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Unconfirmed rumor: Ex-CIA Operations Officer Mike Quinn will retire from Cisco

It now appears Mike Quinn will be making "retirement his hobby."

Hummelstown, PA:   Fri, 12/6/13 - 1:00pm    View comments

Mike QuinnCisco and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)Rumor within Cisco has former CIA operations officer Mike Quinn retiring this month.

Quinn is perhaps best known throughout the world for his threatening and hostile internal email sent a year ago to Cisco employees:

"I want you to remember that Cisco puts the groceries on your table every two weeks, not Brad Reese or other Slander Sheet Journalists. That you disrespected everyone else at Cisco.

"Now I know you do not have it in you to stand up and admit what you did, so I will now make you my 'hobby.' Ask around you will find out that I like to work on my hobbies."

Perhaps as a result of China's backlash against Cisco, Quinn's services are no longer needed:

Cisco Faces Espionage Backlash

"In Cisco's earnings call yesterday, Chambers said the revelations about the NSA's international surveillance activities have been harmful to business in China."

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What's your take?

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