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Cisco's copyright complaint killed Marc La Porte's CCIE Hall of Fame

Cisco's complaint of copyright violations took down one of the most useful, well-known and respected websites dedicated to the worldwide community of CCIEs.

Wed, 1/25/12 - 11:59pm    View comments

Update: 1/27/2012  -  Marc La Porte's CCIE Hall of Fame is up again:

Marc La Porte's CCIE Hall of Fame is up again

Earlier this month, I received the following email message from a Triple CCIE:

Cisco Certified CCIECisco "Brad,

"I read your stuff frequently. Was disturbed when I found out that the CCIE Hall of Fame website is no longer available. Do you know if Cisco took this down too? If this is true it is completely ridiculous!"

Marc La PorteCCIE Hall of FameWell, I'm very sad to report that I received the following email confirmation by CCIE Hall of Fame owner Marc La Porte:

"Hi Brad,

"Yes, I have been taken offline due to a complaint of copyright violations."

According to a Dispute Resolution for Domain Names document, page 10, Cisco has to pay a minimum of a $1,300 fee as a Complainant in order to initiate a domain name complaint.

Interestingly though in 2002, Cisco famously lost its complaint against the owner of the domain name:

CiscoRouter.Info  -  which is currently being offered for sale by its owner - Rob Skelton.

Adminstrative Panel Cisco Domain Name Dispute Decisions:

Search for domain name disputes:

Asian Domain Name Dispute Search

CPR Institute Domain Name/ICANN Dispute Search

Czech Arbitration Court Domain Name Dispute Search

eResolution Domain Name Administrative Decisions Search

EU Domain Name Dispute Search

National Arbitration Domain Name Dispute Search

WIPO Domain Name Dispute Search

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