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Cisco crashes and burns on Fortune 100 best companies to work for list

Falling by a staggering -70 rankings, this year Cisco was lucky to even make the list.

Tue, 1/24/12 - 5:33am    View comments

Naturally, Cisco put its 'best trademark spin' on the release of the new 2012 Fortune list:

CiscoFortune 100 Best Companies to work for 2012"We're pleased to have made the list of the 2012 best companies to work for," said Jim Gemmell - Cisco's Chief Human Resources Officer.

"Although our ranking dropped, it's not unexpected given the challenges we faced in 2011 during the survey period. It's also clear from the survey data which aligns to our Pulse survey data that employees' concerns around compensation, recognition, and development have deepened. While the transition has put the company back on track for future growth, we are working hard to improve employees' confidence and pride in working at Cisco.

"A big part of Cisco's culture is to ask how we are doing and then act on what we hear whether we are asking customers, partners, or employees. It's critical for us as leaders to hear about what we're doing right and what we need to do better."

Nearly 1,000 Cisco employees were surveyed for this year's ranking.

View the full Fortune list as well as Glassdoor's Cisco employee reviews.

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