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ZTE passed Cisco to lead 3Q10-2Q11 Asia Pacific IP/Ethernet SPSR market

ZTE is gaining ground in the high-end market previously dominated by Cisco.

Tue, 11/8/11 - 2:04pm    View comments

Update: 11/9/11

Dana CoopersonDavid KrozierClarification email received from Dana Cooperson, Ovum's Network Infrastructure VP and Practice Leader:

"Hi, Brad:

"Thanks for your call. A few issues with the post as is:

"1. David Krozier is the analyst (principal analyst) who should be cited. (Tanya compiles the data, but David is the directing analyst.) "

"2. We have not compiled all the data for 3Q11 yet, so it's premature to make any statements about what Ovum's data will show. The data in the chart cover the period from 3Q10-2Q11 annualized and global. As shown on the bar, ZTE has made headway against rival companies globally over the past 4 quarters."

"3. The comments and chart mix up AP and global. For the period you reference, ZTE did surpass Cisco in the Asia Pacific IP/Ethernet segment of the service provider switching and routing market, and they are in a good position for the future. However, IP/Ethernet is one of 4 subsegments we cover, not the whole market. And the chart shows global, not AP. Huawei is actually number one in the whole SPSR market in AP for that time period, having just surpassed Cisco. Readers who don't know that IP/Ethernet is one segment of the market may get the wrong impression. (For your reference, we size the AP IP/Ethernet market at $0.95B for the period vs. $4.6B for the whole AP SPSR market. This compares with $2.3B and $14.2B for global IP/Ethernet and the overall market, respectively.) "

"The other information attributed to Ovum in the post appears correct."

Tanya HarrisOvumTanya Harris, a senior analyst for the independent technology research firm, Ovum, has not yet released her Market Share: 3Q11 Switching & Routing spreadsheet.

However during 3Q10-2Q11, ZTE passed Cisco to take the lead in the Asia Pacific IP/Ethernet Switching and Routing (SPSR) market.

According the pie chart below, the global 3Q10-2Q11 IP/Ethernet market was worth $2.3 billion:

IP/Ethernet market, rolling 4Q revenues and share change
Source: Ovum

CiscoZTEAs the number two company in the global SPSR's IP/Ethernet product segment, ZTE is gaining ground in the high-end market previously dominated by Cisco.

With its T8000 and M6000 products, ZTE seeks to change the datacom product market.

ZTE had its fastest growth in the Asia-Pacific area and by the end of the first half of 2011, ZTE shipped several thousand T8000/M6000 units based on the T8000 platform. Those units are in use by operators in China, such as China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, and by other operators across Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asia and the MEA (Middle Eastern and African).

View the ZTE 100Gbit/s Ethernet Router Test made by Light Reading and the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC).

Cisco vs. ZTE Price Quote Comparisons

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