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Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin will guillotine Linksys staff in October

Hummelstown, PA:   Wed, 9/4/13 - 2:17pm    View comments


Although its unconfirmed, rumor has Belkin terminating its Linksys staff in October (only 8-months after it was acquired by Belkin).

Chet Pipkin

Meanwhile, it was only 5-months ago that Belkin's sole owner, Chet Pipkin, stated:

"Linksys and Belkin are now one team.

"We are ready to do fantastic things as a team and deliver products that delight consumers and support the increasingly connected, mobile world."

Belkin Completes Acquisition of Linksys

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Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin to purchase Cisco Linksys division

Is Cisco getting ready to close Linksys and announce more layoffs?

What's your take?

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