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Cisco ASA NSEL (Network Security Event Logs) Reporting Tutorial

View the 9-page Cisco ASA NSEL Reporting Tutorial (Protection from Internet Threats).

Thu, 5/10/12 - 11:59pm    View comments

Plixer InternationalCisco Developer RegisteredThe Cisco ASA NetFlow Configuration via ASDM (Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager) will export something called ASA NSEL (Network Security Event Logs) which includes details on ACLs, Network Address Translation, Events and other juicy information.

View the 9-page Cisco ASA NSEL Reporting Tutorial (Protection from Internet Threats).

Look for a Cisco ASA NSEL Reporting solution if you are looking to find out:

  • How do I know which ACLs are triggered the most?
  • How do I know what protocols and end users are impacted the most?
  • How do I filter for a host and determine why the connection isn't being allowed?
Reports on ASA Access Control Lists get exported in NSEL, however, they're in hex which requires an easy trick in order to decipher what they mean.

ASA NSEL ACL Reporting

The 12-byte raw ACL ID must be divided into its three constituent parts, as follows:

ASA ACL 12-Bytes

  • The first four bytes are the ACL Name ID.
  • The next four bytes are the ACL Entry ID (ACE)/Object-Group ID.
  • The final four bytes are the Extended ACL Entry ID.

  To see them: Use asa# show access-list

Cisco ASA NSEL Decipher

Once you know what ACL or Username you want to filter on, the NetFlow Analyzer should allow you to filter for the ACL and/or Username to narrow in on exactly what you're looking for:

ASA NSEL Filtering on ACL and Username

Of course, if you have questions on ASA NSEL NetFlow Analysis, reach out to the Plixer team and they'll give you a hand as part of the evaluation process.

And finally this upcoming week, Plixer International is providing a webcast on ASA NetFlow NSEL Reporting:

Tuesday - May 15th, both at 9AM and 2PM

Wednesday - May 16th, both at 9AM and 2PM

Thursday - May 17th, both at 9AM and 2PM

View more Cisco How-To Tutorials.

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