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WikiLeaks vs. Cisco and it appears Cisco has won!
Fri, 12/17/10 - 9:45pm    View comments

WikiLeaksCiscoAlmost 2-years ago I blogged about Cisco's successful product placements in Hollywood.

Well to my complete astonishment, only 9-months after publishing my blog story the powerful WikiLeaks website scandalously revealed:

Product placement hell: Cisco "bribes" 24, CSI, House, Heroes, the Office, and more

WikiLeaks featured an embarrassing internal video revealing Cisco's marketing analysis of its own product placements:

Product placement hell: Cisco

So who's the winner, the powerful WikiLeaks or Cisco?

Well, it certainly appears Cisco has won!

And why do I believe that?

Cisco appears to have been successful in totally removing any trace of its embarrassing internal video from the Internet:

Cisco Video Removed

What's your take, are you as surprised as I am that Cisco appears to have prevailed over powerful WikiLeaks?

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