Field Partner Organization235
Geoffrey Millerdirector.marketingGTM-GDC-RTB-Global Business Office235
Steven Martinovp.information technologyInfosec231
Gyan servicesNOSTG Software Experience Admin231
Janet Rameyvp.technical supportGTC_SPE_Head_Office230
Gary chainProd Ops Data Center Admin US229
Rephael Tzadikariodirector.engineeringENG SW Services AppX - US227
Mark Neuhausendirector.asMS.Operate.COE.COGS- US225
Shreesh developmentQ.A. / Test Engineering / Customer Lab Pune Unit II (MIBU)224
Robert Vassoyanmanaging director.salesGEO - FRANCE - Staff VP223
Colin Thian Soon Sohdirector.technical servicesHead Office Singapore SSC APAC223
Sanjay Polvp.advanced servicesAS Architecture HQ222
Richard Goldbergvp.corp qualityCQ Operations220
Jagadeesh developmentNOSTG FE Infra - India219
Geetha Dabirvp/gm.Applications and Middleware Engineering - US219
Hamid chainTQSG - Hong Kong219
Hong Lidirector.engineeringWebEx - Client Apps - Suzhou 500.505.5090217
Nair Venugopaldirector.engineeringNOSTG Layer2 and Overlays216
Lisa Brockmandirector.field operationsField Sales Admin - FSA - US214
Martin Hardeedirector.marketingGMCC-GCMB-Web Mktg & Strategy213
Michael Straindirector.technical supportUSCAN SSC: Order Management213
Thomas Laydirector.service salesVirtual Sales HQ213
Peter Hendersondirector.asSP Mobile - Vodafone UK212
Todd Meistervice president.salesCAPO (Connected Architectures Partner Org) - HQ212
Robert Dennisdirector.corporate
Masanori engineering salesJapan SE Operation210
Steven Youngdirector.cust bus transformationSDT Leadership209
Peter Obringerdirector.operationsData Integration US209
Richard Wenningarea vice salesEnterprise East Area208
Prasad Chebroludirector.engineeringENG SW Wireless Controller - US208
Bassanio Lawdirector.engineeringCIBU Engineering - MJM206
Raja Sundaramvp.ww partner organizationWW Services Partners205
Ramani Krishnamurthydirector.engineeringHERO - HW - India204
David Meadsvice president.europeAfrica Ops - UK203
Colin chainS China US Admin202
Edmund Dalydirector.caService-Specialists-HQ202
Tamara Newcombearea vice salesCommercial West Area HQ201
Kannan Ramanathandirector.isCapital IT201
Maruthinagendra Rachepallidirector.engineeringSiE Spine200
Hector Acevedodirector.asAS LATAM ENT HQ (US)198
Naresh Sunkaradirector.engineeringENG SW Wireless Controller - India197
Mark Houskaarea vice salesENTERPRISE CENTRAL AREA195
Jeffrey Kouchakjidirector.financeBusiness Operations Accounting193
Stephen McMahondirector.caAmericas TS: Acceleration & Enablement192
Eric Schochvp/gm.HCBU Admin/GM192
Susan Taylorvp.sales operationsSPVTG - NDS Sales (Singapore 132)191
Fabio De Moraesdirector.technical supportSmall COBO Charges190
Alfred Buttonvp.servicesPartner Headquarters190
Marc Aldricharea vice salesSP Cable Segment189
Nancy Neippdirector.integrated mktg commGTM-IMC-RTB-Admin Leadership189
Rodrigo Dienstmannmanaging director.salesBZ HQ188
Ramesh Yeevani-Srinivasdirector.engineeringENG SW Routing - US186
John engineeringAmericas Sales Engineering HQ186
Douglas Banksdirector.engineeringCSMTG XMP EngineeringUS183
Claude Lama-Soletdirector.engineeringSPVTG- IP Settop Develop182
Arie Genkindirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D181
Thomas Wilburnvice president.salesMobility HQ181
John Biazzodirector.asAS Architecture HQ180
Pankaj Srivastavavp.advanced servicesESG Shared - Solutions Factory US179
Jorge Caterianodirector.technical servicesTAC: T&SD Head Office179
Janakiraman Senthilnathandirector.engineeringMPC Engineering (MIBU)179
Mohan Satyaranjandirector.engineeringCIBU India Engineering178
Dunstan Berrimandirector.caGDC.RTP.OH&OPS.COGS178
Jeffrey Caindirector.engineeringENG HW PE PV US178
Sandhya developmentGDS Technical Communications India176
Jimmy Blythedirector.engineeringeCATS176
Jayakumar Jayakumardirector.engineeringSFPG-Switch-SW-USA175
Daniel serviceLegal - Lit Support175
Christopher Augensteindirector.sales strategy & planningENTERPRISE_SOUTH AREA174
Christopher Parrottdirector.engineeringSFPG-Switch-SW-USA173
Frank Androskidirector.asUS SP SDE - Cable Broadband173
David cto and chief architectEngineering Leadership171
Rogelio Velascovice president.salesHead Quarters171
Robert Listondirector.engineeringENG HW ASIC US169
Susan Whitedirector.human resourcesGlobal Staffing Ops (SEE) - UK169
Anthony Bruchadirector.asWebEx - CS OPS-US169
Joseph Khouridirector.engineeringEnterprise Collaboration Platform168
James Beallarea vice president.ww architecturesWW SP HQ167
James Labovitesarea vice salesTCS Area166
Michael A Tincherdirector.engineeringCSPG UCS QA - US166
Tibor Fabry-Asztalosdirector.engineeringNOSTG Test Admin166
Dave W Stephensondirector.engineering104 DMN Engineering Toronto165
Robert Milnevp.advanced servicesCCS US Shared COGS165
Phillip Lewdirector.operationsCSMTG Program Office165
William Tat Homanaging director.salesChina SOUTH GM_HK164
Ian Murraydirector.isEng IT PLM (COGS)164
Adetunji Akintokundirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - UK Emerging Markets HQ164
Timothy Hicksdirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)163
Edward Paradisevp.engineeringTRIAD R&D163
Jiale Pudirector.engineeringTIPBU Endpoints Engineering - CRDC163
Catherine developmentCisco Sales Associates Program - US - Infrastructure162
Jay Joinervp.information technologyGSS G&A - Philippines161
Hong Wendirector.asGDC.DAL.OH&Ops.COGS- China 179161
Kevin Reddendirector.engineeringCSMTG SP Apps Eng BXB2161
Eran Romdirector.engineeringSPVTG Jungo R&D161
Hiu Yamdirector.asAS GC HQ - China160
Brian Fukuharavp.financeSales & Services Finance - Americas159
Yehuda Bamnolkerdirector.engineeringNOSTG Policy Infra & Performance & Applications159
Anthony Morelliarea vice salesSLED-East Area HQ158
James McCalldirector.operations salesMeraki Sales - US158
Paul Bommaritoarea vice salesEnterprise West Area HQ157
Mark chainProduct Ops IPVS - US157
Satinder Sethivp.engineeringCSPG UCS Product Mgmt and DC Solutions Eng157
Ziyi Ludirector.engineeringENG SW Routing - China156
Radhakrishna Tummaladirector.engineeringENG SW Switching - US156
Chris engineering salesUS Commercial HQ156
Richard Housedirector.engineeringNetwork Engineering - US155
Rajesh developmentSCTG - SCLR Eng - US155
Peter Briggsdirector.engineeringSPVTG- VCBU DBDS Eng US153
Jay Ferrandinidirector.engineeringSAMPG-ENG-Endpoint-US152
Didier Dhaenensdirector.isGTMS Channel Partner Enablement - Belgium152
Shyamsundar Maniyardirector.engineeringHERO - ASR9K SW - SJ - US151
Carl De Grootedirector.operations salesPS Architectures-HQ149
Darryl James Mckinnonmanaging director.salesAPAC Data Center - Singapore149
Bradley Freemandirector.asGlobal 3.0 Financial Services - Admin149
Hanh Tuvice president.salesSP HQ148
Parisa Naseralavidirector.financeDecision & Capability Transformation - US148
Rehman Mohammeddirector.operationsSingapore GTMSS148
Kevin chainSoftware BizUnits148
Rune managementGTM-GDC-RTB-Revenue Management-PS148
Michael engineering salesFederal Area SSED148
Paul Hewittdirector.operationsShared Service Opt148
Stefan engineering salesGermany SED-CH147
Fan Zhoudirector.engineeringENG HW PE PV US146
James Walsharea vice salesGET FS SALES - US146
Harbrinder Kangdirector.corporate communicationsCorporate Affairs146
Amelie de Marsilydirector...asSP South Management - Spain146
Lisa Peschcke-Koedtvp.financeGlobal Tax & Customs Admin145
John Montrossdirector.asUS SP SDE - VSEP145
Nuno Varandasdirector.operationsSales Support Operation-Portugal144
John Shelnuttarea vice salesATT_Area143
Gareth Seniordirector.engineeringCSMTG Axioss UK143
Rajesh Chandrasekhardirector.operationsSCTG- Admin - India142
David Tuckervp/gm.CTG - GTM142
Eric chainPartner Management: Flextronics, Jabil - US142
Jeffrey chainEBBU ProdOps - US141
Yasumasa Tomitadirector...asAS Japan Operation141
Bastiaan Toesetmanaging director.salesCustomer Led HQ - SGP141
Maurice DuPascustomer solutions director.DCC.UI.COE.COGS- United States140
Ramesh Kurnoolvp.engineeringDCG Customer Operations Group140
David Greerdirector.industry salesGET CLIENT OFFERINGS - US140
Nakka Kumardirector.caCSTG-Collector139
Stephen Powerdirector.operationsTransaction Support - US - HQ139
Dan & deputy general counselIntellectual Property138
Craig Beltondirector.asUS SP SDE - AT&T Mobility138
Brian Stoutdirector.operations salesCollaboration-US Commercial-Sales-Op137
Suresh developmentNOSTG Test - India137
Brian Apgardirector.engineeringApplications and Middleware Engineering - US137
Thomas Gallagherdirector.asUS SP SDE - Delivery Other137
Agostino Santonimanaging director.salesGEO - ITALY MANAGEMENT - 671136
Odysseas Charalambousmanaging director.salesCEE Shared - Greece135
Milo Schachervice president.europeEmer Mkts HQ Partners-SW135
Mark Kummervice president.salesCAN SP HQ135
Brian Hackettdirector.service salesEU SS Geo UKI OTHER134
Sanil developmentMPC Software Engineering (MIBU)134
Karen chainGBO SC Business Operations134
Les Williamsonvice pacificAsia Pac HQ Management134
Christopher chainProdOps Shared NPI, PLM, GPO - US133
Anindya Chakrabortydirector.engineeringENG SW Wireless AP - US133
Andrew Ashtonvp.financeFinance - Video & Collaboration Group133
Cem Yildirimdirector.engineeringCSTG QA-US131
Matthew Peasedirector.operations salesCollaboration-US Enterprise-Sales-Op131
Didi Gurfinkeldirector.engineeringSPVTG Jungo R&D131
Glenn Schleicherdirector.engineeringSWTG - Admin131
William McCarthyarea vice salesMWM Area130
Maria Cannonvp.ww partner organizationPBM HQ129
Sastry Adirajudirector.technical supportTAC_EM_INDIA129
Daniel Creedonvp.financeAsiaPac Finance HQ - Singapore129
Edwin de Boerdirector.operationsEMEA Mfg Ops - Netherlands128
Brendan Gibbsvp.product marketingHERO - Marketing - US128
Christopher Spainvp.product managementProduct Management - VP/Admin - US127
David Phillipsdirector.asBN.Security.COE.COGS- United States126
Juan Estevezmanaging director.salesArgentina - Sales Other126
Chakrapani Kaligotladirector.engineeringHERO - CRBU CRS Platform US - US125
Enrique Tzvi Gerstldirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D125
Ramana Sampangidirector.engineeringECBU - N7K Software - US125
Henry Whitedirector.isCDAS EDIA Admin125
John Merchantdirector.asCNI.Validation - SP.COE.COGS- US125
Salim Rizkdirector..asEMEAR SP UAE125
Kenneth capitalCisco Capital Americas Sales124
Amol developmentENG SW Switching Core - India124
Karthikeyan Ramachandrandirector.engineeringECBU-DCAS Eng-India124
Gary engineering salesCommercial South Area HQ123
Hector Sorgentemanaging director.salesMiami CANSAC HQ Other123
Aglaia technologyCPBU Engineering-US123
Dave De Abreumanaging director.salesDirector Services Sales - HQ123
John Kerriganvp.advanced servicesAmericas SP Delivery HQ122
James Kinderdirector.engineeringCSMTG Performance/Analytics RTP122
Antoine standardsCorporate Compliance122
Chandrasekhar V developmentSFPG-Switch-SW-India122
Andrei engineering salesGEO Russia - SEs Shared121
Coks Stoffermanaging director.salesGEO - NETHERLANDS GM121
Srinath developmentHERO - SW - India120
Carl Wiesesvp.ww collaboration architectureCollaboration - HQ - WW - Admin One120
Marco Brabecdirector.asEMEAR ENT Mgmt Switzerland119
Christine Castledirector.integrated mktg commGTM-IMC-RTB-Admin Leadership119
James Cassellaarea vice salesVerizon Segment HQ119
Julie Hensvp.ww channelsWW Channels Distribution HQ119
Shyamasundar developmentENG SW Routing - India119
Christopher engineering salesCommercial Central Area HQ118
Afsaneh business operationsDevelopment Business Operations Administration118
Shishir Kapoordirector.isGIS-ATS-Data-US118
Daniel engineering salesPublic Sector SSED HQ117
Swati business servicesCE International HQ117
Priscila engineering salesCommercial East Area HQ117
Laurent Philonenkovp.ctoCTG CTO116
Robert Cummingsdirector.asEMEAR SP PMO HQ - UK116
Scott Yowvp.product managementSWAG MonArch116
Andy Macdonaldvp.servicesSS EM Management116
David Dinsdaledirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS AS Service (UK)116
Andrew Chewmanaging director.salesGEO - Sales UKI Mgmt115
Kiran Sharad Ranedirector.engineeringENG SW Routing - US115
Lalit engineering salesSales India115
Roxane & deputy gen counselLegal - Human Resources US115
Scott Weinbergdirector.asSP Video.Advanced Video Media.COE.COGS- US115
Lowell Johnsondirector.asCOLLAB.CC.COE.COGS-US114
Hiroyuki Tsutsumivice president.japanNTT Japan Operations114
Mike Warddirector.financeGSS_GO Global Mgmt - UK113
Thomas Parianidirector.operationsOperations - Employee Experience113
Lorne Hinzdirector.engineeringHCBU Engineering - US113
Anna Winstondirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - US Comm HQ113
Elizabeth Xudirector.service salesCA GSM ENT BJ113
Chris Whitevice president.iot salesIoT Sales VP113
Johnson Josedirector.engineeringPDS - India113
John Murphyvp.financeBTOF - Operations Finance112
James McGrathdirector.human resourcesCisco Staffing Engineering112
David Corsanodirector.isStrategic Alignment & PMO112
Rashma Raveendradirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS India R&D Quality Assurance and Tools (855)111
Tsuyoshi Kinoshitamanaging director.salesBN APJ & Tech HQ111
Anil Nairdirector.engineeringSTG-NCS-Eng-NS-India110
Robert chainProdOps Shared NPI, PLM, GPO - US110
Kenneth Byrnesdirector.operations salesSP Channels HQ110
Tarig Enayamanaging director.salesGEO-KSA- CM110
Michael Woodsdirector.engineeringSPVTG- SNS Hardware Eng110
Ashton M. & Shared Fin.110
Raghunathan developmentVideoscape Engineering - US110
Thomas Binkleydirector.technical supportFTS-US-HTTS-Admin109
Leonard Blackburnvp.marketingGMCC-Strategic Marketing109
Manish Shahdirector.engineeringContact Center Software Dev109
Mehar Kalaparthydirector.engineeringVTG Systems Eng & Validation - India109
Deborah Lilley Bakerdirector.operationsCSC Operations - US109
Srinivas Kavuridirector.engineeringSAVBU Virtualization SW - India109
Sudhakar Vundavallidirector.isCisco Commerce - PEG Ops108
Rabih Dabboussidirector.operations salesEM SSP - Shared - UAE108
Guangyue Haidirector.operations salesChina North GM108
John engineering salesEnterprise East Area108
Evan Shahindirector.financeGlobal Tax & Customs Admin108
Bobinder chainWNBU ProdOps - US108
Scott chainDisti Planning108
Nicholas Thextonvp.ctoSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)108
Richard Robertsmanaging director.salesGEO - Sales UKI Mgmt108
Jose Petiscomanaging director.salesGEO-Spain-Shared/Mgmt108
Keith Vaughanvp.servicesVP Management OPEX - United States108
Yen Ming Shaodirector.operations salesChina Partner Business Group107
Yousheng Caodirector.engineeringCABU Engineering - China107
John Toebesdirector.engineeringIntellectual Property107
Solomon Lucasdirector.engineeringENG SW Services AppX - US106
Den Sullivandirector.operations salesEMEA EMERGING A/P MISC - UAE106
Darren Thomasdirector.asAPJC GET - Singapore (SG CIL)106
Jedd Williamsdirector.operations salesCollaboration-Americas-HQ105
Jian chainSPVTG/CHS Mfg Ops-US105
David Katzdirector.technical servicesCA LAB Operations105
Levon Pettrouss-Terzaghiandirector.engineeringCIBU Eng - Conferencing - UK104
Daniel Ratnerdirector.asSPVTG NDS Services104
Thomas developmentSAMPG-ENG-US104
Kian Soon Samuel Pohdirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - China HQ104
Sairam Krishnandirector.isCITS-SBP-OPEX-India (123)104
Frank Van de Vyverdirector.engineeringDMN Engineering Belgium103
Feisal Daruwalladirector.engineeringNOSTG Foundation Engineering103
Paolo Campolidirector.sales business developmentSP Architectures & Vertical Sales-IT - 671102
Derek Nottinghamdirector.operationsSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)102
Anthony Bryantdirector.caDirect Delivery102
John Finnamoredirector.asCNI.Architecture.COE.COGS- US102
Sunil Kishendirector.asAS Architecture HQ102
Gary Borchardtdirector.caChannel Ops OPEX - GBO102
Kenneth Millardirector.engineeringCSMTG SP Apps Eng Scotland102
Dian Ling Danffer Nidirector.operations salesCollaboration - PRC PSS102
Henrik chainCollaboration Prod Ops - US101
Eric Waltertmanaging director.salesCollaboration - HQ - Europe - Switzerland101
Praveen Joshidirector.asGDC.BGLR.Collab.COGS101
Gary Comandirector.corporate affairsNet Acad - Tech Adv - US101
Rajyalakshmi Vuligondadirector.isCOVC IT OM - US OPEX100
Kathy Chenmanaging director.salesChina EAST GM100
Mahesh Bhumralkardirector.caSBA Admin100
Michael Harrellvp.product managementSTG-Mktg-BD-US100
Vijay Bollapragadadirector.engineeringTheatre Business Operations - India Admin 2100
Michele Bogdanvp.marketingGMCC-Global Corporate Mktg & Branding100
Edwin Figueroadirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - LATAM HQ100
Scot Gardnervice president.europeSP Segment Sales- UK99
Robert engineering salesENTERPRISE CENTRAL AREA99
Kannan developmentMITG Engineering (MIBU)98
Angela Bomrah Bhurjidirector.isVideo and Virtual Event Services Admin98
Paul developmentSPVTG- Software Eng98
Joel Bionsvp.research & adv developmentResearch & Adv Development97
Blane Eisenbergdirector.engineeringTIPBU Eng - Immersive - US97
Colin S Kincaidvp.product managementNOSTG Marketing & Architecture Admin97
Pei Sundirector.engineeringNDS R&D-Mgt97
Sundar Ramakrishnandirector.engineeringNOSTG A&S Identity - India97
Roy Hanzeldirector.engineeringTIPBU Management96
Patrik Buckinghamdirector.engineeringENG SW Services Network Management - US96
Eric Greffierdirector.vertical salesGEO - FRANCE - Borderless Network AF96
Mark Kepkedirector.engineeringHCBU Engineering - US96
Felix Khouridirector.engineeringCSTG-ACES-Collab_Commerce_Vis_Sm Int95
Andrew Rodwindirector.engineeringSAMPG-ENG-Endpoint-US95
Oscar Gomezdirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - US Public Sector HQ95
Dinesh Malkanivice president.salesSales India95
Chandragupta developmentNOSTG NPETC Test 195
Steven DeJarnettdirector.engineeringSTG-NCS-Eng-NS-US95
Richard Valleedirector.engineering104 NOSTG RSG XR Routing - Ottawa95
Roger chainGlobal Demand Planning94
Samson Limdirector.operationsSPVTG- CHS Ops94
Jerome Katzvp.servicesUS SP Headquarter93
Tim Shorrocksdirector.marketingGTM-GDC-RTB-EMEAR-UKI93
Marcelo engineering salesBZ HQ93
Marcus Fathdirector.engineeringeCATS93
Giopala Subramanianvp.advanced servicesGrow Platform Services - Planning and Analysis - US93
Carsten Heidbrinkdirector.operations salesGEO-Germany-Channel93
Zvi Bernsteindirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D92
David Goddardvp.advanced servicesESG Connected Energy - Mgmt & Ops US92
Seshu Annedirector.operationsGSM Electromechanical HK92
Paul Chiswelldirector.caCAP - San Jose92
Padavala developmentENG SW Switching Access - India92
Marcella Blairvp.servicesEnterprise Business Ops/HQ92
Martin Wiegmannclient director.salesSA-Incumbent-DT OPS Mgmt Germany91
Kushal developmentECBU - N7K Software - US91
Brett Baruch Walzerdirector.asSPVTG NDS Services91
Thomas Hoffmandirector.engineeringSPNG CE Admin US90
Tanuka developmentNOSTG A&S IP Engg - India90
Philip Calendodirector.operations salesBN-US Enterprise-Sales90
Lars Thorsendirector.operationsCA Sales - GSO US - Commerce Engine90
John O' chainSupply Chain Transformation90
Angel transformationProject ACT89
Robbert Kuppensvp.information technologyCITS-EMEAR Region-TSS COGS-Netherlands89
Norman chainGSM Cost US89
Rod Halsteadmanaging director.salesGEO - Sales UKI Mgmt88
Satish Gannudirector.engineeringMXABU Engineering88
Ian Huntdirector.engineeringTIPBU Endpoints SW Development88
Thomas Winterdirector.operationsAdoption Accountability Switzerland88
Ashok Thirunarayanandirector.engineeringSTG-NCS-Eng-NS-US87
Daniel Wigginsdirector.industry salesGET AUTO SALES US87
Uwe Petermanaging director.salesGERMANY-ENT-T1-MFG OP87
David Wicksdirector.engineeringSPVTG - VCBU NDS UHE Eng UK87
Nan-Chiang Changdirector.engineeringECBU-CRDC HW-China87
Kathleen Cebulkadirector.engineeringCIBU Development & Architecture87
Timothy engineering salesSP Cable Segment86
Eric engineering salesENTERPRISE_SOUTH AREA86
Paul engineering salesCommercial West Area HQ86
Marie Hattarvp.marketingGMPP86
Anita developmentHERO - SW - India86
Michelle Grahamdirector.corporate communicationsGCC - EIC - Function Communications86
Jesse Reeddirector.asFederal 486
Nagarajan Swaminathandirector.engineeringSAVBU Virtualization SW85
Trevor Warwickdirector.engineeringNOSTG IPE TC - UK85
Kazuhiro Suzukimanaging director.salesJapan Enterprise Sales Operations85
M. Michael Acostadirector.engineeringCMBU Unified Mobililty Applications85
Christopher Dexterdirector.technical servicesTS EMEA Management - UK85
Kumaril developmentPABU - Software Engineering UEA - India85
John Whartondirector.financeBTOF - SP Video (Video & Collaboration Group)85
Marcus engineering salesSLED-West Area HQ85
Stephen managementCA US Theater Field Marketing84
Martin Loydirector.engineeringCommon Security Modules84
Adnan S Rizvidirector.operationsGPS Procurement Operations - US/CAN84
Joe Deklicdirector.sales business developmentCAN STRATEGY OPERATIONS & PLANNING84
Rich Diblasidirector.asAmericas Ent East Admin83
Lynn & deputy general counselLegal - Enterprise Segment83
Carlos capitalCSC EMEA Sales - Management (Portugal)83
Hasmit developmentNOSTG Layer2 and Overlays83
Max engineering salesSyst Eng HQ Mx83
David business servicesCollaboration Segment Ops83
Mike Livingstonedirector.engineeringSCTG - Small Cell Eng - UK83
Lior Katzridirector.engineeringENG SW Services AppX - Israel83
David chainECBU ProdOps - US83
Srihari Sanglidirector.engineeringNOSTG A&S Broadband - India82
Kevin Luedersdirector..asEMEAR SP - UAE82
Haresh Kheskanidirector.engineeringNOSTG FE Infra Srvc82
Niels Christian Furuvp.sales operations-emearEMEAR Business Partnership Ops - Denmark81
Christopher engineering salesCAPO (Connected Architectures Partner Org) - Engineering - HQ81
Thomas engineering salesTCS Area81
Raymond engineering salesEnterprise West Area HQ81
Michael Milanodirector.engineeringENG HW Architecture and Platforming US80
Timothy Hebertdirector.engineeringHERO - ASR9K SW - SJ - US80
Andre Kraemerdirector.service delivery execAS Brazil SP80
Krishnam Raju Datladirector.engineeringCSPG Cloupia US80
Benjamin Irvingdirector.isGIS-SI-Admin-US79
Alessandra developmentSales and Partner Engagement & Recognition Programs79
William Lambdirector.operationsAmericas TS: Execute & Expand Portfolio79
Amir Helwehdirector.engineeringHERO - ASR9K HW - US79
Bennett Barouchdirector.engineeringSAMPG-ENG-US79
Prithviraj chainGSM Semiconductor US79
Himanshu Desaidirector.asCOLLAB.UC.West.COE.COGS-US79
Shirish Joshidirector.engineeringHERO - CRBU CRS Platform US - US79
Alpheus Mangalemanaging director.salesSouth africa GM79
Prasad Yernenidirector.engineeringNOSTG FE App Srvc79
Nadiraj developmentCSPG UCS Rack SW - India79
Steven Harmondirector.legalLegal - LBS G&A78
Tzvia Weismandirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D78
Scott Brownvice president.salesAPJC, Partner Business Group HQ78
Vincent engineering salesATT_Area77
Venkatabalakrishnan developmentENG SW Switching Access - US77
Khalid Husseindirector..asAS Saudi (EMEAR EMERGING - SAUDI - ENT)77
Simon Kwongdirector.engineeringCRDC CE77
Joseph Gagendirector.legalLegal - WWPO & Competition Law SME77
Kimberly Vargadirector.asAmericas Ent Central Admin77
Arman Maghboulehdirector.engineeringCariden Engineering - US76
Michael John Tryondirector.operations salesEast Territory Operation76
Gregory Fountaindirector.asGlobal AS Ops76
Kirankumar developmentNOSTG AMP - India76
Lui Fogolinivp.ww partner organizationGlobal SP Market Segment HQ - Canada76
Padmanabha-Rao developmentENG SW Services AppX - India75
John developmentProduct Development Services75
Stephen Hastiedirector.asSPVTG - NDS AS Service (US)75
Michael Kaemperdirector..asEMEAR SP Mobility COE - Germany75
Kevin Sturgedirector.Partner Business Consulting - Global74
Gregory Neal govt solutions grpAdvanced Security Initiatives Group - RD74
Carolyn Nashdirector.operationsGBS BI CRM - Operations - US74
David Martinezdirector.technical supportUCC_Head Office74
Stephen McOwendirector.isInfoSec Ops Security Services - US73
Christopher Stilesdirector.product managementTSPM - US CS73
Gennady Sirotavp.product managementMITG Product Management (MIBU)73
Lothar Rennerdirector.service salesEU SS Geo Germany ENT73
Posen Hungdirector.engineeringCSMTG ECMBU Test San Jose73
Andrew Hobbydirector.operations salesAustralia Sales - Vic Enterprise SE73
Kathryn McTighedirector.corporate communicationsGCC - EIC - Communications Resource Center73
William Doyledirector.engineeringSDU Systems Development73
Lawrence developmentNOSTG Software Experience Tools Engineering73
Kenneth Trombettavp.ww channelsChannels Architecture GTM HQ73
James Scottdirector.industry salesHQ Mobility- CIL73
Uwe Lambrettedirector.asEMEAR Collaboration - UC - UK73
Johnny Zhuo Li Chendirector.operations salesChina Emerging GM72
Perry Smithdirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D72
Bill engineering salesCANADA GEO SALES HQ72
Kazuhiko Oigawamanaging director.salesJapan Public Sector Operations72
Gregg Whitneydirector.operationsEnt Networking Ops72
John Batemandirector.asAPJC SP Operations COE - Singapore (SG CIL)72
Gabriel Ickowiczdirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D72
Birger Bergemdirector.engineeringTIPBU Eng - Performance - Norway72
Jorge Ferrermanaging director.salesGEO - Sales UKI Mgmt72
Michael Candelariadirector.operationsCITG GM Admin72
Anurag Dhingradirector.engineeringCIBU Eng - Conferencing - US72
Mahal Mohandirector.engineeringCITG Product Management71
Espen Klovningdirector.engineeringTIPBU Eng - Collab Devices - Norway71
Steve developmentNOSTG Software Experience Systems Engineering71
Karen Morrisdirector.human resourcesUniversity Connection Programs - US71
Ramona Jacksondirector.isGIS-ITOC-US71
Alister Jonesdirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)71
Michael Sittdirector..asSPVTG - NDS AS Service (Korea)71
Shihab Douglah Nakajimadirector.service salesService Sales Japan71
Abdulkadir Egaldirector.engineeringSFPG-Switch-SW-USA70
Johanna van operationsGMCC Global Planning & Operations70
Richard Fairweatherdirector.operations salesStrategic Partner Organization - Americas70
Christine Jacobsdirector.caLabs70
Bhaskar developmentCSPG UCS SW - India70
Hans Robertsonvp.product managementMeraki Cisco ProdMgmt - US70
Changhui Dongdirector.operationsCRDC Operation70
Kim chainMfg Ops Eng70
Archana Raodirector.isCITS-ARCH-ADMIN-OPEX--US70
Kenneth Keydirector.engineeringSiE Routing70
Ruma Balasubramanianvp.sales operationsAPJC Business Partnership Ops - Singapore70
Pramodh Menonmanaging director.salesIND_COM_HQ70
David McCullochdirector.public relationsGCC-Public Relations69
Raymond Janse van engineering salesAustralia Sales - NSW Enterprise SE69
Jorgen Myrlandmanaging director.salesGEO - NORWAY GM69
Arif developmentENG SW Services Security - India68
David Reedervp.financeEnterprise Networking Finance68
Robert Malonedirector.financeCisco Services Finance - US68
Srinivasa Malladidirector.engineeringSiE Routing68
Mark Bonfoeydirector.operationsWW Business Enablement Programs68
Robert Fitzgeralddirector.asUS SP SDE - AT&T68
Graham Holmesdirector.engineeringAdvanced Security Initiatives Group - RD68
Kevin engineering salesVERIZON SEGMENT68
Kaushik Pateldirector.engineeringTMGBU-Design-US68
Tuqiang Caovp.product managementSFPG Nexus Product Management68
Qizhong Chendirector.engineeringSAVBU Switch Software68
Kelly Metcalfdirector.human resourcesHR Talent Mgmt Solutions67
Qi developmentNOSTG Policy Infra & Performance & Applications67
Cheuk Mun Barbara Chiumanaging director.salesSales Hong Kong67
Douglas Webstervp.marketingCMO SP Mktg - Strat Comms67
Carlos Toralesdirector.sales business developmentEM West A/P-Collaboration - US67
Mark Davisdirector.asAmericas Ent West Admin67
Shmuel Bendahandirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D67
Hong Xudirector.engineeringENG SW Services Security - US66
Leng Hiap Joshua Henry Sohdirector.operations salesSales_SG66
Erik engineering salesMWM Area66
Kerry McDonoughdirector.operations salesTerritory GTM66
Jeanette Gibsondirector.integrated mktg commGMCC-DSE-Social Media Mktg66
Giuliano Di Vitantoniovp.marketingGMCC-PSM-Data Center & Cloud Admin66
Robert Franksdirector.operations salesCentral Territory Operation66
Sandra Flindersdirector.bus devWW Services Partners - Programs65
Michael chainProd Ops Escrow (PACE)65
Rizwan Karaclient director.salesSA-Incumbent-FT Mgmt-France65
Rizal Tamsildirector.engineeringENG SW Services UC&C - US65
Linda Masloskedirector.operationsSE Training HQ - US65
Susie Weevp.ctoCTO - NetExp - US65
Mark Doddsvice president.salesGET RLOG - UK65
Brian business servicesBorderless Networks Segment Ops - Canada65
Gaurav Gargdirector.asWWSP PNOC - India65
Jan Medveddirector.engineeringCAO - US65
Jeffrey Reedvp/gm.UABU-SDN65
Catherine Alexsondirector.service delivery execAS Canada - SP64
Stuart Hendrymanaging director.salesSales_ID64
Matthew Schneiderdirector.operations salesCollaboration-US Public Sector HQ64
Suresh Sangiahdirector.engineeringENG SW Polaris - US64
Darren Peoplesdirector..asEnt Delivery - ANZ (Australia)64
John Ritchiedirector.financeSupply Chain Finance64
Gary Mahaffeydirector.engineeringSTG-NCS-Eng-CE-US64
Anand Malanivp.advanced servicesMS.Operate.Practice.COGS- US64
Diane Gongawaredirector.operations salesUS Public Sector & Solution Integrator Partner Organization64
Kevin Blairdirector.operations salesWW SP HQ63
Richard engineering salesGET TECH - US63
Sara Adamsmanaging director.salesAustralia Sales - SMB HQ63
Sylvain Tremblaydirector.operations salesSouth Territory Operation63
Vatsun Thirapatarapongdirector.operations salesSales_TH63
Ran Wellingsteinvp,engineeringIntucell Engineering - Israel63
Lakshminarayanan developmentPABU - Software Engineering Metro Ethernet - India63
Pol Vanbiervlietmanaging director.salesGEO - BELUX GM63
Rajiv capitalCisco Capital - Singapore63
Steven Kinseydirector.operations salesCAN WEST HQ62
Margaret Claytondirector.operationsCisco Capital GBPM - CGP62
John McCaffertydirector.engineeringCBABU - General Mgr62
Haroon Khandirector.asDCC.M&O.COE.COGS- United States62
Karen Mangiadirector.operationsListening Services COE62
Scott W Softydirector.asCOLLAB.CAAS.Labor Expense.COE.COGS-US162
David Clarksondirector.strategy & planningCAN STRATEGY OPERATIONS & PLANNING62
Annette chainETG ProdOps Shared - US62
Amrit Tickoodirector.engineeringSFPG-Switch-QA-USA62
Steve Welchdirector.engineeringCIBU Eng - Call Control - UK62
Graham & deputy general counselLegal - SP Ops62
Dorothea Grimes chainERBU NPI62
Giridhar Govindarajuludirector.isFin IT India61
Jack Zbinovichdirector.engineeringCABU Engineering - Hardware Americas61
Zhe engineering salesChina Enterprise and Commercial Center of Excellence61
Christopher chainCM&P61
Floyd Carlsondirector.operationsEMEAR Sales Enablement Ops - Belgium61
Gorm strategy & planningSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)61
William Tothdirector.asUS SP SDE - Verizon Wireless61
Shinsuke Takahashimanaging director.salesJapan Partner Business61
IL-Yong engineering salesKorea Sales60
Atul Sethidirector.isCITS-ARCH-SOA-TSS COGS-US60
Ian Fosterdirector.product managementWIA - US60
Robert developmentNOSTG ONE Agents and Services60
Huaqing Zengdirector.engineeringENG SW Switching - US60
Vic Northrupvp.sales operationsGSO US EC&C-HQ60
Bryan Benkedirector.engineeringCSMTG_ OPEX R&D VNMC US60
Mark Lohmeyervp.product managementProduct Management - VP/Admin - US60
Sumit Nandydirector.asCSTG-AS-BSO-Mgmt60
Denzil Greendirector.service salesAustralia SP Partner Solutions & Support59
Jerry Dixondirector.engineeringInfoSec CSIRT - US59
John Bicketvp.engineeringMeraki Cisco Engineering - US59
Paul McNabbvp.servicesWW Svcs Strategy - CIL59
David Mowatdirector.technical servicesSBA Admin59
Anil Menonsvp.s+cc and deputy cgoCGO- S+CC -CDIPL59
Daniel Mohrdirector.technical servicesCAP - San Jose59
John Thompsonvice president.ww partner salesGEPO - Global SI59
Sharad Rastogivp.marketingGMCC-SMO-Customer Intel & Strategy Analysis59
Tseng Feng Wudirector.operations salesSales - Taiwan Ltd59
Kalyan Ghoshdirector.engineeringECBU - N7K Software - US59
Mark Pattersonvp.strategic planningStrategy & Planning59
Inbar Lasser-Raabvp.marketingCMO EMM Routing - Israel58
Laurent Degredirector.service salesEMEA Svcs SP Business Dev France58
Ben Wudirector.operations salesCH_VIDEO GM58
Hanbo chainCQT - China Shanghai58
Phil Jefferydirector.engineeringSCO-Eng-CloudPlatform-UK58
Steven chainMfg Acquisition Program Mgmt58
Inder Sidhusvp.ww strategy & planningWorld Wide Sales58
William Bensondirector.asAmericas Ent South Admin58
Manish Munshidirector.procurement relationship managementGPS Customer Relationship Mgmt - India58
Pritam Shahdirector.engineeringENG SW Services CMX - US57
Ronald David Loydirector.service salesANZ Services Mgmt_Aust57
Sudhir Raodirector.engineeringCSMTG SP Apps Eng U.S.57
Jeremy chainSSVPG UCS US Prod Ops57
Michael Foydirector.financeGET & WW Commercial Finance Services - US57
Katherine Avery Marrufodirector.human resourcesTalent Delivery Services - US57
Terry Gormandirector.operationsEnt Networking Ops - PMO56
Christine managementOLYMPIA - ENT MKTG - CIL56
Sumeet chainDCSABU SSVPG Nexus US Prod Ops56
Aliza Hutchisondirector.corporate communicationsGCC - EIC - Communications Services Bureau56
Andy Turnerdirector.asSP Mobile - Vodafone UK56
Charles Allen Carrikerdirector.engineeringHERO - ASR9K SW - RTP - US56
Ata Tahvildarydirector.engineeringCSMTG_ Service Portal Solns R&D US56
Laura Quintanadirector.operationsGeneral Management56
Paul Boothdirector.engineeringTIPBU Management56
Suran De developmentSFPG-Switch-SW-USA56
Blake Johnsondirector.engineeringENG SW Routing - US56
Max Locatelliclient director.salesSA-Incumbent-TI Mgmt-Italy - 67156
Nigel Smithvp.product marketingSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)56
Michael Ruddickdirector.engineeringTest Dev Eng Operations56
Thomas Austinvp.financeGRC Admin - US56
Cassie Roachdirector.sales business developmentGovernment Strategies & Healthcare55
Greg Turnerdirector.operations salesCAN AT HQ55
Kim Ringeisendirector.engineeringCloud Systems Development55
Javier Camachodirector.marketingField AMER - US -WEST REGION (LATAM)55
Hilton developmentCD - US55
Lon-Leighton developmentCSMTG SP Apps Eng BXB255
Jami Stewartdirector.technical supportGTC Strategy & Planning55
Mahesh Chellappadirector.engineeringHERO - CRBU CRS Platform US - US55
Lars Schancke Gundersendirector.engineeringTIPBU Eng - Value - Norway55
Anthony Boeremadirector.service delivery execUS SP SDE - Comcast55
Pallavi developmentNOSTG A&S Broadband - India55
Steven developmentWWC Strategy, Planning & Programs HQ55
Steve Beckleydirector.technical marketingCTG - Solutions - Practices - UK55
William Barnesdirector.product managementHCBU Product Management - US55
Daniel engineering salesArgentina - Sales Other55
Massimo Lucchinadirector.engineeringNOSTG Switzerland55
Paul Wernerdirector.operations salesData Center-US Commercial-Sales-HQ54
Rajeev Bhardwajvp.product managementUFSSPG Storage Product Marketing US54
Stephen Patakmanaging director.salesSP AP HQ Sales (SG)54
Dhiraj Gossainvp.product managementProduct Management - W254
Roland Paynedirector.engineeringNOSTG Software Experience Release Engineering54
Ramesh Kazadirector.asAS APJC Collaboration COE (India 123)53
Donald Davisdirector.operations salesCommercial South Area HQ53
Chris engineering salesSP Headquarter53
Ronni Hargrovedirector.asFederal 253
Matthew Tothdirector.engineeringCABU Engineering - RF/Optics Americas53
Maria Ortizdirector.operationsCS - Public Sector53
Fayu developmentENG SW Switching - US53
Deependra Vaidyadirector.engineeringENG SW Services Security - US53
Sihai developmentWebEx - Client Apps - Santa Clara 100.101.509053
Venugopal Arvabhumidirector.engineeringENG SW Services Admin - US53
Michael Walkerdirector.technical marketingGBO TCEC - US53
Caspar Practice - Dubai52
James Harperdirector.integrated marketing communicationGTM-IMC-RTB-SE&DEMO52
Wael Kameldirector.engineeringCTG Trials - USA52
Kuppuswamy Sivakumardirector.technical marketingCSPG UCS Product Mgmt and DC Solutions Eng52
Michael Infantedirector.financeCSC Global Credit - US52
Bart Sweermandirector.sales business developmentEBG EMEA ENT - Mgt - Netherlands52
Sunil developmentESG Shared - ESG India52
Kurtis Yangdirector.operationsNetwork Business Service Ops COGS52
Ravikanth Nasikadirector.engineeringSAVBU Switch Software52
Sunil Khauntedirector.engineeringNOSTG RSG XR52
Britt Norwooddirector.operations salesWest Area Territory Operation52
Pratibha developmentNOSTG FE Infra Srvc52
Angie Zhangdirector.operationsCSVT GM/CTO52
Paul Semakclient director.salesHQ Canada51
Thomas engineering salesData Center-US Commercial-Engineering51
Azeem Shaikdirector.isQACC US51
Deepak Mayyadirector.engineeringSiE Spine51
Emran Chaudhrydirector.engineeringHERO - SSE CRS HW - US51
Martin Escutiadirector.service delivery execTelmex (Mexico)51
Dirk Wolterdirector.sales business developmentAPJC Mobility Architecture (Singapore)51
Roger Nadeaudirector.isGSQS Operations US50
Brian Dohertydirector.engineeringTIPBU Management50
Adam Pasiekadirector.operations salesBN-US Commercial-Sales50
Thomas Hamiltondirector.engineeringECBU-Hardware Eng-US50
D. Lena Hickman-Miottdirector.asFederal 150
Eliza Zhaodirector.technical servicesGChina TS SSCD head office50
John Marshalldirector.product managementCTG - Solutions - Strategy50
Robert engineering salesCollaboration-US Enterprise-Engineering-Op50
Eleanor Tullisdirector.isIT Risk Management50
Narendranath developmentSAVBU Switch Software50
Christodoulos chainSPVTG - NDS Direct Manufacturing (UK)50
Rajesh Jaindirector.engineeringECBU-N7K QA-India50
Sean Donovandirector.technical servicesOnline Delivery Admin49
Zafrir Rondirector.engineeringIntucell Engineering - Israel49
Kevin Koschedirector.asService SPM - US49
Russell service mgmtEnablement & Planning - US49
Robert engineering salesMobility Architecture UK ( Jim Scott )49
Douglas Lavanchydirector.operationsAMER Sales Enablement Ops - US49
Angela Starkdirector.strategy & planningGMCC-GCMB-Brand49
Jean-Luc Valentevp.product managementCSMTG HQ49
Barbara Augundirector.operationsOperations Services49
Frank Palumbosvp.ww dc/v architecture salesWW Data Center and Virtualization49
Wendy Marsdirector.vertical salesEBG EMEA Data Center - UKI 62449
Raghunandan Kadambidirector.service salesCA GSM India BV49
David Horndirector.engineeringCSMTG CollaborationEngSan Jose49
Lewis Tuckervp.ctoCTO - Lew Tucker48
Mike Allendirector.sales business developmentWW Learning Partner Channels48
Shalesh Thusoodirector.engineeringENG HW ASIC US48
Gerard Lithgowvp.sales operationsGlobal Enterprise Sales - Competitive Insight - US48
Dawn Blalockdirector.engineeringMPDBU - ABR R&D48
James Liendirector.service delivery execFederal 348
Mauricio engineering salesChile SE- AI HQ48
Katharine Mulvanydirector.operationsCorporate Affairs Marketing48
Thomas Jauchdirector.operations salesSLED-Southeast Operation48
Mu engineering salesCH_SP HQ SE48
David Fleshdirector.technical marketingCSMTG Marketing US48
Yves Mertensdirector.partner operations salesGEO - FRANCE - Staff VP48
Gary developmentCSMTG_ OPEX IAC Solns R&D US47
Joel Naumanndirector.engineeringENG HW Routing US47
Karen engineering salesCollaboration-US Public Sector HQ47
John Apostolopoulosvp.ctoEnterprise Networking Group CTO org47
Sunil Bhagiadirector.engineeringCSPG UCS Platform SW - US47
Abhay Roydirector.engineeringNOSTG RSG XR Routing47
Dean Youngsdirector.operations salesSA-Incumbent-BT Mgmt-UK47
David Mackiedirector.engineeringICE - US47
Minny Waliadirector.operationsShared Service Opt47
Jonathan Learydirector.asBN.Wireless.COE.COGS- United States46
Elisabeth Zornesvp.advanced servicesSTO-Eng-US46
Laura McCartydirector.technical servicesSolutions TAC Support46
Robert Cooperdirector.operations salesSLED-Central Operation46
Dwight Henningdirector.operations salesSLED-Northeast Operation46
Sandeep developmentCSPG UCS SW - US46
Ronald Johnsondirector.product managementHERO - OTBU Optical PLM USA - US46
Randy Harrellvp.product managementTIPBU PM - US346
Kevin Ottdirector.engineeringIBTG (Composite) OPEX - US45
Anil Chandrupatladirector.engineeringNOSTG RSG XR SW Infrastructure45
Jatin Batradirector.engineeringSFPG-Switch-HW-USA45
Jill Van engineering salesCollaboration-US Commercial-Engineering-Op45
Lionel Chocronvp/gm.Product Management - US45
Michael Sullivandirector.engineeringMPC Program Management (MIBU)45
Amir Yoffedirector.engineeringSPVTG CastUp R&D45
Michael Maigretdirector...asEMEAR AS North France45
Marco Senadirector.sales business developmentCommercial Emerging Mkts - BZ45
Gregory Yoderdirector.asAPJC SP PMO COE - Singapore (SG CIL)45
Donald Mclaughlindirector.operations salesGEO - Sales UKI Mgmt45
Abhijit Patradirector.engineeringSAVBU Virtualization SW45
William serviceLegal - Lit Support45
Ellis Hamblindirector.product managementCIBU Product Marketing - UCM44
Anubhav Sharmadirector.asUS SP SDE - Delivery Other44
Christian Korffdirector.operations salesGEO-Germany-Public Sec44
Danny Khoodirector.engineeringSFPG-Switch-HW-USA44
Niamh Connollydirector.asSPVTG - NDS AS Service (UK)44
Juergen Bottdirector.service salesCA EM Verticals Mgmt - Germany44
Denise Whitedirector.isGPS Category & Supplier Management -UK44
Rajesh Patildirector.engineeringECBU-Hardware Eng-US44
Eric Parhamvp/gm.New Ventures44
Elizabeth Kingvp.human resourcesTalent Strategy and Planning44
John Morrowdirector.operationsSPVTG- R&D Administration44
Richard Jeftsdirector.product managementContact Center Solutions43
Andrew Sagevice president.ww partner salesUS Channels Distribution43
Michele Grishamdirector.marketingAmericas Field Marketing HQ43
Shishir Kumardirector.asAPJC SP Delivery - India 17743
Jasvinder Singhdirector.asCOLLAB.Video.COE.COGS-US43
Matthew MacPhersondirector.marketingProduct Management - Platform TME - US43
Joseph Corbaciodirector.asCOLLAB.UC.East.COE.COGS-US43
Tatchapol Poshyanondadirector.operations salesSales_TH43
Chandrasekar developmentNOSTG FE Kernel Services43
Ruediger Woelfldirector.operations salesGERMANY-ENT-TIER2-OP43
Christopher Tzortzisdirector.operations salesCollaboration - HQ - WW - Admin One43
Mark McKenziedirector.asDCV.DV_Cogs.APACJ-Singapore (SG CIL)42
Ashish developmentEnterprise Collaboration Platform42
Kathleen chainGBO Sustainability42
Bradley Parkerdirector.engineeringWebEx - OPS - Network - US 100.101.204042
Adeel Ahmeddirector.asCable Infrastructure - US42
Angelika Maherdirector.operations salesData Center-US Enterprise-Sales-HQ42
Gregory Fujiidirector.financeBTOF - Collaboration (Video & Collaboration Group)42
Shane Stevensdirector.engineeringCSMTG_ DC & Cloud Solns R&D US42
Donald Bettsdirector.operations salesSouth Channels42
Narasimha Pappudirector.isGTMS Service Delivery - India42
Sastry Kuchimanchidirector.asGDC.BGLR.DCV.COGS- APJC42
Anthony engineering salesBN-US Enterprise-Engineering42
Minshen Tandirector.engineeringENG HW SMB China42
Charles Garciadirector.operations salesBN-US Public Sector-HQ42
Francine Katsoudasvp.human resourcesEngineering - HR42
Punjabrao Malidirector.asMobility.Packet Core.COE.COGS- United States41
Surendra Anuboludirector.engineeringENG HW ASIC US41
Philippe Dumontdirector.service salesEU SS Geo MED OTHER41
Theo Langtondirector.engineeringSDU Cloud Systems Development- Switzerland41
Kenis Dunnedirector.corporate communicationsGCC - EIC - Operations Effectiveness41
John Vivianidirector.service delivery execEnt Bank of America41
Angeline Siew Peng Gandirector.operationsAPJC Enablement Ops - China41
Simon Egandirector.operations salesGET COLLABORATION SALES - IRELAND41
Sinh Nguyendirector.operations salesSales_VN41
Thomas Lundstedtdirector.service salesEU SS Geo Sweden41
Hideyuki Maezonodirector..asAPJC SP IP NGN COE - Japan41
Venkatachalam chainComponent Supply Operations - US41
Ivan Leedirector.engineeringeCATS41
Alexei Romanovdirector.operations salesGeo Russia VSI Channel41
Vann Waltersdirector.industry salesGET FS SALES - US41
Nicole Maguirecustomer solutions director.Advisory Ent Americas - US41
Wayne Superdirector.financeCisco Capital Finance41
Sanjay Kumardirector.financeCisco Capital - Technology Financing41
Dean managementGMCC-SMO-Market & Competitive Intel40
Nagaraj Arunkumardirector.engineeringENG SW Services Cloud - US40
Michael Preissdirector.integrationCD Integration40
Melissa Selcherdirector.corporate communicationsGCC-Analyst Relations40
John Stallingsdirector.engineeringENG HW Switching US40
Jean-Claude Ouelletdirector.operations salesCAN QUEBEC HQ40
Rafael Velascodirector.service delivery execAS Telcel (Mexico)40
Douglas engineering salesUS ENTERPRISE40
Eric Moyaldirector.partner operations salesGEO - ITALY CHANNELS - 67140
Phillip Ottendirector.operations salesCentral Select Operation40
Erwin Mattidirector.operations salesJapan Collaboration Architecture39
Christina Olmsteddirector.integrated marketing communicationGTM-IMC-RTB-Admin Leadership39
Nicola Villainternet bus solutns directorIBSG EOC Public Sector39
Brian Shodadirector.sales business developmentAPJC SP Routing Ops - JP39
Walter Plonskidirector.asSLED East39
Myron Steindirector.operations salesAustralia Sales - Public Sector HQ39
Arun Khannadirector.engineeringENG SW Wireless Controller - US39
John Brookbankdirector.operations salesEast Channels39
John Christensendirector.service salesDirector Services Sales - HQ38
William T Kohutdirector.operations salesTristate Select Operation38
Cesar Crusiusdirector.engineeringCariden Engineering - US38
Vinayak Hungunddirector.isGlobalization IT38
Coumara developmentISG Engg_S&E US38
Rick Schreiberdirector.asComposite Software - US38
Andrew Franckedirector.engineeringCMBU Eng - Video, Web, Arch. - US38
Maciej Kranzvp/gm.Corporate Technology Group38
Shyamsundar Pulleladirector.engineeringNetworks Engineering software38
Shogo Uemuradirector..asCore Network-SP38
Jeffrey Gentgesdirector.operations salesMidwest Select Operation38
Brigid Sandirector.strategy & planningSGG-SO-US38
Robert Newhalldirector.engineeringCSPG UCS HW - US38
Steven Steinhilbervp.strategic alliancesESE Administration38
Chad managementGTM-GDC-RTB-Partner DG38
Pranav Mehtadirector.engineeringNOSTG RSG XR Routing38
Thomas Koppelmandirector.operations salesCAPO - Americas Data Center and Central & SouthEast Architecture Sales37
Omar Shabandirector, corporate affairsNet Acad - Dubai37
Robert engineering salesSP Channel Ops37
David MacKinnondirector.service salesAustralia SP Partner Solutions & Support37
Nasser developmentNOSTG Test Admin37
Madhusudan Nanjanaguddirector.engineeringSCTG - SP WiFi (WO) - US37
Erik Vogeldirector.caDCC.PEM.COE.COGS- United States37
Kandace Bingdirector.technical supportTransformational Engagements37
Reuven Hasakdirector.operationsSPVTG NDS G&A (2)37
Marc Hartranftdirector.engineeringCOMPONENT TECHNOLOGY - 04-US37
Sandeep Dhingradirector.asCNI.Architecture.COE.COGS- US37
Michael engineeringWW Sys Eng and Technology37
Lori Sussmandirector.sales strategy & planningStrategy& Planning36
Hon Man chainGSM Electromechanical HK36
Benjamin Renauddirector.engineeringCloud Applications - W236
Reinaart Bryssinckclient director.salesSP-CABLE UPC GLOBALS-BE36
Jeffrey H Van Materdirector.operations salesSouth West Select Operation36
Charles Mahclient director.salesCH_SP_CT_OD36
Andrew Vazdirector.product marketingHERO - Marketing ASR9K - US36
Marcio Abreudirector.service salesGSM- Cisco Servicos do Brasil36
Gordon Thomsondirector.operations salesEBG EMEA Borderless Networks - UKI 62436
Jeffrey Spagnolaarea vice salesGSP Cloud Sales Enablement36
Raghavendra developmentENG Operations - India36
James DeHavendirector.operations salesGEO - Sales UKI Mgmt35
Pankaj Narayandirector.sales business developmentAPAC Channels - Strategy & Planning (SG)35
Cherry Tandirector.isGCS & Ops TRE - AsiaPac & Japan35
Darren Scottdirector.asENT Advisory Services (Singapore) (SG CIL)35
Russell Rosadirector.operations salesColonial Select Operation35
Alan McGintydirector.workplace resourcesWorkplace Design and Development35
Benedicta business servicesOps Transformation Admin35
James engCTO Consulting Eng US35
Robert Gaultvice president.ww partner salesWW SP Channels HQ35
Ted Steindirector.operations salesData Center-US HQ35
Wei developmentNetworks Engineering software35
Ian Wallisdirector.engineeringECBU-DCNM Software-US35
Samantha Burroughdirector.corporate communicationsGCC - EIC - Employee Communications35
Peter managementCA US Theater Field Marketing35
Axel Foerydirector.operations salesSA-Incumbent-DT OPS Channel Germany35
Bhaskar Krishnamsettydirector.product managementCSPG Cloupia US35
Rajani developmentWebEx - OPS - Audio - US 100.101.203035
Anirban Chakravarttidirector.sales business developmentGEPO - Wipro/TaTa Consulting35
Raghu chain servicesGSCM Hong Kong35
Dominic Gonzalesdirector.financeBTOF - Pricing, Strategy & Segments35
Erin Bergamo-Tacydirector.corporate communicationsGCC-GCOE-EMEAR-mktg35
Sean Gallaghervice president.europeEBG EMEA Commercial - France34
Tania Wrightdirector.virtual salesGlobal Virtual Sales - Transformation UK HQ34
Jeffrey Redcliftdirector.engineeringDCG COG Escalation Engineering34
John Gomesdirector.quality assuranceICEPG Dev Test34
Scott Fanningdirector.engineeringENG SW Services AppX - US34
Stephanie Bartondirector.service salesVP Management OPEX - United Kingdom (Mike)34
Sean O' capitalCSC Sales - US Commercial Central34
Kui developmentMXABU Engineering34
John Sandersdirector.operationsOperations Strategy & Planning34
Michelle Stonedirector.engineeringMITG Admin (MIBU)34
Paul Fecteaudirector.sales business developmentAPO - Program Strategy and Initiatives34
Garth Scullydirector.operations salesPL CAN MID MARKET HQ34
Gary developmentSPVTG- IP Settop Develop34
Joe Auliziaclient vice president.salesGET IBM - US34
Srinivasa chainPABU ProdOps - India34
Weidong developmentWebEx - Client Apps - Santa Clara 100.101.509033
Michael Pyledirector.service salesWW Services Sales - Software Enabled Services - US33
Graham Haleydirector.engineeringNOSTG IPE TC - UK33
Fred Gerritsedirector.operations salesGEO - NETHERLANDS CHANNEL33
Richard Cantwellvp.ibsgCPG/Retail Transportation Consulting Group33
Koichi Hagishimadirector.service delivery execLarge Network-SP NTT33
Sanjay service opsRepair Global Process33
Salman developmentSAVBU Virtualization SW33
Shelley Rainadirector.brand protectionBrand Protection - GTIO (US)33
Dennis Dahldirector.operations salesWest Channels33
Beat developmentEME Partners - Switzerland33
Vishal Guptavp.advanced servicesESG Healthcare - Mgmt & Ops India33
Julia Sworddirector.isCITS-SBP-OPEX-US (20)33
Christopher Hurstarea vice salesAmericas Strategy & Planning33
Stephen Misadirector.operations salesSales_PH32
Anthony Jeffsdirector.product marketingTRIAD R&D32
Martin Smaledirector.isSPVTG - NDS G&A (UK)32
Matthew Dukedirector.operationsCSG Pricing Strategy & Offers Mgmt32
Robert Amsterdirector.operations salesCollaboration-Americas-Sales-CIS-HQ32
David Adairdirector.operations salesCentral Channels32
David engineering salesCollaboration-Americas-Engineering-CIS-HQ32
Richard Searsdirector.asBN.ITSM.COE.COGS- United States32
Alon Hurwitzdirector.engineeringSiE Routing Israel32
Thomas Demodirector.operations salesTCS_Territory OP32
Jeffrey Maddoxclient director.salesCAN SP SE HQ32
Suzanne managementField Marketing - New Zealand32
Frank Florencedirector.operationsDelivery Center of Excellence - Core32
Tejpal Kohlidirector.asMS.XaaS.Practice.COGS- US32
Wenda Starkdirector.operationsSales Coverage, Crediting & Compensation32
William Bradforddirector.program managementSPVTG- CHS Ops31
Robert Adamsdirector.bus devCSO Advanced Development31
Brian Piccionidirector.integrated marketing communicationGTM-IMC-RTB-Admin Leadership31
Angela Whittydirector.service salesAS UK (EMEAR UKI - GLOBAL - GLOBAL)31
Ariel Skjortendirector.engineeringTIPBU Ops - Endpoints - Norway31
Michael engineering salesWW Sys Eng and Technology31
Michael Shomakerdirector.asMobility.Packet Core.COE.COGS- US31
Joshua Rosenthaldirector.engineeringSP WiFi WNBU - US31
Christopher engineering salesCollaboration - HQ - WW - Admin One31
Helder Antunesdirector.engineeringNew Ventures31
Scott Raveldirector.operationsPreowned Equipment Manufacturing Group31
Suzanne Ricedirector.operationsConnected Business Arch, Portfolio Mgmt & Adoption Ops31
Floyd Montgomerydirector.asUS SP SDE - Sprint31
Gregory Lynchdirector.operations iot salesPSBU Sales - USA31
Dominic Scottmanaging director.salesAP HQ Public Sector - Hong Kong31
Sae Kwondirector.caTS Service Enablement APJC (Australia)31
Jeremy Reesdirector.asSPVTG - NDS AS Service (UK)31
Robert Polakdirector.asMS.Operate.COE.COGS- US31
Christopher Schlerethdirector.operations salesPacific Coast Select Operation31
Kevin Deebledirector.financeCorporate Development Finance30
Mike Paranihidirector.isGIS-AS Strategy NZ-TAC30
Venkateshwaran operationsNOSTG Operations30
Michael Yutrzenkadirector.operationsGEO General30
Michael Timmenyvp.gpgaGlobal Policy and Government Affairs30
Nagaraj developmentSAVBU Virtualization SW30
David engineering salesTCS_Territory OP30
Oleg Bodnardirector.operations salesGeo - Ukraine General30
Gavin Reiddirector.engineeringSCO-Eng-SecSvc-SecApps-US30
James Cannondirector.human resourcesHR Talent Mgmt Onboarding & Compliance30
Alain Dubasdirector.vertical salesGEO - FRANCE - PL OPS30
Benjamin Calderondirector.engineeringMeraki Cisco Engineering - US30
Emma Roffeydirector.marketingCOMMUNICATIONS - Comms & Digital MKTG - Comms - CIL30
Xavier Massadirector.operations salesGEO-Spain-Shared/Channels30
Robert Milton Stemmerikdirector.operations salesNorth Mgmt - BV30
William Tandirector.operationsCS Singapore30
Srinivas Sataluridirector.asUS SP SDE - TWC30
Mir Abbas Abididirector.asMobility.Architecture.Practice.COGS- United States30
Matthew DeZeedirector.operationsPublic Sector Operations HQ29
John chainLogistics and Manufacturing Solutions - US29
Eugene Keelingdirector.operationsSTG-NCS-Eng-CE-US29
Simanta Chakrabortydirector.operations salesGET DATA CENTER SALES - US29
Thomas Cupplesvp.financeBTOF - Data Center, Switching & Cloud - US29
Philip Wrightdirector.operationsWW Distribution - Strategy and Planning29
Donald McNallydirector.operationsCorporate Affairs29
Petra Lindnerdirector.financeTax Compliance SwissCo29
Andrew Alstondirector.service salesGEO FRANCE - Enterprise mgt29
Mordechai Beharavdirector.operations salesAmericas NMS Software Sales29
Josh service opsSSC Operations29
Minhaj Ziadirector.operations salesUnified Comm - AP HQ Area (India)29
Stephen Sinclairvp.ww strategy & planningWorld Wide Sales29
Stephanie Steeledirector.service salesCA SLED Areas - HQ29
Philip Sherburnevp.engineeringEnt Arch Systems - US29
Thalli Badrinathcustomer solutions director.US SP SDE - Delivery Other29
Steve Weberdirector.engineeringCollaboration Systems -Systems Test -US29
Markus Theisdirector..asEMEAR Central - Germany - Deutsch Telekom SSP28
Geoff Lawriedirector.operations salesSales NZ Head Office28
Diego chainGSM Optics Switzerland28
Kumar Reddydirector.technical marketingNOSTG Technical Marketing - U.S.28
Azhar Sayeeddirector.engineeringSDU Mobility Systems-US28
Mathew Niemandirector.engineeringMPC Hardware Engineering (MIBU)28
Curt Reiddirector.operations salesData Center-US Service Provider-Sales-HQ28
John Austindirector.operations salesSOUTHEAST OPERATION28
Edward Theodore Baumvp.servicesCloud Services Group US128
Edmond Hoydirector.isIT Service Management28
Daniel Beynondirector.service delivery execUS SP SDE - Verizon Wireless28
Kim Devooghtmanaging director.salesCAN FEDERAL HQ28
Anja Langer developmentEMEAR ENT Advisory Services Switzerland28
Marco T Kraakdirector.service salesEU SS Geo Mgmt 128
Andres Ronadirector.asSPVTG NDS Services28
Fernando Gil De Bernabedirector.bus devAPJC Strategy, Planning and Governance28
Thomas Shawdirector.service salesVP Management OPEX - United States28
Avinash Purwardirector.operations salesIND_ENT_FSI_EV_ITS_W_EU127
Sanjay Rohatgimanaging director.salesIND_SP_HQ27
Magdeleine Bourgoindirector.vertical salesGEO - FRANCE - Borderless Network AF27
SeChang Ohdirector..asEnt Delivery - Korea (Korea)27
Patrick Romzekvice president.salesCollaboration - HQ - WW - Admin One27
Tara Ridleydirector.operations salesAustralia Sales - NSW Exec Lead27
Shaik Kaleemdirector.operationsCTG Operations - US27
Timothy Stricklanddirector.operations salesATT Network Services Operation27
Karl Dalstaddirector.operations salesFED-Navy Air Force Operation27
John Wunderdirector.industry salesGET - Enterprise Global Transformation27
Paul engineering salesFED-Civilian Agencies Operation27
Kenneth Davidsondirector.product managementSPVTG- MPDBU Product Mgmt (US)27
Gregory Semlerdirector.operations salesSLED-Western Operation27
Steve service mgmtTheatre Business Operations - UK27
Martin Hartmanisdirector.customer servicesQuality Engagement27
Stephen capitalCSC WW Sales Enablement27
Scott Sawyerdirector.operations salesSOUTH INCUBATION OPERATION27
Sujata Ramamoorthydirector.isInfoSec CBSSI Ops - US27
Paula Hansendirector.operations salesCALIFORNIA ENTERPRISE OPERATION27
Kelly Langdirector.corporate communicationsGTM-IMC-RTB-Admin Leadership27
Douglas Purcellvp.servicesPublic Sector HQ27
David Parsonsdirector.engineeringCSTG - Service Delivery Solutions27
Tracy developmentCSPG UCS Rack SW - US27
Brendan Whitedirector..asCOLLAB.HCS.COE.COGS-Ireland27
Simon Turnerdirector.industry salesGET FS SALES - UK226
Karen Henseydirector.isCITS Architecture Practice26
Paul Mankiewichvp.ctoMobility CTO26
Peter Hughesdirector.operations salesUnified Comm - AP HQ Area (AUS)26
John Dorvalclient director.salesComcast Area26
Lewis Russelldirector.operationsWW Svcs Athena BA - Switz26
Charles Comptonvp.ctoVCG CTO26
Stephen managementCSPG UCS Product Management26
Patrick Amordirector.engineeringOpenstack Quantum26
Beate Bieniek-Mooresdirector.corporate communicationsGCC-GCOE-APJC-Singapore-Mktg26
Geoff Cargillclient director.salesCAN SP CABLE & CHALLENGER & RIM HQ26
Praveen Chandradirector.engineeringCSMTG Performance/Analytics SJC26
Patrick Morrisseydirector.operations salesWEB OPERATION26
Timothy Coogandirector.operations salesRED RIVER OPERATION26
George Akikidirector.caServices Transformation Office - Admin26
Kevin Wollenweberdirector.product managementHERO - CRBU CRS Marketing - US26
J Tetoclient director.salesTime Warner Area26
Chris Hamiltondirector.operations salesData Center-Americas-HQ26
Dennis Cullendirector.program managementMPC Program Management (MIBU)26
Gary service opsGlobal Planning - Ops26
Don Noakesdirector.workplace resourcesStrategy and Planning26
Jaclyn McCormackdirector.corporate communicationsGTM-IMC-RTB-Admin Leadership26
Lynley Noviellodirector.service salesEnterprise East Services26
Min Wangclient director.salesCH_SP CMCC26
Dania ElEterdirector.service delivery execCCIE_OPERATIONS_US25
Paul Negusdirector.operationsLightwire Acquisition25
David Frutosdirector.technical servicesServices Enablement25
Dion Heraghtydirector.operations salesVZ NGN SOLUTIONS OPERATION25
Mark Ronaldsonclient director.salesSLED-One State California Operation25
Nigel Townleydirector.engineeringeCATS - Europe_225
Richard McLeoddirector.sales business developmentCollaboration Go To Market25
Joel D McFarlanddirector.product managementSTG-Mktg-SI-US25
Santhosh Srinivasandirector.operationsDC-V, Commercial and Small Segment Ops25
Shrikant developmentCSPG UCS Rack SW - US25
Moon Leemanaging director.salesKorea Sales25
Nicholas Michaelidesdirector.operations salesFED-Intelligence Operation25
Lucas Oloccomanaging director.salesLatAm HQ SP25
Vincent Arrigalidirector.operationsQuality Systems- US- TL25
Morgan Bondonclient director.sales_Cox_25
Chih-Tsung Huangdirector.engineeringSAVBU ASIC Engineering25
Darrin Simmonsdirector.product managementWebEx - Prod Mgmt Eng - Santa Clara 100.101.513025
Jeremy Astondirector.operations salesNorth Coast Select Operation25
Ben Dawsonclient director.salesSales Australia - Telstra25
Reid chainSupply Chain Strategy25
Adam Philpottdirector.operations salesEBG EMEA Borderless - Security - UK 62425
Avraham Wellingsteindirector.operations salesIntucell Israel25
Jaideep Singh Sahneydirector.operations salesUnified Comm - AP HQ Area (SG)25
Rakesh Goyaldirector.asAS FD - India Enterprise25
Narasimhan Mandeyamdirector.engineeringECBU - N7K Software - US25
Teresa McEnenydirector.operations salesMobile Internet BD HQ-US25
Michael Mooredirector.operations salesGEO NORTHEAST OPERATION25
Arthur Johnsondirector.operationsCSG- Strategy, Bus. Planning, Ops- US25
Diego Blanc Fernandez Cavadadirector.financeCorporate Strategic Planning24
Mike Connollydirector.caDCC.UI.COE.COGS- West- United States24
Shelley Plymaledirector.operations salesTCS Select Operation24
Michael Lenzdirector.corporate communicationsGMCC-GCMB-Brand24
Steven Berberichdirector.financeGRC IT Audit - US24
Munish Khetrapalmanaging director.salesESC SCC - BD - GC OPEX HK24
Gary developmentNOSTG Access & Aggregation & Policy24
Philip Wrightdirector.partner operations salesEMEAR Distribution Mgmt - UK24
Peter Lynskeydirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (US)24
Przemyslaw Kaniadirector.service salesCA EM Central Europe Sales Poland24
Patrick McCarthydirector.operations salesCHICAGO-WISCONSIN ENTERPRISE OPERATION24
Norman Reinhardtdirector.asSports & Entertainment -- Investment24
Adam Hesslerdirector.corporate
Rajiv Deshmukhdirector.engineeringSAVBU ASIC Engineering24
Jorgen Ericssonvp.ibsgFinance Consult Group24
Anderson Andredirector.operations salesBZ SP24
Kimberly Marcelisvp.strategic planningOffice of the President & COO24
Ikusuke operationsSPVTG - CFET24
Richard Jacobsdirector.service delivery execUS SP SDE - Delivery Other24
Hilmar Baldmanaging director.salesCENTRAL MNGT - GER - Collaboration24
Christopher Mccarthycustomer solution director.SSO-DC24
Michael Nielsendirector.product marketingGMCC-PSM- Security - Strategic Planning & Ops23
Keshavan Subramaniandirector.corporate development technologyDevelopment Business Operations Administration23
Hugo Vliegendirector.technical marketingProduct Management - Services TME - US23
Liang-I Lindirector.engineeringSAVBU ASIC Engineering23
Charles Weissmandirector.service delivery execEnt JP Morgan Chase23
William Snedekerdirector.service salesGSI Partner Global Service Management23
Leslie Mcknewdirector.legalCollaboration - US23
Andy Brajkovicdirector.asUS SP SDE - AT&T23
Che Wijesinghedirector.service salesComposite Software - US23
Thomas chainMIBU ProdOps - US23
Mark Collinsdirector.marketingCanada Field Marketing HQ23
Svein Olslunddirector.marketingGTM-GDC-RTB-Revenue Management-PS23
Mayank Pateldirector.engineeringSiE Spine23
Robert Goochdirector.bus devTRIAD Special Programs23
Dan Madondirector.operations salesCan New Enterprise23
John Earnhardtdirector.corporate communicationsGCC-Social Media Comms23
Robert Dimiccodirector.caGlobal AS Ent HQ23
Richard Waindirector.operations salesSPVTG - NDS Sales (UK)23
Kathy Doyledirector.marketingGTM-IMC-RTB-Events Mktg-US23
David Grazianodirector.operations salesBN_Americas_Content Security23
Michael Mitchelldirector.operationsGrow Platform Services - RCC - US23
Danilo Pozodirector.service salesGSM CANSAC23
James McHughvp.marketingGMCC-PSM-DCC-UCS23
Paul Lauriedirector.asArchitectural Solutions - UK23
Thomas Schmidtdirector.product managementSTO-Eng-US23
John Bishopdirector.product managementSPVTG - MPDBU Executive23
Rima Alameddinedirector.operations salesGEO NEW YORK OPERATION23
David Swarddirector.engineeringSTG-NCS-Eng-NS-US23
Mark Claytonmanaging director.salesSP AP HQ CD - SG23
Ayaz Mudarrisdirector.strategy & planningWebEx - OPS - Operations Management - US 100.101.206523
John Capenerdirector.marketingGTM-IMC-RTB-Cross Architect & Voice of Customer23
Mark Balchdirector.product managementCSPG UCS Product Mgmt and DC Solutions Eng22
Phillip Harrisvp.ctoCSMTG CTO22
Sydney Garrettdirector.technical supportGlobal Service Delivery Excellence22
Mohammed Al Abbadidirector.operations salesGEO- KSA - Public Sector22
Craig Chaitoffdirector.service salesEnterprise Central22
Nicholas Holdendirector.sales business developmentGSPO - Eco System Partners22
Hendrik engineering salesEBG EMEA Collaboration - CTO - Netherlands New22
Gary DePretadirector.operations salesFED-Civilian Agencies Operation22
Annette chainSupply Chain Network Design and Management22
Christophe Labrodirector.partner operations salesSA-Incumbent-FT Channel-Global22
Jun Ping Huangdirector.service salesCA GSM ENT BJ22
Tim Callahandirector.financeBTOF - SP, Security, NOSTG22
Sherman Chudirector.legalLegal - China22
Peter Holthausendirector.legalLegal - Sourcing22
Jos Buekensdirector.technical servicesTS Field Operations - Belgium22
Susan Girgisdirector.operationsHERO - OTBU Admin - US22
Alan O'Briendirector.engineeringBorderless Networks - Canada22
Edward Swensondirector.technical servicesTS Incubation - US22
Alan Literatidirector.engineeringEnt Arch Systems - US22
Daniel McQuadedirector.bus devPinto Target Challenge22
Uwe Herrdirector.operations salesSP GERMANY22
Frank Lentodirector.operations salesGET INSIDE SALES - US22
Mark & deputy general counselLegal - M&A22
Yuichi Tawaradirector.operations salesJapan Data Center22
Hasan Sirajdirector.product managementProduct Management - Platform Switching - US22
Michael engineering salesGET TECH - UK222
Richard Wondersdirector.operations salesATT Business Services Operation21
Clare developmentCD Integration21
William Ashdirector.operations salesGEO ATLANTIC OPERATION21
Haggai Markdirector.asCSTG-ACES-IC Mgmnt_IC Core21
Christopher Kentdirector.service salesUS SP AS Solutions21
Markus Bischofdirector.service salesAPJC Service Sales Regional-SIN21
Paul developmentSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (US)21
Holly Crillydirector.marketingUS Channel Marketing21
Jason Robertsdirector.operations salesMICHIGAN-OHIO ENTERPRISE OPERATION21
Robert Filbydirector.asCOLLAB.BDM.Practice.COGS-US21
Mark Canhadirector.sales business developmentSP Headquarter21
Stephen Silvaarea vice salesVideo Sales Prac.- US21
Bernd Heinrichsmanaging director.salesCENTRAL MNGT - GER - BN21
Kazuhito Yanasedirector.operations salesNTT Japan Sales Cloud IT Unit21
Aimee Fullerdirector.operationsBiz Readiness & Gov.- Core21
David Macklerdirector.technical servicesSPBO - Admin21
Susan chainInsieme US Prod Ops21
Graham Vanndirector.operations salesGET TECHNICAL - UK21
Michael Robert chainGP&F Singapore20
Harold Postdirector.technical servicesSmall COBO Charges20
Nelson chain servicesSPVTG - NDS Direct Manufacturing (US)20
James Godsondirector.operations salesTCS Telco Operation20
Christine Fisherdirector.isCisco Networking Academy IT20
Sharon Bachardirector.human resourcesEMEAR HR - Israel20
Mikhail Kristevdirector.operations salesGeo Russia PS Ctrl Govt 220
Taku Itoarea capitalCisco Capital - Japan20
Joseph Stewartdirector.product managementSmart Services Prod Mgmt & Business Development - US20
Rick Butlerdirector.operationsSales Compensation20
Eugene Mathewsdirector.sales business developmentCollaboration-Americas-HQ-BTAG HQ20
Christopher Bottingdirector.product marketingCBABU Product Management20
Ziad Salamehdirector.service salesSS Middle East Management20
Jesper Knutssonvp.sales operationsSPVTG - NDS Sales (US)20
Gregory Cartercustomer solutions director.ESG PSS - GTM US20
Denise Asplunddirector.operationsGDS Admin US20
Kiren Sekardirector.marketingMeraki Cisco Mktg - US20
Matthew Mandrgocdirector.operations salesFED-Army Operation20
Richard service mgmtWW Services Sales Strategy & Planning - Attach and Renew - US20
Dominick engineering salesWW Data Center and Virtualization20
Mark Schuttedirector.engineeringSPVTG- CDBU Marketing20
Viswanathan Iyermanaging director.salesSP AP HQ BD - SIN20
Puneet Guptadirector.operations salesIND_PS_EU420
Jean Marc Gotterodirector.sales business developmentEPO Service Partner Group - France20
Trine Stroemsnesdirector.operations salesGEO - NORWAY COMMERCIAL20
Derek Makdirector.bus devCloud Services Group US120
Paulo Costadirector.marketingGMCC-SMO-Customer Intel & Strategy Analysis 220
Santosh Godboledirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS India R&D Product Mgmt (855)20
Rik Nuyttendirector.operationsGBS BI - DSG - Belgium20
Steven McMahandirector.engineeringSiE Routing20
Michelle Marquarddirector.human resourcesHR Talent Mgmt Corp Functions BE19
Faisal Hanafivp.ww strategy & planningWW Channels HQ19
Stephen Morrowdirector.asMS.Operate.Practice.COGS- US19
Lo Yeungdirector.operations salesSPVTG - NDS Sales (Hong Kong)19
Luis Moralesdirector.caQuality Metrics19
Pachongjit Tittiranonda Dasdirector.engineeringSPVTG- User Experience Design US19
Shannon Vanlandinghamdirector.operations salesFED-Healthcare Operation19
Eric Voitdirector.architecture technologyNOSTG Architecture - U.S.19
Brent Masseydirector.operations salesTIME WARNER CABLE NETWORK SALES OPERATION19
Jason McLaurindirector.sales business developmentMobility AP Solutions - US19
Anthony technologyResearch & University Relations19
Dale Millerdirector.service delivery execEnt Wells Fargo19
Saidah Graysondirector.operationsLegal - Human Resources US19
Marcela Lugodirector.operations salesCANSAC HQ - Colombia19
Allan Boldingdirector.technical marketingSAMPG-Mktg-US19
Paige Crutcher Powersdirector.operationsUS Channels Distribution19
Steven Smithdirector.product managementSmart Services Prod Mgmt & Business Development - US19
Robyn Steeledirector.service salesEnterprise West19
Sergey Marchenkodirector.service salesSS Russia CIS Management19
Grace developmentWWC Strategy, Planning & Programs HQ19
Paul Phillipsondirector.asMobility.Small Cell.COE.COGS- UK19
Dale Chapmandirector.isCOVC IT Acquisition Integration OPEX19
Rahul Tripathidirector.product marketingSSVPG Nexus 1K Product Management19
Ali Ebrahimidirector.engineeringTIPBU Management19
Merrick Richarddirector.service salesUS Distribution Service Sales19
Robert developmentCD Salvagno US19
Marc Donnellydirector.operations salesUK ENT TA SALES19
Robert Glennyclient director.salesCAN SP ROGERS HQ18
Carlo Carisiodirector.operations salesMobility Architecture ITALY ( Jim Scott ) - 67118
Kailem Andersondirector.asMS.XaaS.Practice.COGS- US18
Alan Sheehydirector.operationsBC COE18
Geok Wah Gohdirector.isIT Acquisition Integration - US18
Bernadette Wightmanmanaging director.salesEmerging - Channels UK 62418
Paul Cestnikdirector.partner operations salesCAN CHANNELS CENTRAL18
Robert managementGMCC-Services Mktg-Solutions/Architecture18
Leon Mandelzweigdirector.asSPVTG NDS Services18
Evan & deputy general counselLegal - Corp Ops18
Cher Hock Chiadirector.financeGreater China Finance - BJ18
Eren marketingGMCC-GPM-Strategic Partner Communication18
Jae Pum Parkdirector.service salesCA AP Sales Korea18
Bret Hartmanvp.ctoSGG-CTO-US18
Lori Banasdirector.service salesUS HQ Conglomerates OPEX - United States18
Rami Amitdirector.engineeringSPVTG Jungo R&D18
Michael & deputy gen counselWW Compliance18
B Raghavendrandirector.operations salesIND_ENT_HQ18
John Morrelldirector.asESG Shared - Solutions Factory US18
Ellen Berlandirector.operations salesUSCSP PO Cloud HQ18
John Pracherdirector.program managementUS SP SDE - Verizon18
Neil Sheridandirector.brand protectionBrand Protection - Emerging (UK)18
Eleanor Cavanagh-Lomasdirector.human resourcesHR Operations - EMEA Employee Relations18
Philip John Cornishdirector.operations salesAPAC Borderless Network - Australia18
Bruce Bottodirector.sales strategy & planningMarket Sector Councils18
Julia serviceLegal - Americas Sales Region - US18
Nand Kishore managementField Marketing - India17
Patti Jonesdirector.service salesEnterprise South Central17
Marcus Breadendirector.legalLegal WW Ops - Australia17
Stanley Chiltondirector.service delivery execUS SP SDE - Cox17
Michael McCarverdirector.operations salesBroadHop US17
Andrew Krainindirector.customer servicesWW Technical Services Admin17
Nagaraj managementGMCC-PSM-DCC-Data Center & Cloud Networking17
Peter Tavernisedirector.corporate affairsCommunity Development17
John Kennedydirector.financeIT Finance HQ17
IL Gwon Shondirector.operations salesEnterprise Sales - Korea17
Tammy Gollottidirector.corporate communicationsGTM-IMC-RTB-Admin Leadership17
Aravind Sitaramanvp/managing dir cdo india opsCGO_Incl_Growth_HQ17
Viatcheslav Metelevdirector.operations salesGeo Russia SA Sviazinvest17
Christopher capitalCSC Sales - US SP17
David Justicedirector.operations salesNORCAL TRANS OPERATION17
Robert Burseydirector.operations salesROCKY MOUNTAIN_OPERATION17
Fabrice Della Meadirector.product managementUCBU Product Management17
Arnaldo Lopezdirector.sales business developmentNorth American Collaboration - Workspace Exp Admin17
Hugh Eatondirector.operations salesGEO - UK PUBLIC SECTOR OPS MGMT17
Scott Lovettarea vice salesWW Security Sales HQ17
Richard Darnielledirector.marketingECBU-DCAS Product Marketing-US16
Brian managementBusiness Innovation HQ16
Sathya Narayanaswamydirector.sales business developmentSP AP Routing Tech - SG16
Carol Ann McKeowndirector.marketingGTM -GPM-RTB-SERVICES PARTNER MARKETING-US16
Sam Eliasdirector.operations salesGateway Enterprise_Operation16
Farshad developmentVerticals Solutions16
Andrea Whalendirector.operationsGCC - EIC - Function Communications16
Vipin Jainmanager software directorENG SW Wireless Engineering - US16
Seiji Moriokadirector.operations salesJapan Commercial Ops16
Todd Gureladirector.operations iot salesETG Sales - CENBU16
Dinesh Maheshwaridirector.engineeringSiE Spine16
Muninder Sambidirector.product managementProduct Management - Market Strategy - US16
Andrew Woodwarddirector.financeSPVTG - NDS G&A (UK)16
Ian McCarthyclient director.salesSA-CHALLENGER-CnW INFRA SALES16
Beryl K Gibbonsdirector.corporate communicationsGCC - EIC - Function Communications16
Paul Hamiltondirector.asDCC.Apps & Migr.Practice.COGS- United States16
Carolyn Murphydirector.operationsBorderless Networks Segment Ops16
Mary Katherine O' managementIBSG Communications Consulting16
Arnaud Teildirector.human resourcesEngineering - HR16
Sandra Jane developmentAPAC Network Academy- Thailand16
Laura Gramsdirector.strategy & planningDevelopment Talent16
Charles Tsaidirector.product managementPABU - Marketing - US16
Craig Hartmandirector.solutionsManufacturing & Energy16
Edelmiro Jimenezdirector.sales strategy & planningCVA HQ (Customer Value Acceleration)16
Emily Kongdirector...asAS GC S+CC - HQ (HK Svc)16
Sanjeev Kumardirector.product managementTSPM - US CS16
Timothy Beachclient director.salesMOBILITY OPERATION16
Joseph developmentSPVTG- VCBU Ops Prog Mgmt US16
Ranadeep Raydirector.product managementCSMTG HQ16
Charles service opsServices Delivery Integration16
Robert Rosadirector.field operationsPublic Sector HQ16
Marcelo Camblongdirector.service salesGSM Argentina16
Renato Radiculadirector.partner operations salesSA-Incumbent-TI Channel-Italy - 67116
David Yatesdirector.marketingCMO SP Mktg - Video Solutions16
James service opsCapability Enablement - Services and Acquisitions - US16
Beth Jensendirector.asWWC Strategy, Planning & Programs HQ16
Seong-Kyu Hongdirector.partner operations salesCOM Sales - Korea16
Michael Thompsondirector.sales business developmentWW SP HQ16
Thomas Williamsdirector.operationsCTG Operations - Integration - US15
Dirk Schlesingerinternet bus solutns directorMfg Consult Group - Germany15
Brent Wahldirector.operationsVCG GM Admin15
Adrienne LaFeminadirector.operationsEnterprise Collaboration Platform - Marketing15
Saj Sooddirector.sales strategy & planningMPO Strategy & Planning - UK15
Air Vongxayasydirector.service salesAPAC Service Sales Strategy & Planning - SIN15
Erik developmentWW PE Programs and Tools15
Robert Blackburndirector.technical supportSDT Leadership15
Elizabeth developmentGEPO - Microsoft Partner15
Tracy Browndirector.marketingUS Theater Marketing SP15
Igor Klenerdirector.operations salesCollaboration-US Service Provider-Sales-Op15
Eli Burshandirector.engineeringSPVTG CastUp R&D15
Jonathan Smaredirector.operationsEMEAR Business Partnership Ops - UK15
Deborah Cotedirector.strategic dev planningTO_Engineering_Admin15
Xochitl operationsGMCC Planning & Portfolio15
Timothy Attwooddirector.operations salesJapan Enterprise MFG OPS15
Timothy Driesdirector.service delivery execEnt Walmart15
Edward Changvp.product managementSCTG - Product Mgmt - US15
Guido Romagnolidirector.operations/gm salesAPJC Distribution - SG15
Jeffrey Olsondirector.financeGRC Audit - US15
Steven Condradirector.architecture technologyCABU Marketing - Architecture15
Saadat Malikcustomer solutions director.ESG COGS Americas - Connected Energy US15
John Lautendirector.operationsSPVTG- R&D Administration15
Andrea Giustinadirector.engineeringSCTG - Small Cell Eng - UK15
Gregg serviceLegal - Lit Support15
Bradley Adamsdirector.operations salesMinnesota Lakes Enterprise Operation15
Mark Fulghamvp.advanced servicesStrategic Transformation - US15
Diane Dudeckdirector.integrated mktg commGTM-SPO-RTB-Admin15
Junichi Ohmuradirector.operations salesNTT Japan Sales Network Unit15
Cynthia Johnsondirector.operations salesWW Data Center and Virtualization15
Mary Fehrnstromdirector.marketingGTM-IMC-RTB-Events Mktg-US15
Anthony Georgedirector.operationsMPDBU Customer Operations - US14
Michelle Fleurydirector.operationsOffice of the President & COO14
Olaf Krohmanndirector..asAS APAC TP HQ (HK Svc)14
Christopher Larkinclient director.salesGET IBM SALES - US14
Sarfaraz Aladindirector.technical marketingProduct Management - Market Strategy - US14
Juan Orozcodirector.operations salesCaribbean - AM - US - SP14
Markus Gierlichdirector.operations salesSA-Incumbent-DT OPS BD&A Germany14
Chee Wai chainSupply Chain Transformation14
William developmentCSMTG_ OPEX PM IA Solns US14
Sam Huangmanaging director.salesChina Transformational Biz Ops HQ-HK14
Anil Nileshwardirector.operationsGIS-DCPS-Compute-INDIA14
Yoav Sametdirector.bus devCD Samet US14
Jean-Pierre Van engineering salesWW Data Center and Virtualization14
Patrick Schmidtmanaging director.salesCENTRAL MNGT - GER - DC14
Salman Faqeehdirector.service salesSS KSA Management14
Christian operationsGMCC GPO - ACT14
Kazuyasu Takahashiclient director.salesJapan KDDI OSP Sales Ops14
Eduardo Almeidadirector.operations salesBZ Channels14
Reena Choudhrydirector.service salesEMEA Svcs OPEX_DC_UK14
Sean Wrendirector.service salesVP Management OPEX Singapore 214
Abbas Masnavidirector.technical marketingSFPG Nexus Technical Marketing14
Prem Malhotradirector.isCWCS - Metadata14
Christopher protective serviceLP - Global Protective Services14
Ammar developmentCD Strategy14
David Wongdirector.financeM&A-Tax14
Rob de Wildtdirector.operations salesGEO - NETHERLANDS PUBLIC SECTOR14
Annick De Waeledirector.legalIP Licensing Belgium - Indirect COGS14
Patrice Lagrangedirector.operationsGMCC - Strategy & Business Architecture14
Alejandro Ceballosdirector.operations salesSP Sales-Mexico14
Surjit H Ahluwaliadirector.asESG COGS Americas - Connected Healthcare US14
Renee Riveradirector.isGTMS Opportunity Management14
Robert Esplincustomer solution director.Advisory Ent GET (US)14
Andrew Cailesdirector.operationsNon Escrow - EC 2014
Robert Boetticherdirector.sales business developmentGSP Cloud Architecture & Technical Sales - US14
Andrew Wozniakclient director.sales_Cablevision_14
Zhixun Zhoudirector.operations salesSP HQ14
Kevin Hardydirector.partner operations salesSOUTH AFRICA Partner Led Sales14
Niklas Montindirector.marketingSPNG TME Eng - US14
Matthew managementGMCC-SMO-Market & Competitive Intel-R&A14
Tsu-Chiang Hsidirector.corporate affairsGEO China14
Larry Tricheldirector.bus devPartner_Enablement14
Nicolas Chiapparadirector.operations salesSales & Services Finance - Chile14
Amos Maidantchikdirector.operations salesBz Public Sector14
Joe developmentWebEx - OPS - Engineering - US 100.121.208313
Matthew Reidydirector.operationsUS Public Sector Strategy and Planning13
Barbara Caseydirector.solutionsHealthcare13
Joseph service opsSSC Business Transformation13
Mindy developmentGrow Platform Services - GET Service Enablement - US13
Michele Jarrettdirector.caACT SW Initiative13
Paresh Shahdirector.asCNI.Platform & Soln.Practice.COGS- US13
James Dixondirector.financeBTOF - Enterprise Switching (Enterprise Networking Group)13
Yousef Khalilidirector.partner operations salesEMEA PO - Sales (UAE)13
Juan Carlos Lopezdirector.operations salesChannels - Venezuela13
Michal Pechoucekdirector.engineeringSCO-Eng-ThreatDefense-CZ13
John managementGMCC-Services Mktg-Manage Portfolio Mktg13
Francisco Naranjodirector.operations salesChannels Sales MX13
Dillard Dyerdirector.sales business developmentGEPO - IBM13
Kevin Skahilldirector.product managementSAMPG-Mktg-US13
Stefan managementGMCC-SMO-Market & Competitive Intel-NL13
K Eric developmentWW Services Partners - Programs13
Brett Paulydirector.commercial business managementField Advocacy13
Stephen Binghamdirector.operations salesGET COLLABORATION SALES - US13
James Sherriffsvp.chief of staffOffice of the President13
Ulf Vinnerasdirector.asCNI.BDM.Practice.COGS- US13
Marty Wachidirector.product marketingProduct Management - Small Business - US13
Eugene Chomiakdirector.asEMEAR ENT Delivery Operations UK13
Raphael Bousquetdirector.service salesEU SS Geo France Other13
Kristin Mainsdirector.corporate communicationsGCC-Central Global Corp Comm13
Kimberlee Macphersondirector.engineeringCSMTG Analytics13
Russell Conwaydirector.customer business transformationConnected Business Architecture13
Rose salesCPS (Consumer Product and Services)13
Qiang Huangdirector.product managementCPBU marketing-US13
William Hanrahandirector.operations salesComcast Infrastructure Operation13
Brenda Dennisdirector.operationsWorld Wide Sales Planning and Insight13
David Wolfdirector.operations salesMWM PH Operation13
Kazushi Taniguchidirector.operations salesJapan Enterprise RSC Ops13
Waychi Doodirector.engineeringSPVTG- Telco Home Networks BU13
Michael Enescudirector.engineeringOpen Source13
Dale Freemandirector.asUS SP Bus Dev / Sales Support13
David Allnuttdirector.asDCC.S&DE.Practice.COGS- United States13
Ruben Rohdedirector.engineeringICE User Experience - US13
Michael chainGSM SW US13
Christopher Kirkbydirector.caServices Globalisation (Sydney)13
Mike Peekdirector.operations salesCollaboration - HQ - WW - Admin One13
Michael Cosgrovedirector.asService SPM - US13
Stephen engineering salesFED-DoD Operation13
Donald Martindirector.marketingGMCC-SMO-Customer Intel & Strategy Analysis12
Brian Schwarzdirector.product managementCSPG UCS Product Management12
Brendan O'Connelldirector.product managementSAMPG-Mktg-US12
Damian Ryandirector.operations salesData Centre - Singapore12
David Russdirector.asSPVTG - NDS AS Service (US)12
Dheeraj capitalCisco Capital Sales -Singapore12
Boon Yee Yapdirector.sales business developmentSPVTG - NDS Sales (Singapore 132)12
Ronald chainGSM Semiconductor US12
Marc Rispolidirector.operations salesGEO-France-TELECOM & MEDIA-Management12
Paul Rossettidirector.operationsCABU Operations - Program Office Americas12
Rachel D developmentWW Services Partners - Distribution12
Mike McKeowndirector.product management3WBU Marketing & BD - UK12
Ian developmentSP Segment Sales- UKI12
Charles Kevin business operationsProject ACT12
Franck Welterdirector.partner operations salesEPO Technology GTM France12
Claudia Kittredgedirector.asCPS OPEX12
Yu Yidirector.operationsHealthcare Collaboration - US12
Yves Rochereaumanaging director.salesGEO - FRANCE - Public Sector Ops12
Gagandeep Singhdirector.technical marketingAnalytics, Solutions, Capabilities PM & TME - US12
Peter Vorleydirector.service delivery execAS Enterprise Cisco 3.0 UK12
Gideon Gilboadirector.marketingSPVTG - NDS Marketing 212
Thierry developmentEcosystem Strategy12
Stephen managementCMO SP Mktg - Routing & Switching12
Gregory Brombergerdirector.financeTreasury12
Gregory developmentESE Business Development- US12
Patrick Piwowarczykdirector.operationsSales Business Capabilities - CRM/PRM12
Elizabeth Hahndirector.asAmericas Ent - Services Delivery Admin12
Neil Beckerdirector.public relationsGCC-Public Relations12
Lori chainExecutive Operations Support12
Edward Thomassondirector.operations salesCROSSROADS ENTERPRISE_OPERATION12
Drew Burnsdirector.sales business developmentGET INDUSTRIES CIE SALES - US12
Douglas Shriverdirector.product managementSDT Leadership12
Neil Andersondirector.technical marketingEnt Infrastructure Sys- US12
Catherine Littrelldirector.financeGlobal Tax & Customs Admin12
Erika Chandlerdirector.sales strategy & planningWW Borderless Networks Sales12
Hina Pateldirector.operationsSWAG VP/GM - Global12
Evelyne Harveydirector.operationsGlobal Engagement Team (US)12
Edward Songdirector.operationsCSPG Program Management12
Purushottam Kaushikdirector.operations salesIND_SP_TA_EU312
Devender Singhdirector.asService SPM - US12
Larry Schesseldirector.architecture technologyESG - S&E Innovation12
Jun Hedirector.partner operations salesGCPO Distribution & Velocity (China)12
Jeffrey chainGlobal Inventory Flow - US12
Lixing Zhudirector.marketingEMM Market Management12
Michael Fridaydirector.operationsGrow Platform Services - Smart Adoption - Collaborative - UK12
Kamran chainGSM ASIC & PLD US12
John Noonandirector.bus devWW SP Architecture12
Karen managementGTM-GMPP-RTB-Collaboration and Security12
Lynn developmentWW Services Sales Strategy & Planning - Attach and Renew - US12
Sandra Wheatleydirector.public relationsGCC-Community Relations12
Stuart Doyledirector.asAdvisory Ent Global (US)12
Abdullah Al-Swahadirector.partner operations salesKSA -Inside Sales Hub12
Martin Golddirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)12
Laureano Gonzalezmanaging director.salesGEO-Spain- SOUTH Data Center12
Shari managementInclusion & Diversity12
Joseph Orthdirector.service salesMWM Area Opex12
Koji Sakuraiclient director.salesJapan SoftBank Ops12
John developmentHCBU Engineering - US12
William Haysdirector.service salesSP Cable Segment Opex11
Gerhard Wieserdirector.engineeringCAO - US 211
Yogendra Katbamnadirector.isCOVC IT SCM - US COGS11
Steven Pickavancedirector.asAS Enterprise Cisco 3.0 UK11
Thomas Tinordirector.technical serviceseCATS11
Takashi Ijichidirector.operations salesJapan Enterprise CA Ops11
Philip Bakerdirector.service delivery execAS Enterprise Cisco 3.0 UK11
James Baileydirector.bus devTRIAD Intel11
Lada Kiselevadirector.operations salesGeo Russia General11
Craig Zeemandirector.operations salesS Africa SP Other - Sales11
Bart Van de Veldedirector.sales business developmentSP NGN Sales Development-BE11
Jayotsana Bedidirector.human resourcesAPJC HR - India - India11
Stephan Monterdedirector.bus devCorporate Technology Group - SwissCo11
Lori Vokesdirector.sales strategy & planningCorporate Integration Small Deal - Sales (UK)11
Robert McIntyrevp.ctoCTO - US11
D. Reuben Buckdirector.legalWW Services/ESG11
Vidya developmentCSMTG InfrastructureEngSan Jose11
Aamer Azeemidirector.asENT APAC SCC Practice - India12311
DongChoon Leedirector.partner operations salesChannel Sales - Korea11
Douglas Pricedirector.sales strategy & planningEnterprise Operations11
Robert Fridayvp.ctoEnterprise Networking Labs -- Mobility11
Russell engineeringCTO Consulting Eng US 511
Connie Tangdirector.product managementUCBU Product Management11
Dawn developmentEGT - Strategy & Planning11
Donald Connelydirector.service delivery execEnt Home Depot11
Rajiv engineering salesAPAC EPIC Centre - 18811
Kulwant Koonerdirector.operationsECBU-Admin-US11
Walter engineering salesSP Technical Operations V-IT - 67111
Karine Elsendirector.marketingUS Channel Marketing11
Andres Sintesdirector.sales business developmentEnterprise Networks Partner Sales11
Frank Montaltodirector.operations sales_RMSO_11
Flavio capitalCSC Sales - Brazil11
Claudia Camerondirector.operationsConnected Business Arch, Portfolio Mgmt & Adoption Ops11
Melanie Braggdirector.corporate communicationsGCC - EIC - Function Communications11
Patrick Kiendirector.wpr strategy & planningStrategy and Planning11
David Barnesdirector.product managementSTO-Eng-US11
Vishakha Radiadirector.customer business transformationCBT CCS Opex - US11
Eli Moskovitchdirector.asMobility.SON.COE.COGS- US11
Anjili serviceLegal - Americas SP11
Paul capitalCSC Sales - US Public Sector11
Michiel Pandersdirector.operations salesGEO-Netherlands-SP-Incumbent11
Seth B serviceGET - Legal11
Charles Martincustomer solutions director.Advisory Ent Americas - US11
Yves Blandiauxdirector.operations salesGEO - BELUX SP11
Jesus Galindodirector.operations salesGEO-Spain-Public-AM11
James Tavaresdirector.asMobility.Small Cell.Practice.COGS- US11
Vijay Krishdirector.bus devCisco Globalization Center (US)11
James Macaulaydirector.internet business solutionsCCS Canada Shared OPEX11
James Clothierdirector.operations salesComcast Franchise Operation10
Fadi Practice - Dubai10
Lynn Tinneydirector.strategy & planningStrategy& Planning10
Mark engineeringCTO Consulting Eng US 410
Joseph Johnsondirector.operationsEnvironmental Affairs10
Dylan Morisondirector.operations salesData Centre - Singapore10
Timothy Hairedirector.customer business transformationCESO10
Shaina Savastanodirector.operationsEnablement & Planning - US10
Richard Everarddirector.service salesEU SS Geo UKI OTHER10
Everth Floresdirector.operations salesSP Video and Connected Home V-BE10
James Campaninimanaging director.salesEmer Mkts Partner Bus Dev - UK10
Christopher Le Maitredirector.operationsSPVTG - NDS G&A (UK)10
Robert Meindldirector.marketingAFM Regional Architectures10
Elizabeth serviceLegal - EMEAR Sales Region - UK10
Leigh Clifford developmentWW Sales NPI and Partner Enablement10
Mary chainGSM Memory US/HDD US10
Steven developmentSmart Services Prod Mgmt & Business Development - US10
Joel Barbierdirector.internet business solutionsIBSG- Economics & Planning10
Abraham Headleydirector.bus devSCTG - SP WiFi (WO) - US10
Todd Ostlinddirector.asPublic Sector Admin10
Christopher Poupartdirector.service salesCA BS Markets Sales Reg B HQ10
Rajesh Regedirector.operations salesData Centre - India10
Xesus Santiau Garcia Alvarezdirector.caWW Technical Services Admin10
Robert chainEnterprise S&OP10
Itsuo Isomanaging director.salesNTT Japan Operations10
Subramaniam Mahadevandirector.asAnalytics, Solutions, Capabilities PM & TME - US10
Gregory Kiserdirector.service salesATT Area Opex10
Zorach Reuven Wachtfogeldirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D (3)10
Eugene Robert developmentESG - S&E GTM Indirect10
Tejas Vashidirector.caGlobal Product Management - U.S10
Matthew Kolonmanaging director.salesSP AP HQ Sales (China)10
Joost Hermansdirector.operations salesGEO - NETHERLANDS ENTERPRISE10
Arnold Sundirector.partner operations salesChannel Strategic Partner Region10
Derek developmentCD Idemoto US10
Barbara managementCA US Theater Field Marketing10
Noel Charathcustomer solutions director.US SP SDE - Verizon Wireless10
Suk Yee Loumanaging director.salesGC Partner Led_HK10
William Gargiulodirector.engineeringApplications and Middleware Engineering - US10
Ismael Diaz chainSecurity, Video, and Collaboration S&OP10
Rebecca Marquesdirector.product managementECBU-NX-OS and Nexus 7000 Product Management-US10
Jens Mortensendirector.sales business developmentEBG EMEA PS - Central Government - Denmark10
Sridevi Koneru Raodirector.bus devGrow Platform Services - Attach10
Walt Shawdirector.product managementProduct Management - Platform WLAN - US9
Gianmatteo Manghidirector.operations salesGEO Italy Collaboration AF - 6719
Anne Boltondirector.operationsSales Business Capabilities - GSO HQ9
Richard capitalCSC Sales - Canada9
Howard Fyffedirector.service salesCA DC - Australia9
Stefano Mattiellodirector.partner operations salesAfrica Channels9
Thomas Williamsdirector.sales business developmentGSP Cloud Sales Business Development - US9
Mark Homandirector.operationsEmerging Technologies and Solutions Segment Ops9
Jennifer Pettydirector.operationsCE Portfolio & Planning9
Kevin Dunbardirector.marketingGMCC-Services Mktg-Plan/Build Portfolio Mktg9
Marcia M managementPinto Target Challenge9
Lonnie Essexdirector.service salesGET Services Sales US FSI HQ - US9
Gordon Blackieclient director.salesCAN SP QUEBECOR HQ9
Thomas Kennedydirector.product managementSPVTG- VCBU Prod Mgmt Bus Dev US9
Erica Beckstromdirector.operations salesPACIFIC NORTHWEST OPERATION9
Timothy developmentJuice Svc Sales_US9
Ajmair Heerdirector.sales business developmentSPVTG - NDS Sales (Singapore 132)9
Newton B Gleasondirector.asESG Shared - Solutions Factory US9
Robert developmentGSP FoCom9
Stephen Burkedirector.product managementCIBU Product Mgmt - Mid Market9
Eugene managementGTM-GMPP-RTB-Services9
Santiago Lopezdirector.operations salesGEO-SPAIN-SP-CHALLENGER AM9
Meng Chow markets & technologyInfoSec GE&IC - Singapore9
Garbhach Macneachdainndirector.sales business developmentGEO - UK PUBLIC SECTOR OPS MGMT9
Dushyant Sukhijadirector.service delivery execFederal 59
Roberto De La managementCMO EMM Collab Platforms & Endpoints Mktg9
Moshe Shlisseldirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D9
Rebecca Belldirector.marketingEU SS Field Marketing United Kingdom CIL9
Robert Bergerdirector.operationsWWC Incentives9
Bennett Bowdendirector.service delivery execEnt FedEx9
Vijay Sagardirector.product managementProduct Management - App Experience- US9
Rick Shrotridirector.strategy & planningEmerging Country Council Ops9
Renee developmentEducation9
Rachel Graydirector.service salesEMEAR Sales Services Strategic Partner UK9
Richard Halkettdirector.solutionsCVA HQ (Customer Value Acceleration)9
Michael managementCMO EMM Collab Applications Mktg9
Samuel Sweetdirector.sales business developmentSPVTG - NDS Sales (UK)9
Luis Regodirector.sales business developmentEmerging Mkts - Enterprise Brazil9
Michael McDonalddirector.operations salesFED-DoD Operation9
Angela managementGMCC-PSM-Collaboration - TP9
John Jewelldirector.isStrategy & Architecture - U.S.9
Thiam Guan Angclient director.salesSP HQ CD SingTel - SG9
Arun Kumar Joshidirector.isCS&S Cisco on Cisco - US9
Steven Taylordirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (UK)9
Marc Passeydirector.operationsTRIAD BusOps9
Deborah Casaubondirector.human resourcesTalent Acquisition Strategy and Planning Admin US9
William salesFinancial Services9
Ronald engineering salesCollaboration - HQ - WW - Admin Three9
John Quidleydirector.service salesTCS Area Opex9
Brian Allisondirector.sales business developmentSolutions GTM9
Joanna developmentMobility Market Development9
Ross Campdirector.public relationsGCC-Public Relations9
Janet Cardinellcustomer solutions director.Advisory Ent Americas - US9
Bryan Pillerdirector.service salesCommercial - East8
Anthony Lapolitodirector.product managementSPVTG- MPDBU Product Mgmt (US)8
Giorgio Pignatarodirector.operations salesGEO - ITALY-SP-CHALLENGER-MGMT - 6718
Paul Cropper Jrdirector.service salesCommercial - South8
Richard developmentSPVTG- Strategy and Product Management8
Amanda Distondirector.human resourcesHR Benefits - UK8
Stephen Angelldirector.strategy & planningTO_Services_FCM_Operating Unit_Services_Mak_UK8
Gordon Mackintoshdirector.sales business developmentPL - SB Velocity (US)8
Wesley Simpsondirector.sales business developmentWW Data Center and Virtualization8
Patricia Stephensondirector.asDCC.M&O.COE.COGS- United States8
Richard serviceLegal - EMEAR Sales Region - UK8
Matthew Fussalegal director.legalAmer Ent & Comm8
Lisa developmentEnablement & Planning - US8
Marc Degrelledirector.operationsSales Support Operation-Spain8
Michael McGinndirector.service salesCA Federal Defense Area8
Douglas Jonesdirector.engineeringEnt Arch Systems - US8
Sharon Pricedirector.caGMCC-Services Mktg-Strategy & Planning8
Damian Muzziodirector.operationsResearch & Adv Development8
Peter Evansmanager directorService Product Quality8
Elaine Foremandirector.legalLegal - WWPO & Competition Law SME8
James Dorandirector.strategy & planningCTG - Strategy & Planning - US8
Roland Klemanninternet bus solutns directorSP Consult Group - Germany8
Maureen Andersendirector.engineeringSPVTG - NDS Research & Development (US)8
Ashok Ganesandirector.product managementECBU-NX-OS and Nexus 7000 Product Management-US8
Michael Campbellcustomer solutions director.Advisory Public Sector8
Andrew Youngdirector.internet business solutionsSP Consult Group8
Elizabeth Wolgindirector.human resourcesHR Operations - Americas Employee Relations8
Darryl Koryntadirector.service salesCA Federal Civilian Area8
Wagdy Samirmanaging director.salesSmart Solution - Australia8
Leonid Sandlerdirector.engineeringSPVTG NDS R&D8
David Kloempkendirector.sales business developmentWW Data Center and Virtualization8
Willa Blackdirector.sales business developmentHQ Canada8
Aida Dominguezdirector.service salesGET Services Sales EU FSI O&G HQ - Switzerland8
Krishna Pathiyaldirector.legalIntellectual Property8
Plamen Minevdirector.engineeringCSMTG SP Apps Eng U.S.8
Fang Fangdirector.technical servicesCA SSM SP EA-BEIJING8
Raul engineering salesSA-Incumbent-TEF Mgmt-Spain8
David Midkiffclient director.salesGET GE SALES - US8
Henrikus Huijbregtsdirector.sales business developmentCAN VERTICALS HQ8
Alphonse Jacobellisdirector.sales business developmentSecurity Partner Sales8
William David Adentdirector.human resourcesHR Operations - Americas Compensation8
Steven McGarrdirector.sales business developmentGSPPO - Didata8
Scott Boyddirector.sales strategy & planningWW SP Channels HQ8
Hitoshi Aizawamanaging director.salesNTT Japan Operations8
Seong Kimdirector.engineeringSPVTG- CHS Architecture8
Kathleen Zylandirector.legalIP Litigation - Indirect COGS8
Martin Stewart-Weeksinternet bus solutns directorPublic Sector Consult Group AU8
Mark Wileydirector.sales strategy & planningEnterprise East Area8
Jeffrey Andrew Campbellvp.gpgaGlobal Policy and Government Affairs8
Yong developmentStrategic Programs8
Sanjay Venkateshdirector.operationsAS APJC Business Operations (India 123)8
Michael O'Gormandirector.engineeringCAO - US8
Gerald Castellerdirector.sales business developmentInnovation & R&D7
Matthew Mulladydirector.operations salesGET TECHNICAL7
Mark Santinodirector.operationsWW Security Sales HQ7
Joseph Russodirector.service salesCA Americas SP Partner7
Michelle chainSP NGN S&OP7
Jennifer Bremerdirector.marketingPublic Sector Marketing7
Timothy Hennesseyclient director.salesGET BOA SALES - US7
Arthur Howarthdirector.engineeringVCG CTO - Canada7
Christopher developmentWorldwide LOT Commercial Finance7
Sagit Esheldirector.technical servicesCAP Israel7
Venkateswara Rao Yarlagaddadirector.engineeringENG SW Services Network Management - India7
Barbara engineeringCTO Consulting Eng US7
Greg managementGMCC-PSM-ENT-CIN & Routing7
Joydeep Bosedirector.bus devCD - CDIPL7
Michael McCarthydirector.technical servicesSWCMG US RTB7
Sunil Veluvalidirector.engineeringMedia Processing and Call Control - W27
Monte Huberdirector.service delivery execEnt Ford Motor Company7
Stephen Morriseydirector.operationsCA EODB7
Neeraj Purandaredirector.marketingProduct Management - US7
Ian Hasunddirector.asMS.Operate.Practice.COGS- US7
Matthew development integrationCD Integration7
Samuel Gernerdirector.operations salesAustralia Sales - Cloud7
John Durmerdirector.strategy & planningDevelopment Ops and Systems Leadership7
Cesiah Tirandirector.operationsOperations Admin7
Terry Clarkdirector.isCVC-IT Admin7
Stephen Childsdirector.sales strategy & planningAmericas Strategy & Planning7
You-Wen Yimanager hardware directorSAVBU ASIC Engineering7
Michael Burtzdirector.sales strategy & planningGlobal Demand Planning7
Charles Zillmanndirector.service delivery execEnt IBM7
Ian Ashforddirector.service salesEU SS SP Challenger UK7
Krista operationsGMCC-GCMB-Planning and Operations7
Thomas Brughdirector.service salesUS National Channel Partners7
Jeffrey Moonvp.gpgaGlobal Policy and Government Affairs7
Chris Barwickdirector.operations salesETG Sales-MXA7
Jeffrey Jaydirector.field operationsVideo Sales Prac.- US7
Ulrica de Fort-Menaresdirector.product managementVCG Medianet7
Igor Pistelakdirector.operationsCA Field Ops - Field Productivity COGS7
Tod Famousdirector.product managementCBABU Product Management7
David Gordondirector.sales business developmentSP Cable Segment7
John Morandirector.operationsTMGBU-Marketing-US7
Paul Johnstoncustomer solutions director.IBSG Public Sector HQ Dept7
Markus Hongistoclient director.salesGEO - FINLAND PUBLIC SECTOR7
Jason Qizheng developmentWebEx - Client Apps - Santa Clara 100.101.50907
Yehuda Errol Zaksdirector.asSPVTG NDS Services7
Daniel Stefkovichdirector.product managementPreowned Equipment - Wholesale Product Mgmt7
Benjamin Eirefdirector.product managementCSPG UCS Product Mgmt and DC Solutions Eng7
Brian Riderdirector.operations salesWindstream_Frontier7
David Wrightdirector.service salesCommercial - Central7
Choon Hui Ngdirector.operations salesPL_Velocity_SG7
Horacio Wernerdirector.operationsEmerging Country Council Ops7
Debra McCluredirector.service salesCommercial - West7
David developmentSPVTG- ISDP Mgmt & Bus Dev7
Rashesh marketingGMCC-Services Mktg-Solutions/Architecture7
Rodolfo Molinaclient director.salesLatam HQ Telmex - Mexico7
Eyal Bavlidirector.vertical salesEBG EMEA PS - Defense and S&S - France7
Pankaj managementGMCC - PSM - Switching Solutions7
Robert Kovachdirector.human resourcesTalent Strategy and Planning - EMEA7
Pao Yun Wangdirector.sales business developmentCH_VIDEO GM7
John Camerondirector.service delivery execEnt Morgan Stanley7
Denise Coleydirector.operationsSupplier Diversity7
George developmentMobility AP Customer Arch - US7
Torkel Steffen Mellingendirector.engineeringTIPBU Eng - Performance - Norway7
Craig Lindseycustomer solutions directorENT Advisory Services (Australia)6
Rui Teixeiradirector.service salesLatam Service Partners - HQ6
Kenneth Ngdirector.operations