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Cisco alumni startups are doing incredible things, not Cisco

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins: "I'm confident it's our time. We are going to do incredible things together."

Tallahassee, Florida:   Thu, 8/6/15 - 11:59pm    View comments

Chuck RobbinsI sincerely wish the very best for Cisco's new CEO Chuck Robbins.

I mean, I truly believe that Robbins will accomplish many of his future goals and objectives. In fact, I'm totally inspired by his Cisco Rocks quote (as shown in the below slide):

"I'm confident it's our time. We are going to do incredible things together."

Cisco Rocks on Twitter

So how did the above Robbins' quote inspire me?

Well, it helped "crystallize" my thoughts on the more than 1,680 comments (in a single blog story) that I've received while pondering the future subject matter of my blog stories.

Just like Robbins, I'm excited about the future, however, it's my belief that Cisco Alumni startups are doing the incredible things, not Cisco.

And why do I believe that?

Because Cisco employees laid-off, fired or just fed up with Cisco's internal politics are truly motivated to do incredible things.

Case in point, in 1978 fellow Babson College alumnus Arthur Blank was fired by Handy Dan Improvement Centers as part of an internal power struggle.

Today, Handy Dan is out of business and long-forgotten while Blank's startup, The Home Depot, is thriving with 2015 net sales of $83.176 billion.

In the future, my blog stories will be about Cisco Alumni startups doing incredible things.

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What's your take?

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