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Cisco's losing market share in 3 major data center segments

4Q11 Infonetics Research Report: Cisco lost share in 3 major segments of the data center market during 2011.

Mon, 3/26/12 - 11:59pm    View comments

CiscoInfonetics ResearchEarly last week market research firm Infonetics Research, released its 4Q11 Enterprise Router vendor market share report. The Infonetics' report revealed that in 2011, Cisco lost enterprise router market share while HP more than doubled its enterprise router market share.

Sam Barnett2011 Global Data Center Network Equipment Revenue Share LeadersAnd as the week progressed, Cisco's market share results continued to take a beating.

How so?

Well last Friday, Infonetics' data center and cloud analyst - Sam Barnett, revealed in his 4Q11 Data Center Network Equipment market share report:

"Cisco continues to lead the overall data center equipment market based on the strength of its data center Ethernet switch sales, though it lost some share in 2011 in all 3 major segments of the market (switches, ADCs, and WAN optimization)."

Thankfully, Barnett provided BradReese.Com more color on the 3 major segments of the data center market where Cisco lost share during 2011:

  1. WAN Optimization - In 3Q09, Cisco's market share was 30.1%.

    As of 4Q11, Cisco's market share dropped to 23.7%.

  2. ADCs - In 1Q09, Cisco's market share was 29.8%.

    As of 4Q11, Cisco's market share declined to 12.5%.

    Interestingly, Citrix replaced Cisco as the #2 ADC market share vendor with a 4Q11 share of 19.8%.

  3. Ethernet Switches - In 3Q10, Cisco's market share was 83%.

    During 4Q11, Cisco's market share fell to 72.4%.

    It's also noteworthy that in 2Q11, Cisco's purpose built Ethernet switch market share was a robust 96.1%.

    However in 4Q11, it slumped to 82.9%.

A well-regarded data center vendor with whom I work closely has pointed out specific errors within the Info-Tech report, and until I can get a better understanding of the errors by speaking with Info-Tech, I've removed the report from this blog story.

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What's your take?

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