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An inside look at Cisco's new data center
Mon, 4/18/11 - 6:53am    View comments

The below interactive presentation will give you photo after photo along with detailed technical information about Cisco's newly opened Allen, Texas data center:

Cisco Allen Data Center Interactive
Source: Cisco Systems

Key Features of Cisco's New Allen, Texas Data Center:

  • Tier 3 data center.
  • Overhead ducted supply air delivery.
  • Two 5.25 mW electrical power feeds.
  • Three 1,000-ton and two 500-ton chillers.
  • Up to 18.5 kW/rack, 6.5 kW/rack (average).
  • Total of 38,152 square feet of data floor space.
  • Air delivery via thirteen 89,000 custom air-handling units.
  • No raised access flooring, no lay-in-ceiling, 30-foot ceiling.
  • 175 miles-per-hour hardened building with ballasted double roof.
  • Eight 2.1 mW rotary uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.
  • Overhead A/B busway (415Y/240V) to support flexible cabinet deployments.
  • Flexible overhead cabling design to support servers and storage in any location.
  • Two 8.4 mW generators fueled by four tanks supplying 96 hours of backup power.
  • Ten 1,000-ton cooling towers (6 installed, 4 for expansion), 36 hours of backup air cooling.
  • Four thermal storage tanks: 15,000 gallons of chilled water each, 20 minutes of backup cooling for the chillers.
  • Multimode fiber infrastructure supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet and future 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet standards.
Energy Efficiency:
  • 100 kW photovoltaic array on the roof.
  • LED interior and exterior lighting with occupancy sensors.
  • Increased IT equipment inlet air temperature to 77°F (25°C) +/- 2°.
  • On-site rainwater retention systems for site irrigation (native plants).
  • Non-chemical condenser water treatment (recycled to retention pond).
  • Evaporative system humidification for data halls and cooling for rotary UPS space.
  • Airside economizer system ventilates facility with outside air 50-60 percent of the time.

The below video presentations will walk you through the how, what and whys that went into the design of Cisco's newest data center:

Reducing Operating Expenses at Texas 2
Source: Cisco Systems

Aerial View of Cisco's New Allen Data Center:

Aerial View of Cisco's New Allen Data Center
Source: Cisco Systems

Front entrance: Cisco's new 5 megawatt data center
Source: Cisco Systems

Data hall within the data center
Source: Cisco Systems

Cisco Unified Computing System
Source: Cisco Systems

Cabling, power and air-grid are above the cabinets
Source: Cisco Systems

Air cooling system used to create chilled air
Source: Cisco Systems

Front view of the dynamic rotary flywheel
Source: Cisco Systems

On the roof: photovoltaic solar panels
Source: Cisco Systems

Examples of Cloud Services
Source: Cisco Systems

Cisco IT Elastic Infrastructure Services
Source: Cisco Systems

Virtual Services Teams
Source: Cisco Systems

What's your take on Cisco's new data center design?

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