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New book on NetFlow and IPFIX

"My new NetFlow book outlines where the technology will be going over the next 5-years."

Sanford, ME:   Mon, 11/5/12 - 11:59pm    View comments

Plixer InternationalMike PattersonIf you do one thing, stay focused, work hard and persist, because generally you'll become pretty darn familiar with it. Not only do you get good at it, you become insightful and even start to forecast what you think will happen next.

This is how I feel about NetFlow, sFlow and IPFIX and as a result, I've developed a passion for these technologies, where they fit as well as an understanding of their good and not so good attributes. I guess you could say that although I've got a lot more learning to do, I've developed 'opinions' in the area of all things flow related.

I like to express my thoughts on how our team at Plixer feels these technologies are evolving and I like to toot the proverbial horn for new flow technologies from other vendors and suggest areas where I feel they are well suited. To do this, I write. To date I've written several hundred blogs on NetFlow, IPFIX and the copy-cat technologies such as AppFlow, CascadeFlow, J-Flow, NetStream, and the like. I've even written a bit on sFlow which really isn't a flow technology at all, but regardless they all have tremendous value and serve an important purpose in the network traffic analysis space.

Over the years, I've done quite a bit of research and because of this I'm constantly reading. Every Google alert I get forces me to find out what someone else is doing with my favorite technology. Often times I become inspired and start jotting down a few notes for my next blog. For years, my inspiration to post something new has gone on with little thought as to what I will write next or whether or not I will ever run out of ideas. I never have. In fact, I give ideas every week to my peers on what they could blog about.

Although I think each one of my blogs is worth reading I realize that many are often skimmed or searched on for key words. I'm not under the impression that my readers hang on every word and if there is someone out there who does, you must like flow technologies as much as me. Point me to your blogs as you must be a fellow NetFlow Knight.

Anyway, I have all these blogs and articles out on the internet and I felt that it was time to write something bigger. Something that included everything I feel strongly about when it comes to flow technologies. It was time to write a book. I began by doing some research on how to write something truly inspirational, something BIG and overtime I realized that I really just needed to write a book that network administrators could relate to and gain ideas on how to improve their existing network traffic monitor efforts. But, I wanted to position only flow technologies. I've had the good fortune of working with over two dozen vendors that support NetFlow and IPFIX technologies. During this time, about a half a dozen have implemented exports that are truly game changing and the industry analysts are taking notice.

The Gartner Group stated that NetFlow will provide 80% of the visibility needed in a study released earlier this year. However, if you're receiving flows from a vendor exporting the latest innovations possible with NetFlow or IPFIX, I think these technologies could be used over 90% of the time instead of packet probes. Below is my IPFIX and NetFlow book titled Unleashing the Power of NetFlow and IPFIX:

Book on NetFlow and IPFIX

In the above book, I cover the latest exports from Cisco, Citrix, Enterasys, nTop, Palo Alto Networks, Plixer, SonicWALL, YAF and several others. Did you know that several vendors are exporting details such as:

  • URLs
  • Names of applications all sharing common ports such as TCP port 80 (HTTP)
  • Latency (Round Trip Time)
  • Packet Loss, Jitter
  • VoIP Codec and caller ID
  • Syslogs, Microsoft event logs
  • Etc. etc. etc.
I also cover scaling flow collection as well as complex processing routines such as deduplication, flow stitching, ideal collection hardware and much more. It's all in my new NetFlow book that outlines where these technologies are going over the next 5 years and the proceeds are being donated to The Children's Cancer Foundation, Inc.

So make an investment in your company's future and send a little hope to a worthy cause at the same time!

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