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Cisco FAC 2013 key takeaway: John Chambers is totally irrelevant

In my opinion, Cisco FAC 2013 confirmed that John Chambers has become totally irrelevant to Cisco and is now just a washed-up CEO who needs to be put out to pasture ASAP!

Hummelstown, PA:   Thu, 12/12/13 - 11:59pm    View comments

Wall StreetCiscoThe following is my personal critique of Cisco's 2013 Financial Analyst Conference (FAC) held this morning at the Westin New York Grand Central (formerly The New York Helmsley Hotel which had been previously owned by the "Queen of Mean - We don't pay taxes only the little people pay taxes," Leona Helmsley):

View the 30-page Cisco FAC 2013 transcript.

John ChambersIt was a total waste of time (one hour) as well as boring beyond belief to watch Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers give his "same old tired cheesy shtick" that he could give in his sleep if he had to since he's performed the "exact same shtick" countless times in the past.

View Chambers' PowerPoint presentation:

Our Strategy & Opportunity

You could actually see the analysts wincing in pain with mind numbing boredom because "Chambers' shtick" lacks any kind of believability, let alone credibility.

In my opinion, Cisco FAC 2013 confirmed that John Chambers has become totally irrelevant to Cisco and is now just a washed-up CEO!

Rob LloydI felt embarrassed for Cisco President Rob Lloyd during his 45-minute PowerPoint presentation:

Driving Growth Through Cloud Innovation

How so?

Well, because Lloyd comes across as the consummate brown-noser!

I mean, Lloyd referred to "John" so many times in his presentation that I felt totally embarrassed for this obvious sycophant.

Frank CalderoniYou could tell that Cisco CFO Frank Calderoni was uncomfortable and understood the gravity of Cisco's woes during his PowerPoint:

Driving Financial Returns

In my opinion, Calderoni was a "genuine human being" during his presentation as you could actually feel his pain and anguish at having to deliver the "truth" about Cisco's woes.

You can tell that Frank Calderoni is genuinely "pulling out all the stops" in order to help right Cisco's listing ship!

Soni JiandaniCisco Senior Vice President of Marketing, Soni Jiandani, was Cisco's "secret weapon" during Cisco FAC 2013 with her PowerPoint:

SDN, NFV and Other Market Transitions... Why Cisco Wins

I mean, Soni dazzled the Wall Street analysts with her command of Cisco's technical prowess and her ability to "talk over the heads" of analysts who dared question whether Cisco products were meeting success.

In a nutshell, Soni Jiandani is dazzling but I found myself reaching for my wallet in order to make sure it was still there. I mean, Soni does not give me a "warm and fuzzy" that she can be trusted.

Finally, the Q&A session was unnerving to watch as John Chambers treated his top executives as mere "serfs" who needed his approval to speak. It was almost comical to watch such highly paid and knowledgable executives "kowtow" to Chambers who again in my opinion, is nothing more than a washed-out CEO who needs to be put out to pasture ASAP!

Here's the Cisco FAC 2013 Money Shot:

Cisco Growth over 3-5 Years

Cisco's Actual Past 3-Year Growth:

Millions FY13 FY12 FY11 FY10 3-Year
Data Center $2,073 $1,298 $694 $196 +119.51%
Wireless 2,166 1,669 1,427 1,134 +24.07%
Security 1,347 1,344 1,200 1,302 +1.14%
Services 10,578 9,735 8,692 7,620 +11.55%
Core 32,443 32,015 31,205 29,788 +2.89%
TOTAL $48,607 $46,061 $43,218 $40,040 +6.68%
Stock Price
July 31
July 31
July 31
July 31
Cisco (CSCO)
Stock Price
$25.40 $15.37 $15.15 $21.72 +5.36%
Dow Jones
Industrial (DJI)
15,499.50 13,008.70 12,143.20 10,465.90 +13.98%
S&P 500
1,685.73 1,379.32 1,292.28 1,101.60 +15.24%
3,090.19 2,642.53 2,362.81 1,864.00 +18.35%

Cisco FAC 2013 Growth vs. Cisco's Actual Past 3-Year Growth:

CAGR Cisco FAC 2013 CAGR Cisco Past 3-Year CAGR Cisco FAC 2013 CAGR
Cisco Past 3-Year CAGR
Data Center +20% +119.51% -99.51%
Wireless +9% +24.07% -15.07%
Security +10% +1.14% +8.86%
Services +7% +11.55% -4.55%
Core 0% +2.89% -2.89%
TOTAL +3% +6.68% -3.68%

Ouch! Talk about "haircuts" across the board (except for security).

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Cisco FAC 2013 transcript

Frank Calderoni PowerPoint

Soni Jiandani PowerPoint

Rob Lloyd PowerPoint

John Chambers PowerPoint

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What's your take?

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