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Cisco's new CCIE Emeritus status is a bad idea
Mon, 6/28/10 - 5:15am    View comments

CCIE EmeritusCisco In my opinion, Cisco's highly prestigious CCIE Program shot itself in the foot with the 360 Learning Program and then made its money grubbing even worse by offering for a fee its Core Knowledge Waiver.

Now Cisco has accelerated the decline of its CCIE program by offering the new status of CCIE Emeritus. What's the point? I mean, after all, Cisco wants its channel partners to have the most up to date, current and active CCIE holders on their staffs.

So to me at least, it now appears Cisco's more concerned with appearances than actual substance!

Which leads me to worry about what's next, perhaps Cisco will roll-out a new status for those channel partners whose CCIEs have gone Emeritus, calling them Cisco Gold Partners Emeritus.

Here's my suggestions for Cisco:

If Cisco wants a strong CCIE program, then make it strong, don't dilly dally around with "retired" CCIEs.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly believe that a 10-year CCIE should be honored and held in the highest of esteem by all. Furthermore, it's also my belief that Cisco can and should financially reward those CCIEs, but has chosen not to.

So if I were Cisco, how would I reward a 10-year CCIE?

Why I'd present that CCIE with a check from Cisco payable in the amount of $250,000 with further financial incentives for remaining active.

Here's my reasoning:

  • By financially motivating and rewarding CCIEs to remain active, Cisco will successfully accomplish its goal of having its channel partners maintain the most up to date, current and active CCIE holders on their staffs.
  • Those CCIEs choosing not to recertify (I would call them "alumni" of the CCIE program) will now have a further strong bond with Cisco because it financially rewarded their 10-years of dutifully recertifying.
  • New candidates in pursuit of earning their CCIE certification will be even more motivated knowing Cisco financially rewards its CCIEs for remaining active.
  • If Cisco continues to monetize its "certification programs" as a profit center, it'll be stooping for pennies and passing up the dollars (at least in my opinion), which is why I believe Cisco's CCIE program is in decline.
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What's your opinion, am I totally whacked?

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